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March 19, 2003 - 10:11 AM

Hello World!

I've recently been reliving my days as a primary school student through my younger brother. Every semester his projects just seem to get more and more ludicrous. Just last weekend we had to put together a poster on knights, which meant I had to get reacquainted with the joys of silver card and glue sticks. Given that I have absolutely no artistic talent whatsoever, I was rather pleased with the finished product.

But a far more complicated assignment looms on the horizon. By the end of the month, we have to have built a catapult. Remembering having to build model bridges out of straws, I thought this would only be a small affair. But no, apparently these catapults have to be big - "One last year was as big as a car!" my brother reliably informed me - and made out of wood.

Unfortunately, I was never terribly gifted in Design & Technology (one of my efforts still sits on my bookcase - it's a box with a lid which is too small) and I have no idea how to go about constructing a working catapult. I'm not looking forward to next semester's assignment either - the topic is sea explorers. Replica of the Santa Maria, anyone?

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