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November 1, 2004 - 5:02 PM

Hello World!

Yesterday I sat and rooted passionately against my football team.

You see, during the 15 previous US presidential elections, if the Washington Redskins lost their last home game before the election, the incumbent lost his job, whereas if the Redskins won, the incumbent stayed in office.

I don't usually scream in bliss when the Green Bay Packers get a touchdown and two-point conversion that clinches their victory over Washington. Nor do I yell "YES! YES!" because Green Bay has intercepted a Redskins pass right after an apparent Redskins touchdown had been called back. (Perhaps the officials were pro-Kerry.)

Yet there I was, rooting against my team in the hope that some people would take a loss as a serious omen. I'd happily make a deal for four losing seasons for the 'Skins (the team with the most racist name in sports anywhere on the planet, I suspect) in exchange for my candidate's victory in the only race that really matters.

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Arik Soong leads his band of Augments to a medical facility where hundreds of genetically enhanced embryos are still stored, intending to retrieve them and bring them to life.

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