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June 25 2024


An archive of Star Trek News

News Headlines for March 2003

Mar 31 - DS9 Season 2 Review Round-up
The second season of 'Deep Space Nine' is out on DVD.

Mar 31 - News Bullets
Dawson, Bakula, con report, Spiner, 'Enterprise' ratings, DS9 DVDs, SAG photos, novel artwork & more!

Mar 30 - Kellie Waymire Stars In 'The Pitts' Tonight
Ensign Cutler actress plays the mother of the world's unluckiest family in new Fox sitcom.

Mar 30 - New 'Animated Series' Trading Cards Released
SciFiHobby produces trading cards in honor of 'Star Trek' cartoon.

Mar 30 - UPN Signs Development Deal With Comedian Cook
Stand-up comic to produce mid-season series for 'Enterprise' network.

Mar 30 - Site Columns
A new writer joins the site, BBS threads, classic TT news & new poll.

Mar 30 - 'CSI' News Round-up
New cast member for 'Miami', DVD set released, 'Entrance Wound' review, computer game hits stores & Petersen interview.

Mar 29 - Sailors Of The Year Talk 'Enterprise' Voyage
USS Enterprise crew members say 'First Flight' cameo was a 'once-in-a-lifetime experience'. Bakula: 'They did a great job'.

Mar 29 - Official 'Bounty' Details Released
Synopsis, guest cast & creative staff info for the penultimate episode of season two! Plus: Production report.

Mar 29 - News Bullets
Krauss lecture, Mulgrew, Stewart, 'Gemini' review, Sirtis, Picardo, DS9 down under, genre awards & more!

Mar 28 - First Photos From April Episodes
See new images from 'The Crossing', 'Judgment' & 'Horizon'! Plus: 'Horizon' sub-plot revealed & UPN schedule change.

Mar 28 - Blalock Hopes To Revisit Key Storylines
T'Pol actress says she would like to explore the ramifications of 'Shadows of P'Jem' and 'Stigma' in future episodes.

Mar 27 - 'Horizon' A 'Huge' Episode For Mayweather
Anthony Montgomery says upcoming 'Enterprise' outing will delve into the 'inner workings' of his character. Spoilers!

Mar 27 - 'The Crossing' Promo Released
Download the trailer for next week's new 'Enterprise' episode! Transcript inside.

Mar 27 - Site Columns
Hello World, BBS threads, classic TT news & birthdays.

Mar 26 - TNN Launches 'iTrek Live'
Cable network to run interactive trivia quizzes, polls and more during 'Next Generation' episodes in April.

Mar 26 - News Bullets
'Nemesis' in Belgium & DVD, Mulgrew, Bakula, German ratings, Ryan, Stewart, Takei & 'Futurama'!

Mar 25 - Interview: Christie Golden
Star Trek novelist answers your questions on 'Dark Matters', bonding with characters, becoming a writer and the upcoming 'Voyager' relaunch novels!

Mar 24 - New April Episode Spoilers
British magazine provides new plot information on 'Horizon', 'The Breach' and 'Cogenitor'.

Mar 24 - Article: An Evening With Stephen Hawking
Diane Smith was lucky enough to attend a recent public lecture given by the noted scientist and TNG guest star.

Mar 24 - Gaming Bullets
'Elite Force II' box art, animations & character models, 'Orion Pirates' patch & CCG 'Energizer' pack.

Mar 24 - Site Columns
Hello World, BBS threads, classic TT news, new poll & birthdays.

Mar 23 - Montgomery Plans To Broaden His Horizons
'Enterprise' actor writing animated feature and hopes to produce a film. Plus: directing aspirations & Mayweather the action hero.

Mar 23 - Article: From 'Rapture' To 'The Reckoning': Is Sisko A Knight Of Faith?
Robert Burke Richardson looks at the spiritual journey of 'Deep Space Nine's' commanding officer.

Mar 23 - 'CSI' News Round-up
'Grave Young Men' spoilers, 'CSI' number one, production company sacks staff, 'CSI' returns down under & 'Crash and Burn' review.

Mar 22 - Berman Talks 'Enterprise' Mission Change
Executive Producer says season-two finale will be 'startling'. Plus: 'The Crossing,' 'The Cogenitor' & more.

Mar 22 - News Bullets
William Shatner's birthday, Australian con news, Swedes blast 'Nemesis,' Ryan cooks & more.

Mar 22 - Jeffrey Combs Enters 'The Twilight Zone'
Shran actor to appear as a hypochondriac in April 2 episode of 'Enterprise' lead-out show.

Mar 22 - Billingsley On Revealing All About Phlox
'Enterprise' actor jokes about the Denobulan doctor's alien eccentricities, but says his character shouldn't just be 'comic relief'.

Mar 21 - Quark Answers Questions
A transcript is published of Armin Shimerman's recent chat with fans.

Mar 21 - Eve Up For UPN Pilot
Hip-hop singer cast in potential new UPN show, plus other casting news.

Mar 21 - Mel Karmazin To Stay With Viacom
Viacom's president and COO signs three-year deal to stay with company.

Mar 21 - News Bullets
Reference books panel, 'Star Trek V' DVD, 'Nemesis' news, 'Regeneration' composer, Mulgrew, episode review, Russ & more!

Mar 20 - First Season Finale Plot Details
'Enterprise's' end-of-season Klingon arc continues in 'The Expanse'! Contains spoilers.

Mar 20 - 'Enterprise': It's A Guy Thing
Statistics show that Series V is the most male-dominated drama on US TV.

Mar 20 - 'Enterprise' Overnights Freefall
Third rerun of March shows no joy for UPN as ratings fall again.

Mar 20 - Official 'First Flight' Details Released
Synopsis, guest cast & creative staff info for the 50th episode of 'Enterprise'. Plus: Production report.

Mar 19 - Hertzler: Martok Book Will Be 'Very Dark'
Martok actor talks about upcoming 'The Left Hand of Destiny' novel.

Mar 19 - Sailors Of The Year Take Their 'First Flight'
Three real-life USS Enterprise crew members continue tradition by making guest appearances in 'Enterprise's' 50th episode.

Mar 19 - Site Columns
Hello World, BBS threads, classic TT news & new poll.

Mar 18 - Producer: Don't Fret About The Borg
'Enterprise' consulting producer addresses fans' fear at the Borg's return to Star Trek.

Mar 18 - UPN Goes Multicultural With 'Platinum'
Creator John Ridley hopes new midseason series will appeal to people from all walks of life.

Mar 18 - News Bullets
Sirtis & Intiraymi, Goldsmith, TV Land, Stewart, Russ, DVD column & science article.

Mar 17 - 'Enterprise' Makes Strong German Debut
Series V sees strong ratings as it airs for the first time in Germany. Plus: 'Enterprise' in Sweden.

Mar 17 - Fans Talk 'How To Fix Trek'
TV Guide publishes views from a number of Trek fans on what they'd like to see happen next.

Mar 17 - Ask Christie Golden Your Questions
Participate in a Q&A with the author of the upcoming 'Voyager' relaunch novels 'Homecoming' & 'The Farther Shore'!

Mar 16 - Alice Krige Stars In 'Children Of Dune' Tonight
'First Contact' Borg Queen stars in the US SCI FI Channel's 'Dune' sequel.

Mar 16 - Article: Creation's Grand Slam Conventions: Past & Present
Joseph DiLella recalls fond memories of past Trek conventions, and previews this year's biggest Trek fan event.

Mar 16 - Site Columns
Xbox of evil, BBS topics, Trek news two years ago and more!

Mar 16 - 'CSI' News Round-up
Red-hot ratings, 'Last Laugh' spoilers, actors talk characterisation, Gary Dourdan wins an award & more in the latest news from CSI Files.

Mar 15 - 'Elite Force 2' Gaming Bullets
Official wallpapers to download, confirmed German release and more!

Mar 15 - First Official UK Convention Approaching
Eleven Star Trek actors now set to descend on London next month.

Mar 15 - UPN Taps Talent For Pilots
'Enterprise' network casts key roles in 'Weapon X', 'The Edge', 'Hotel' and 'All of Us'.

Mar 14 - Bakula: 'Enterprise A Great Shot In The Arm' For Trek
Archer actor, Berman and UPN's Ostroff talk Series V and its place within Star Trek.

Mar 14 - 'Enterprise' Drops To Impulse
Rerun ratings for 'Singularity' fall from last week and UPN takes last place.

Mar 14 - Site Columns
Which way to the vomitorium? BBS threads, Trek two years ago & new poll.

Mar 13 - McNeill Directs The 'Dead'
'Voyager' actor to helm episodes of 'The Dead Zone' and 'Dead Like Me'. Plus: 'The Breach' comments.

Mar 13 - Burton Nabs Daytime Emmy Nods
TNG actor up for two gongs for his PBS children's show, 'Reading Rainbow'. Plus: NAACP win.

Mar 13 - News Bullets
Hyde in 'Salesman', book covers, German newsletter, holonovel paper, Mulgrew, 'Enterprise' reviews & Picardo.

Mar 12 - Roddenberry Children's Films Announced
Two new animated projects, based upon Gene Roddenberry concepts, are to be created.

Mar 12 - UPN Secures Wrestling Rights
Executives cement WWE's future with the 'Enterprise' network.

Mar 12 - Nimoy: Trek Producers Have Done 'Remarkable Job'
Spock actor reflects on Trek, 'The Animated Series' and more.

Mar 12 - Shatner: Trek Needs Fresh Blood
James T. Kirk actor says franchise has 'lost its way because of greed' & urges return to good storytelling.

Mar 12 - Paramount Confirms Borg Episode
Official synopsis, guest cast & creative staff listings for 'Regeneration'. Plus: Production report. Spoilers!

Mar 12 - 'Enterprise' Season Finale To Air May 21
Allan Kroeker to helm final season two episode, which will air as part of an 'Enterprise' double-bill.

Mar 12 - First 'Bounty' Plot Details
Archer is captured by a bounty hunter in the penultimate episode of 'Enterprise's' sophomore season. Contains spoilers!

Mar 11 - Hertzler: Novel Is 'Huge And Epic'
Martok actor talks about his upcoming book that sees his character take centre stage.

Mar 11 - Combs & Schultz Join 'Elite Force II'
Veteran Trek guest stars to lend voice talents to upcoming computer game sequel.

Mar 11 - Pocket Editor: Reference Books 'Don't Sell'
Margaret Clark says Trek non-fiction works aren't financially viable at the moment.

Mar 11 - News Bullets
Dawson's 'Charmed,' Russ's CD, Mulgrew, Spiner, convention guests & Masterson.

Mar 10 - Mulgrew Makes Waves As Hepburn
Kate Mulgrew talks about her role, as reviewers weigh in on the Voyager captain as Katharine Hepburn.

Mar 10 - Pocket Books To Cover 'Lost Era'
Six new novels to cover events between 'Generations' and 'The Next Generation'.

Mar 10 - Site Columns
Final 'Farscape', BBS topics, Trek two years ago and more!

Mar 9 - Viacom In Talks To Buy Vivendi Businesses
If the deal goes through, Viacom could very well own the US SCI FI Channel.

Mar 9 - Stewart To Play 'The Master Builder'
Picard actor set to star in Ibsen play in Bath prior to West End run.

Mar 8 - 'Nemesis' Deleted Scenes Announced
Paramount officially confirms what deleted scenes will appear on the DVD.

Mar 8 - News Bullets
Collectible campaign, 'Enterprise' in Germany,, Mulgrew, 'Nemesis' in Portugal & Japan, Spiner, reviews & Logan!

Mar 8 - Article: 'Homefront' & 'Paradise Lost': DS9 In The Post-9/11 World
Robert Burke Richardson offers an allegorical interpretation of this two-part 'Deep Space Nine' episode.

Mar 7 - McNeill & Dawson On Directing 'Enterprise'
Former 'Voyager' actors talk helming episodes without a completed script. Plus: Dawson's 'Charmed' episode to air this month.

Mar 7 - The Book Padd: Surak's Soul
Jacqueline Bundy found this latest 'Enterprise' novel 'pleasant enough' but 'not particularly original'.

Mar 7 - News Bullets
'Enterprise' down under, Sternbach, book reviews, women of Trek lecture, TV poll, Mulgrew & more!

Mar 7 - Site Columns
'CSI' & Trek, BBS threads, classic TT news, new poll & birthdays!

Mar 6 - Enterprise Warps Into Strong Rerun Figures
Wednesday's repeat provides overnight numbers not seen since Oct 02. Plus: final 'Canamar' ratings.

Mar 6 - Opens!
We open a new web site dedicated to 'CSI: Crime Scene Investigation' and 'CSI: Miami'. Full details inside!

Mar 6 - Trek Alumni In Talks For 9/11 Telefilm
George Takei up for Secretary of Transportation role, while Penny Johnson is set to play Condoleezza Rice in Showtime project.

Mar 6 - Franchise Scoops 10 Saturn Nominations
'Enterprise' & 'Nemesis' both receive four nominations, including Best Network TV Series & Best Sci-Fi Film, plus two DVD nods.

Mar 6 - UPN Casts Pilot Leads
Christopher Gorham is 'Weapon X' and Amy Pietz joins 'Newton', plus 'Enterprise' network picks up 'The Mullet Bros.'

Mar 5 - UPN In Jeopardy As Fox Sues For $108m
Legal action from key UPN affiliate group could spell trouble for 'Enterprise' network's audience reach.

Mar 5 - Fred Freiberger Passes Away
'Original Series' producer died earlier this week aged 88.

Mar 5 - News Bullets
Composer chat, DS9 DVD reviews, TNG down under, action figures, new 'Enterprise' book & more!

Mar 4 - 'DS9' Cast & Crew Reflect On The Show
Berman on the evolution of 'DS9', and the cast on disagreements with writers.

Mar 4 - Phillips And Picardo Remember 'Voyager'
Neelix and Holodoc actors reflect on 'Voyager' memories.

Mar 4 - 'Enterprise' Set For 'Terrific Cliffhanger'
Head of franchise Rick Berman talks 'Enterprise', 'Nemesis', and changing Trek fan base.

Mar 4 - Details Of 'Nemesis' DVD Deleted Scenes
DVD set rumoured to contain Picard/Data conversation, an appearance by Commander Madden & more! Plus: pre-order details.

Mar 4 - 2004 Trek Calendars Revealed
'Enterprise', 'Original Series', 'Nemesis', Ships of the Line & Stardate calendars set for release in July, 2003.

Mar 3 - Baird On Getting To Grips With Trek
'Star Trek: Nemesis' director talks learning about Star Trek, and 'change-of-life' Trek X.

Mar 3 - Trek Wins 'Pop Culture' Accolade
Original series cast members pick up TV Land award on behalf of the show.

Mar 3 - Site Columns
5.1 DTS, Julie Benz, Trek two years ago, birthdays and more!

Mar 2 - The Book Padd: Home Fires
Jacqueline Bundy says the latest 'Starfleet Corps of Engineers' outing is a 'wonderful' follow-up to 'Wildfire'.

Mar 2 - News Bullets
Mulgrew, Billingsley, 'Garth of Izar,' Meany, DS9 & 'Voyage Home' DVD reviews, 'Nemesis' article & more!

Mar 1 - Trek Actors In War Protest
Trek actors, both past and present, to star in plays as part of global war-protest.

Mar 1 - Reviewers Indifferent To 'Canamar'
Online reviewers give neutral views of this week's Enterprise offering.

Mar 1 - 'Enterprise' Takes Its 'First Flight'
Series V's fiftieth episode to look back at the birth of the NX-01. Contains spoilers!

Mar 1 - News Bullets
Brooks in 'Paul Robeson,' 'Enterprise' & book reviews, writer web site, Trek in the UK & more!

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