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June 25 2024


An archive of Star Trek News

News Headlines for November 2004

Nov 30 - Logan's 'Aviator' Soars To Oscar Buzz
Drama about Howard Hughes, written by 'Nemesis' scribe and featuring Spiner, is earning advance accolades.

Nov 30 - Shatner Goes For Laughs on Conan
Late night talk show host calls Kirk actor "insane", "shallow", gets him to sing.

Nov 29 - Goldberg Returns To Broadway
One-woman show will feature an array of familiar and new characters from versatile Guinan actress.

Nov 29 - News Bullets
Shatner x2, Armstrong, Mulgrew, Trek at college, Trek influence, obituary, Trek at 40, reviews, contest, screen caps.

Nov 28 - Novelist Shwartz Is An 'Enterprise' Fan
In BBS chat, 'Vulcan's Soul' co-writer praises fourth-season Vulcans, hopes for seven-year run.

Nov 28 - Montgomery Describes Uhura As A Role Model
In his home state for a convention, actor says he's not worried about the future of 'Enterprise'.

Nov 28 - UPN Releases 'Kir'Shara' Promo
Download the trailer for next week's 'Enterprise' episode. Transcript inside!

Nov 27 - The Book Padd: Star Trek S.C.E.: Wildfire
Jacqueline Bundy reviews this anthology of Starfleet Corps of Engineers eBooks.

Nov 27 - 'Awakening' Wakes To Mediocre Ratings
Last night's 'Enterprise' once again shows a slight drop in fast national numbers.

Nov 27 - Review: Awakening
Archer struggles with the weight of 1800 years of Vulcan tradition while Tucker struggles with Vulcan illogic.

Nov 26 - Online Critics Warmed By 'The Forge'
Beginning of Vulcan arc earns near-universal praise for its story and performances. Spoilers inside!

Nov 26 - Site Columns
Thanksgiving entertainment, BBS on Shatner, Trek two years ago, new poll and more.

Nov 26 - 'Enterprise' DVD Box Art Revealed?
Online retailer's image shows silver container, booklet with cast photos.

Nov 26 - Coto Envisions 'Enterprise's' Ending
Showrunner talks the founding of the Federation, Trip/T'Pol, and revisiting original 'Trek' episodes. Possible spoilers!

Nov 25 - Foxworth, Cassidy Trade Vulcan Secrets
'Enterprise' guest stars on donning bad wigs, living up to Nimoy and chewing the scenery.

Nov 25 - News Bullets
'Enterprise' reviews, Nimoy con, Trek on DVD, 'Has Been', Star Trek Experience, collectibles auction & more!

Nov 24 - Combative Aliens 'United' To Help Enterprise
Official details of upcoming episode show alliances that could lead to the founding of the Federation. Spoilers inside!

Nov 24 - Visitor on 'CSI' This Week, Filming New Pilot
Kira actress will return to television tomorrow night and in telefilm that starts shooting this week.

Nov 24 - 'Enterprise' Experiences 'Affliction'
A mysterious plague begins to infect Klingons in this upcoming episode. Plus: Dr. Phlox receives the offer of a lifetime. Contains spoilers!

Nov 23 - Robinson to Head USC Acting MFA Program
DS9 actor-director will take over revived program in 2006.

Nov 23 - News Bullets
Visitor, Shatner, Mulgrew, Moore, two obituaries, FX, DVD art, screen caps, 'Enterprise' popularity, 'Quantum Leap' and more.

Nov 22 - Shatner Gives 'The View' A Career Glimpse
Kirk actor enjoys Denny Crane, 'Has Been' and other projects yet can't figure out his iPod.

Nov 22 - Reeves-Stevenses On Shatner, Vulcans and Hard Work
New 'Enterprise' husband and wife writing team see few limitations, bring science to sci-fi.

Nov 21 - Peter David To Script Roddenberry Film
Popular Trek novelist will write a theatrical screenplay for 'Starpoint Academy'.

Nov 21 - Blalock Offers Further Criticism of 'Enterprise'
In the complete 'SFX' interview, she wishes for consistency and a more 'real' Vulcan character.

Nov 20 - UPN Releases 'Awakening' Promo
Download the trailer for next week's 'Enterprise' episode. Transcript inside!

Nov 20 - 'The Forge' Fails To Ignite Ratings
Last night's 'Enterprise' fast national numbers drop slightly from previous weeks.

Nov 20 - Review: The Forge
A violent tragedy brings Archer in touch with the roots of Vulcan logic.

Nov 19 - 'The Augments' Fails To Augment Spiner Arc
Online reviewers are generally disappointed with conclusion to trilogy, despite praise for the performers.

Nov 19 - Site Columns
TV Week, chat on Blalock on Berman, hopes for 'Nemesis', three birthdays, new poll and more.

Nov 19 - Blalock Blasts 'Enterprise' Executives
'Enterprise' actress attacks poor management on show; calls for more plot and less gimmicks.

Nov 19 - Shatner Loving Life, But Not 'Enterprise' Salary Offer
Kirk actor hopes to work with Nimoy again, has no plans to retire, but claims Paramount won't pay for a new Trek appearance.

Nov 17 - 'Enterprise' Crew To Journey To 'Babel'
Official details spotlights Andorians, Tellarites and Romulans for beginning of trilogy. Also: scheduling changes. Spoilers inside!

Nov 16 - Reeves-Stevenses Talk Trek Writing
Recent 'Enterprise' staff additions explain how they came to Pocket Books and later to Paramount.

Nov 16 - News Bullets
Rogers obit, Stewart, Shatner, Alexander, Hower, Devon, cast gatherings, Mulgrew, Zicree, caps, reviews.

Nov 15 - 'Enterprise' and 'First Contact' SE DVD Dates Leaked
All four seasons of 'Enterprise' are rumoured to be on Paramount's list for release between May and November of next year.

Nov 15 - Auberjonois Shapeshifts Into Series Regular
Odo actor goes from guest status to full cast member on Shatner's 'Boston Legal'.

Nov 14 - UPN Releases Promo For 'The Forge'
Download the trailer for next week's 'Enterprise' episode. Transcript inside!

Nov 14 - Archer Goes To Andoria In 'The Aenar'
Archer and Shran go underground in the conclusion to the upcoming Romulan/Andorian trilogy. Spoilers inside!

Nov 13 - 'The Augments' Power UPN to Fourth Place
Last night's 'Enterprise' fast national ratings show numbers holding steady during November sweeps.

Nov 13 - Review: The Augments
Soong's children threaten to spark a war between Earth and the Klingons.

Nov 12 - Spiner Defends Soong's Motives
Former TNG actor comfortable back on Paramount lot, among familiar faces.

Nov 12 - Site Columns
Live Strong, BBS debates, Trek two years ago, two birthdays, new poll and more.

Nov 12 - News Bullets
Wheaton, Stewart, Morris, Fleck, Donner, Cross, credits, screen caps, cons, books, warp drive and more.

Nov 12 - Critics Warm To 'Cold Station 12'
Cautiously positive reviews greet the second of three parts in the Augments storyline.

Nov 11 - Shatner 'Had A Good Argument With Berman' On Kirk's Death
Captain Kirk actor answers fan questions on how he handled his character's demise, his mishaps with horses and his choice in underwear!

Nov 10 - Behr's Sci-Fi Career Continues Past DS9
Berman and Braga ignored his suggestions for 'Enterprise', says exec producer of 'The 4400'.

Nov 9 - News Bullets
Shatner x2, Bakula, McNeill, Mulgrew, Burton, Billingsley, Park, Frakes, book excerpt and reviews.

Nov 9 - 'Enterprise' To Be Syndicated Next Fall
Paramount is advertising the availability of the fifth Trek series for weekend reruns.

Nov 9 - 'Star Trek: Voyager' Season 5 DVDs Released
Region 1 version of fourth 'Star Trek' series now available for first time on DVD.

Nov 9 - UPN Renews 'Kevin Hill' and 'Veronica Mars'
Wednesday night ratings up with new Taye Diggs series, 'America's Next Top Model'.

Nov 8 - Site Columns
TV overload, Leaping without Bakula, Trek two years ago, McNeill birthday and more!

Nov 7 - UPN Releases Promo For 'The Augments'
Download the trailer for next week's 'Enterprise' episode. Transcript inside!

Nov 6 - Ratings Heat Up With 'Cold Station 12'
Spiner, Augments bring in highest fast national ratings of 2004-5 season so far for 'Enterprise.'

Nov 6 - Review: Cold Station 12
Soong's 'children' show signs of adolescent rebellion.

Nov 6 - Bakula To Make 'A Bold Leap Forward'?
Jonathan Archer actor tipped to be involved in brand new 'Quantum Leap' venture.

Nov 5 - Mixed Advance Reviews For 'Cold Station 12'
EW, Gannett put tonight's episode in best bets columns while AICN, IGN are lukewarm. Minor spoilers.

Nov 5 - Aliens Plague the Crew in 'Observer Effect'
Official details for first episode of 2005 summarize bottle show involving a potential epidemic on Enterprise. Spoilers inside!

Nov 5 - Stewart Receives Local Lifetime Achievement Award
Home town newspaper of Captain Picard actor to award his loyalty to the community.

Nov 5 - 'Borderland' Earns Mixed Reviews Online
Critics' opinions range from enthralled with Spiner to unimpressed with the much-hyped episode.

Nov 4 - Takei To Be Feted In Japan
Sulu actor will receive the Order of the Rising Sun for contributions to Japanese-American affairs.

Nov 4 - Romulans Take Centre Stage In 'United'
Xenophobic race will do anything to avoid detection by 'Enterprise' in continuation of 'Babel One' plot arc. Contains spoilers!

Nov 3 - Paramount Chief Lansing To Step Down
12-year motion picture studio head announces that she will depart when her contract expires next year.

Nov 3 - News Bullets
Russ, Mulgrew, Dawson, Shatner, UPN, Trek humour, screen caps, books and more.

Nov 3 - Billingsley Talks Phlox's Love For Lucas
Actor discusses development of Arik Soong arc, jokes at homoerotic subtext in scenes with pen pal character.

Nov 2 - Enterprise Shuttle On Display Near DC
First space shuttle, named after campaign by Trek fans, can now be viewed up close by the public.

Nov 2 - DVD News
Region 2 sets and release dates, Original Series second season reviews and 'Voyager' fifth season.

Nov 1 - Site Columns
Hello World, T'Pol's compass, Trek two years ago, new poll and more!

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