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June 21 2024


An archive of Star Trek News

News Headlines for February 2006

Feb 28 - Interview: Harve Bennett
The executive producer of several Star Trek motion pictures talks about 'Starfleet Academy', writing 'Star Trek III' and how his military experiences shaped his Hollywood career.

Feb 28 - Berman PA Claims Star Trek Is Dead For the Moment
Mirabello says Jendresen's script has been scrapped, Stewart's expectations inflated, does not expect Moonves to approve any Trek soon.

Feb 27 - The Book Padd: Starfleet Corps of Engineers: Blackout
While the da Vinci faces a planetwide blackout, Bart contemplates marriage and infidelity.

Feb 27 - News Bullets
Shatner x3, Stewart x2, Krauss, Moody Blues Trek, Trek Life, book news, toys, CCG, STO, Desert Asteroid, TNG reviews, Trek live, TrekCore, Trek Soul, CBS.

Feb 27 - 'Where No Man...' Actor Paul Carr Dies
Actor from Star Trek pilot appeared on numerous sci-fi. western, crime dramas and in theatre on both coasts.

Feb 24 - : Journey To Babel
Meet Spock's parents, the Tellarites, the Andorians and the workings of the Federation, with space battles and a murder mystery too!

Feb 24 - Site Columns
President's Day, death on the BBS, Shatner's ascendancy two years ago, new poll, hot babe birthdays.

Feb 23 - Nemecek Hopes Fan Club, 'Communicator' Will Return Quickly
New web site and coverage of important Star Trek news missed during months out of print are priorities for longtime editor.

Feb 23 - Q Fan Collective DVDs Announced
Fan selections will appear on new four-disc set. Also: 'Enterprise' DVDs nominated for Saturn Award.

Feb 22 - Curtis Reflects On Star Trek Experiences
Second Saavik performer appreciates Nimoy's direction, cast and fans' support over the years.

Feb 22 - Shatner Appreciates Captain Kirk, ICU Doctors
Preparing for a charity fundraiser to educate medical professionals, the actor reflects on his happy career.

Feb 21 - News Bullets
Combs, Mulgrew, Katsulas, Boxleitner, Swallow, David, Hines, CCG, action figures, fan film, phone, Nissan, Spike, obituaries, caps.

Feb 21 - Scientists On the Trail of 'The Enemy Within'
Quantum telecloning experiments in Britain and Japan demonstrate that light beams can be split much like Captain Kirk in transporter mishap.

Feb 21 - Pocket Books Announces Mirror Lineup
'In a Mirror, Darkly' writer Sussman to join novelists in exploring the dark double universe of 'Mirror, Mirror.'

Feb 17 - Site Columns
Olympics week, BBS chat, 'Enterprise' two years ago, new poll, many birthdays!

Feb 17 - : Metamorphosis
Radically different life forms are frequently secretly fond of each other, but much to Kirk's relief, at least the girls still prefer boys.

Feb 16 - Masterson and Coto Celebrate 'Enterprise'
Leeta actress and former exec producer think fans deserved better from Paramount.

Feb 16 - 'Living In TV Land' To Unite Shatner With Other Trek Stars
Nimoy, Stewart and Mulgrew are among the guests expected on inaugural episode of new TV reality show.

Feb 15 - News Bullets
Celebrity Trek crushes, Stewart, Billingsley, Siddig, Mulgrew, Doohan, Krige, Oster, Robfogel, Ellison, Grease Trek, Decipher,, Free Enterprise, Eavesdropper, Legacy, DVD caps.

Feb 15 - Singer's Still Whistling For Star Trek
'X-Men' director is busy with Superman and other projects but implies that he would love to helm the next Trek.

Feb 15 - 'Babylon 5' Star And Trek Guest Katsulas Dies
Acclaimed G'Kar actor appeared in two Star Trek series, 'Max Headroom.'

Feb 14 - McNeill To Direct ABC Pilot
Tom Paris actor has helmed 'Desperate Housewives' on the network; will lens single-camera comedy about a repentant jerk.

Feb 14 - Mad Doc Game Developer Talks 'Legacy'
New game will start players in the NX-01 era and allow them to progress through known Trek history.

Feb 14 - Coto Compares 'Enterprise' and '24'
Though his new role is more collaborative, former exec says he'd consider returning to Star Trek.

Feb 13 - Keating, Combs Join 'The Attackmen'
Malcolm Reed, Shran/Weyoun actors appear in lacrosse film with TNG writer's script.

Feb 12 - Allen Found 'Enterprise' Cast Warm, Makeup Cold
Orion dancer recalls her guest spot on Star Trek, which she enjoyed as a child.

Feb 12 - Billingsley Has Upcoming Film, TV Pilot
Actor will star in hostage television drama and Altman-written zombie film.

Feb 10 - Site Columns
STII on DVR, Worf's wedding on the BBS, BSG two years ago, poll, birthdays and more!

Feb 10 - : I, Mudd
I am not programmed to respond in that area.

Feb 10 - 'Star Trek Magazine' Revisits Series Origins
First of several special issues celebrating Trek's 40th birthday traces the early history of the show.

Feb 9 - Star Trek Online Adds Designer, Designs
Illustrator Probert joins team; Dahlgren posts description and layout of galaxy-class ship deck.

Feb 9 - Cromwell To Take On 'Spider-Man 3'
Oscar nominee who appeared in 'First Contact' will pursue the web-slinger's secret identity.

Feb 8 - Star Trek Interior Designer May Lose 'Ship'
Fan who converted his home into a Voyager replica and tried to run a starship design company is broke.

Feb 8 - News Bullets
Important TrekBBS alert, TrekUnited chat, Stewart, Nimoy x2, Wheaton, Mulgrew, Shatner x2, Schuck, Trek novelists, Trek screenwriters, Bashir, CCG, screen caps, communicator phone, Grand Slam sellout.

Feb 7 - Burton Talks Drama, Diversity, Respect & 'Reading Rainbow'
TNG's LaForge says his own series remains his favourite of the modern Treks.

Feb 7 - 'Legacy' May Use Voices of Star Trek Actors
Game developer Mad Doc is focusing on ship design, graphics, flexible campaigns.

Feb 6 - 40th Anniversary Conventions Announced
Science fiction museum will host gala with astronauts, while stars visit several cities in September.

Feb 6 - Bethesda Softworks Hopes To Bring Trek Games To Potential
PR manager of company with new gaming license says his company will learn from past mistakes, take advantage of new platforms.

Feb 6 - News Bullets
Nimoy x2, Russ, Mulgrew, Madsen, Shatner x2, Dorn, Bakula, Stewart, x3, action figures, convention guests, CCG, Trek in Ireland, updates.

Feb 5 - Shimerman's 'What the Bleep?' Gets Extended Run
Quark actor's film about science and the human condition has been expanded, will play in US theatres this month.

Feb 4 - 'Borg Fan Collective' To Be Assimilated In March
14-episode DVD set will include two 'Voyager' double episodes, several TNG two-parters.

Feb 4 - Picardo's Politics Parallel His 'Stargate' Character's
Actor loved playing The Doctor on 'Voyager' and thinks that role helped him get cast in another science fiction franchise.

Feb 3 - Site Columns
Critical sniping, sports on the BBS, Trek two years ago, new poll, Neelix' birthday.

Feb 3 - : Catspaw
It's trick or treat for the Enterprise crew, only there isn't really much of a treat after all.

Feb 2 - Braga Talks 'Next Gen' and 'Enterprise'
Though he doesn't feel the last Star Trek was a failure, exec wished he had time to wrap it up with an episode like 'All Good Things.'

Feb 2 - Billingsley Hates the New York Yankees
Phlox actor isn't a fan of the Republican Party either, though he appreciates sci-fi literature and Phlox's easy cancer cures.

Feb 1 - The Book Padd: Artificial Life Possibilities: A Star Trek Perspective
A new book on artificial intelligence and robotics explains the technology behind Data and the EMH.

Feb 1 - News Bullets
Oscar nominees, SAG Awards, Shatner, Siddig, Russ, Doohan, Koenig, February birthdays, CCG, DeCandido, Layton, timeline, Paramount Parks, antimatter.

Feb 1 - Stewart Faces Global Warming, Single Parenthood and Giant Aliens
New 'Eleventh Hour' episode premieres tomorrow; Starz looks at 'Bambi 2' today, while extended 'Dune' is now on DVD.

Feb 1 - Mack Describes His Path to Publication
Star Trek episode writer and novelist studied screenwriting, ruffled feathers.

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