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February 17, 2006 - 10:27 PM

Hello World!

Last night I went to see my favorite Celtic folk-rock group, Jennifer Cutting's Ocean Orchestra, which was minus leqad singer Grace Griffith who was at her sister's wedding. Instead we got a special treat - Bob Hitchcock, onetime singer with Cutting's old group, the highly acclaimed New St. George, which means that, with Lisa Moscatiello singing lead vocals and Rico Petruccelli on bass, we saw 4/5 of the original New St. George. They did a fantastic mix of traditional folk, rock with traditional instruments, jazzed-up Irish ballads and Jennifer's adaptations of hymns and hornpipes, a fantastic mix.

The beginning of the week was much quieter: we had a foot of snow, which closed school on Monday, but then Tuesday was Valentine's Day which meant school parties and more candy than we've had in the house since Halloween. My uncle is visiting my parents from New York, so we saw him a few times. The DVR is a bad influence, as I keep watching movies I mean only to be recording for later: this week for instance I saw nearly all of Valmont, one of several excellent film adaptations of Les Liaisons Dangereuses (a nearly perfect novel, which makes it that much more interesting that there are other movies I love based on it, notably Dangerous Liaisons and Cruel Intentions, and all of them have different endings).

And, of course, we watched some of the Olympics. I didn't have strong feelings about the pairs skating competition and I could hardly watch the men's final - I wish Scott Hamilton would remember that he has an Olympic gold medal only by virtue of the fact that Brian Orser was terrible at skating figures, something the competitors are no longer required to do in Olympic competition. I find snowboarding enormously fun to watch but I don't have the first idea what the judges are looking for even when the commentators try to explain. With speed skating it's easier to see why there are so many disqualifications.

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