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June 21 2024


An archive of Star Trek News

News Headlines for May 2004

May 30 - Finale Leaves Reviewers Wondering 'What The...?'
Coombs, Park, Blalock receive kudos, writing not so hot in 'Zero Hour' review round-up. Contains spoilers!

May 30 - Site Columns
Blockbuster showdown: 'Troy' versus 'The Day After Tomorrow' (Spoilers!) Plus: BBS threads, classic TT news & birthdays!

May 29 - 5-Minute Enterprise: Stratagem
Archer takes Degra on a phony ride.

May 29 - The Book Padd: Daedalus's Children
Jacqueline Bundy says David Stern has come up trumps with this 'Enterprise' novel.

May 28 - UPN Wraps Up Dismal May Sweeps
Network finishes last, 'Enterprise' 151st on rankings of broadcast programs.

May 28 - News Bullets
TV Guide, DS9, Hower, Braga, Sirtis, Koenig, Keating, Picardo, convention photos and Picard-shaped universe.

May 28 - Siddig Based Bashir On Previous Trek Doctors
'I had been a fan of the original Star Trek,' the actor says.

May 28 - Reviewers Mixed On Voyager Season Two DVDs
Critics praise audio and visual quality, but lament disc design and routine extras.

May 27 - Bakula Excited About New Timeslot
Enterprise's captain on Friday nights, fan support, and Archer's choices!

May 27 - Picardo To Appear In 'Mame'
The 'Voyager' Doctor will star in a one-night-only musical production at The Hollywood Bowl.

May 27 - 'Zero Hour' Launches To Stable Numbers
On the last Wednesday broadcast for a new episode, 'Enterprise' season finale ties 2004's stronger ratings.

May 27 - Review: Zero Hour
Patterns of force plague Archer as he tries desperately to save Earth's future.

May 27 - 5-Minute Enterprise: Countdown
47... 46... 45... 44...

May 26 - Billingsley Grateful For Fan Support
Phlox actor praises fans' efforts and plans for a busy summer!

May 26 - Site Columns
Hello World, season-ending chat, 'Zero Hour' poll, birthday, episode summary and more.

May 26 - News Bullets
Bakula chat tonight, Xindi summary, Biller, UPN, 'New Voyages', DVDs, Krauss, diversity, Goldsmith, ENT praise and review, 'Wonderfalls' on DVD.

May 25 - Braga Might 'Step Back' From 'Enterprise'
Exec says he doubts he can top last Trek season.

May 25 - Shatner May Play Washed-Up TV Hero
Kirk actor attached to ABC project with $6M Man, 'Hart To Hart' star.

May 25 - 5-Minute Enterprise: Proving Ground
The Expanse gets the blues.

May 24 - News Bullets
Billingsley, Stewart x2, Wheaton, Robinson, convention auction, 'Generations' on DVD, 'Enterprise' review and more.

May 24 - 'Countdown' Reaches Top Marks
Online reviewers call the penultimate episode of 'Enterprise' third season a success.

May 23 - 5-Minute Enterprise: The Council
Can Archer persuade the Councillors? He'll give it a Troi.

May 23 - Berman: Shatner Could Appear Next Season
'Enterprise' executive producer says 'Zero Hour' will bring the Xindi arc to a 'very exciting end'.

May 23 - Site Columns
'Alias' Sunday returns! (spoilers), BBS threads & classic TT news.

May 23 - The Book Padd: Orphans
Jacqueline Bundy says this SCE eBook shows promise, but the plot is too convoluted.

May 22 - Fans Helped Save 'Enterprise', Says Ostroff
UPN president acknowledges that mail, calls helped influence decision to keep series on UPN.

May 21 - Steven Culp Talks Challenges To Joining Trek
Major Hayes actor reveals details of his deleted 'Nemesis' scene, talks about the MACOs' possible return next season.

May 21 - News Bullets
CNN, Stewart, Billingsley, Mulgrew, Johnson, Keating, Armstrong, McFadden, Trek onstage, DOD, reviews, contest, DVDs, trailer, screen caps and more.

May 21 - Stewart Crowned in 'Lion In Winter'
Showtime remake earns positive reviews as Picard actor takes on Henry II.

May 20 - 'Enterprise' Officially Renewed, Moves To Fridays
Trek V to be paired up with 'Top Model' repeats. Plus: Find out about 'Veronica Mars,' 'Kevin Hill' & more new UPN shows.

May 20 - UPN Releases 'Zero Hour' Promo
Download the trailer for the 'Enterprise' season finale. Transcript inside!

May 20 - 'Countdown' To Finale Sees No Ratings Rise
'Smallville' trounces 'Enterprise' with its own season finale on the last night of direct competition.

May 20 - Official 'Zero Hour' Details Available
Third season finale will see many recurring characters returning for the climactic battle. Spoilers inside!

May 20 - Review: Countdown
The Reptilians set the weapon ticking while the crew comes together to fight.

May 19 - Trek Alumni Head To ABC This Fall
At up-front presentations, Shatner, others announced on 2004-5 series.

May 19 - Site Columns
Hello World on Angel's end (spoilers!), 'Enterprise' BBS threads, Trek Today two years aog, and a new episode this week!

May 19 - 'Variety': UPN Will Renew 'Enterprise'
Trade magazine confirms unofficial reports that the series will return for a fourth season.

May 19 - 5-Minute Enterprise: Chosen Realm
The ship is captured by aliens who see religious issues in half black, half white.

May 18 - Fan Campaign Claims 'Enterprise' Is Renewed
Save Enterprise campaign quotes unnamed production sources, says Rick Berman will make official announcement Thursday.

May 18 - Trek Alumni In NBC Fall Shows
Original Trek network announces lineup at up-front presentations.

May 18 - 5-Minute Enterprise: E
The crew find their children of... aw, just read MEG's blurb. (5ME Week begins here!)

May 18 - Early Praise For 'Voyager' Season Two Set
Critics who are less than delighted with the show's content nonetheless laud features, presentation.

May 18 - UPN Firms Up Fall Plans
With 'Enterprise' fate still officially undecided, two pilots apparently have gotten the green light.

May 17 - Trinneer: 'Enterprise' Actors Told To Return To Work
Web site claims that the actor told conventiongoers that he and others have been called back to the set.

May 17 - Stewart Says It's Good To Be The King
On talk shows, Picard actor jokes about his non-knighthood, lack of hair and dislike of the term 'geeky' for Trek fans.

May 17 - Critics Near-Unanimous In 'Council' Praise
Oglesby's guest turn, strong dialogue and excellent pacing are cited as admirable.

May 16 - Site Columns
Hello World, BBS chat, new poll, this week's episodes and more.

May 15 - Shatner, Nimoy To Make More Ads Together
Kirk and Spock actors are spending this weekend filming commercials, Shatner tells fans.

May 15 - News Bullets
'Enterprise' news and rumours, Stewart on Kilborn, convention, web news, Roddenberry, 'Worlds of Deep Space Nine' and more.

May 14 - Nygard Compares Transcontinental Trekkers
'Trekkies 2' director met fans from across Europe working on sequel documentary film.

May 13 - UPN Releases 'Countdown' Promo
Download the trailer for next week's 'Enterprise' episode. Transcript inside!

May 13 - News Bullets
Culp, Burton, Montalban, McNeill, games, Spiner, Mulgrew, Trek films and 'Enterprise' trailers.

May 13 - 'The Council' Prods Overnights A Notch
'Enterprise' sees tiny lift in overnight and fast national ratings during sweeps month.

May 13 - Shatner Happy To 'Practice' Law
'In love with' James Spader, admiring Kelley, Kirk actor is delighted with his new gig.

May 13 - Bakula: Archer Could Be Dead, Or With T'Pol
'Enterprise' actor appears on 'Wayne Brady' to discuss the end of the Xindi arc and cancellation rumours.

May 13 - Review: The Council
Archer takes the Xindi stage while T'Pol and Reed hack into a sphere.

May 12 - Speculation Rages On About Enterprise's Fate
Media experts weigh in on the fifth Trek show's chances for renewal.

May 11 - Nimoy Explores Feminine Aspect of Spirituality
'The Shekhina Project' offers a controversial view of Judaism's divine feminine.

May 11 - Trek Alumni Receive Tony Nominations
Plummer, Langella and Murphy earn nods for Broadway appearances.

May 11 - News Bullets
Doohan, Burton, Plummer, Stern, Ryan, Trek science and more.

May 10 - Fans, Actors Split on 'Enterprise' Fate
Some fear cancellation, ignominous end to series, while others anticipate Paramount's support.

May 10 - Trinneer Hopeful For Fourth Season
Tucker actor talks friendship, romance and relating to his character.

May 10 - News Bullets
Bakula on Brady, Klingons at Cannes, gay Trekkers, Minnesota Trekkers, Decipher, 'Enterprise' and more.

May 10 - Variety: 'Enterprise' Not Likely To Return
Trade paper says UPN needs to develop a 'signature Wednesday drama'.

May 9 - 'E' Earns Mixed Numbers From Critics
Time-travel story called memorable by some, rehashed and badly done by others.

May 9 - Site Columns
Spoilers, BBS discussions, Trek two years ago, this week and more!

May 8 - New Images Of 'Star Trek' Boxed Sets
High-quality pictures of all three 'Original Series' packages. Plus: Pre-order details!

May 8 - Berman 'Confident' Of Fourth Season
Executive producer talks cancellation rumours, fan support and possible structure of next season.

May 7 - 'Enterprise' Shut Out at Saturn Awards
Bakula, Blalock, show lose to 'Angel'; Moore's 'Galactica' wins special presentation award.

May 7 - Shatner Misses Star Trek
Kirk actor was sorry his character was killed, would like to appear on 'Enterprise'.

May 7 - News Bullets
Nimoy, Shatner, Sirtis, McNeill, Mulgrew, Stewart, Hower, Horan, cons, DVDs, 'Enterprise' fate, reviews, screen caps and more!

May 6 - UPN Releases 'The Council' Promo
Download the trailer for next week's 'Enterprise' episode. Transcript inside!

May 6 - 'E' Provides No Exponential Ratings Rise
UPN finishes in last place again as 'Enterprise' numbers hold steady.

May 6 - Review: E
Archer's crew finds their children of time.

May 5 - UPN Establishes Voice Mailbox For 'Enterprise' Supporters
Fans calling in support of the Star Trek series may leave recorded messages for the network.

May 5 - Original Series Box Set Extras Revealed
Interviews with Shatner and Nimoy, documentary on writers, two versions of pilot will be included for R2.

May 5 - Site Columns
Hello World, BBS chat, new poll, birthday, this week's episode and more.

May 5 - The Book Padd: Ring Around The Sky
Jacqueline Bundy says the latest SCE eBook is a pleasure to read.

May 4 - Trek Actors to Reprise 'Stargate' Roles
Blalock and Picardo will both appear during the eighth season of 'Stargate: SG-1'.

May 3 - UPN Scores With Young Women
As networks prepare for up-front presentations and potential writers' strike, 'Enterprise' home is stronger than before.

May 3 - Roddenberry Jr. Joins 'New Voyages'
Trek creator's son becomes a producer of fan-produced series.

May 3 - 'The Forgotten' Remembered Kindly By Critics
Online reviewers praise dialogue and performances on this week's 'Enterprise' episode.

May 2 - Site Columns
Attack of the Killer Beasties, BBS discussions, Trek two years ago, new poll and more!

May 2 - Article: Collectormania in Milton Keynes
In which fan-boy dreams are fulfilled and Gates McFadden rules.

May 1 - The Book Padd: A Time To Sow & A Time To Harvest
Jackie Bundy says the second 'A Time To...' duology makes better reading than the first two books.

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