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March 16, 2003 - 5:42 PM

Hello World!

Xboxes. They're quite the money drain. The system itself, then the expensive games... and now I face shelling out more money so that I can get the advanced scart doodad that allows me to have 5.1 sound. Good old Microsoft, you've got to love them. By the time I've bought the scart and an interconnect, it's another 50 (US$75ish) poured into that little Microsoft box of evil.

It'll be worth it though, so I will get it. I just want more games to come out first, the same principle on why I'm not buying Xbox live yet.

'Star Trek Shattered Universe' looks good from screenshots, so I hope that it will be a good game. But really, I'm just waiting for anything that a)fun and interesting, and b)not about going around endless levels shooting things or skateboarding. Believe it not, games that meet these criteria are few and far between. But that Xbox day will come!

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