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June 25 2024


An archive of Star Trek News

News Headlines for March 2004

Mar 31 - TNG Stars Say It's Over While Others Talk Trek Future
Shatner and 'Enterprise' actors are hoping for a fourth season; Spiner, Sirtis expect no more movies.

Mar 31 - Site Columns
April Madness, Jumping the Shark, Trek two years ago, birthday, new poll and TV listings!

Mar 31 - Shortened Fourth Season For 'Enterprise'?
Latest rumour about Star Trek's future says UPN will renew series for 12 episodes next season. Plus: TV Guide.

Mar 30 - Many Generations Visit Grand Slam
Shatner tells fans he's '99 percent' sure 'Enterprise' will be renewed.

Mar 29 - Russ To Play At Bradbury Tribute
Stewart, Shatner on committee to raise funds for historic L.A. theatre.

Mar 29 - News Bullets
April Fool's Day, Fletcher, Mulgrew, Fuller, Blalock, Stewart, Frakes.

Mar 29 - Stewart To Perform Voices for Disney
Picard actor will dub Miyazaki feature, new 'Snow White' production characters.

Mar 28 - Site Columns
Starsky & Hutch, why do fans resent Kirk, Trek two years ago, legal poll, birthday and more!

Mar 27 - Shatner: Life Is For The Living
Actor reflects on the importance of family rather than fame.

Mar 27 - Quartet of Trek Stars Hit Grand Slam
Picardo, Phillips, Fletcher and Lofton discuss life after DS9 and 'Voyager.'

Mar 26 - Shatner Confirmed For 'Practice' Spinoff
Captain Kirk will trade starship for law degree in new series with James Spader.

Mar 26 - De Lancie, Davis To Have 'Resurrection Blues'
Q and Moriarty actors will co-star in California production of Arthur Miller play.

Mar 25 - Manga Trek May Be On the Way
Tokyopop announces plans to produce TNG, anime-style.

Mar 25 - News Bullets
AICN rumours, Warp 11, 'Trekkies 2', Shatner, Culp, Mulgrew, Trek authors, McDowell, Borg invasion, screen caps, review and more!

Mar 24 - Official Details For 'Zero Hour'
Synopsis, guest cast & production staff listings for the final 'Enterprise' outing of the season. Spoilers inside!

Mar 24 - Site Columns
Basketball, BBS, new poll, Trek Two Years Ago, double episodes and more!

Mar 23 - Double 'Enterprise' Episodes Coming To UPN
'Game Over' will move, 'The Mullets' disappear again as networks juggle Wednesday schedules.

Mar 23 - Checker To Bring Back Classic Comics
Beginning in May, says publisher, uncredited comics will return to print.

Mar 22 - 'Bring Back Kirk' Aims To Restore TOS Captain
Fan-made trailer features original series characters in Next Gen era, promoting crossover storyline and happier ending.

Mar 22 - Picardo's Still In Outer Space
At the 'Borg Invasion 4-D' opening, Trek actor discusses 'Stargate' appearances.

Mar 21 - 'Enterprise' Up For Three 'Spaceys'
Series, Archer and T'Pol to compete in fan-voted categories at awards hosted by Canada's Space network.

Mar 21 - Site Columns
'Those Are Strings, Pinocchio' (spoilers!), BBS threads, TrekToday Two Years Ago, wacky poll & birthdays!

Mar 20 - UPN To Announce Fall Schedule May 20
Upfront presentation could reveal the fate of 'Enterprise', network will announce which pilots will get the greenlight.

Mar 20 - Berman Teases Season's Last Six
Executive producer comments on 'Damage' & 'The Forgotten', says writers are pulling out all the stops. Contains spoilers!

Mar 17 - Ryan To Assimilate Witch's Powers
Seven of Nine actress in negotiations to star in CBS pilot; also, UPN fall pilot news.

Mar 17 - Site Columns
Gaming geekery, St. Patrick's Day on the BBS, new poll, old Trek, birthdays and more!

Mar 17 - News Bullets
Ryan, Fuller, Masters, Biggs, 'Enterprise', 'Andromeda', Shatner, Stewart, Meaney, game and book reviews.

Mar 16 - 'Voyager' Season Two DVD Details Confirmed
Set to include featurettes on Tuvok, Seska, Ethan Phillips, visual effects.

Mar 15 - Park Ready To Grow, As Sato Or Not
Actress says that she is 'ready for new adventure', either in character on 'Enterprise' or elsewhere should the show be cancelled.

Mar 15 - 'Star Trek' Cited In Technology Boom
Several recent articles mention Roddenberry's vision in discussing new scientific and mechanical developments.

Mar 14 - British Magazine Alleges 'Enterprise', Berman May Go
Another anonymous set source has chimed in on rumours that the series or its producer might not return next season.

Mar 14 - The Book Padd: A Time To Be Born & A Time To Die
Jackie Bundy says the first 'A Time to...' duology doesn't get the series off to an impressive start.

Mar 14 - News Bullets
'Enterprise' on Region 2 DVD, Combs, Burton, marrying robots, UPN pilot, plus book, DVD, TV and film reviews.

Mar 14 - Site Columns
Hello World, BBS on petty fans, new poll, this week's rerun and more.

Mar 12 - Borg Will Invade Paramount Parks Next Week
Assimilator roller coaster, 'Invasion 4-D' will open within days of one another in Nevada and North Carolina.

Mar 12 - Dying As Kirk Better Than Dwindling, Says Shatner
At L.A. tribute, the actor discusses his choices and career highlights.

Mar 11 - Shatner Heading To Law School?
Captain Kirk actor to appear in final episodes of 'The Practice' as head of rival firm.

Mar 11 - News Bullets
'Game Over', Mulgrew, Winfield, Biggs, Borg Invasion, DVDs, Warp 11, books and Trek models.

Mar 11 - Borg To Assimilate Train in Las Vegas
Paramount Parks will sponsor train car, monorail station at Las Vegas Hilton.

Mar 11 - 'Enterprise' Rerun Ends Up Last at 9 p.m.
Fast national data shows weak ratings for new UPN Wednesday lineup.

Mar 11 - Stewart To Step Up To Academic Role
New Chancellor of the University of Huddersfield will visit this month.

Mar 10 - Official Details For 'Countdown'
Synopsis, guest cast & production staff listings for this upcoming 'Enterprise' outing. Spoilers inside!

Mar 10 - Site Columns
Winfield obituaries, best 'Enterprise' writer, older Treks and remember to watch at nine tonight!

Mar 9 - Interview: Dayton Ward & Kevin Dilmore — Part Two
'Star Trek' authors discuss the TNG 'A Time to...' novels, 'No Limits' anthology, interacting with fans & more!

Mar 9 - Paul Winfield, Acclaimed Character Actor, Dies At 62
Performer had played two Trek captains on film and TNG in long career.

Mar 8 - News Bullets
UPN dispute, Walsh, Stewart, Fletcher, Foster, Moore, reviews, downloadable game and more.

Mar 8 - Interview: Dayton Ward & Kevin Dilmore — Part One
Authors discuss their first 'Star Trek' stories, writing for 'Starfleet Corps of Engineers' and their upcoming e-Books, 'Grand Designs' & 'Where Time Stands Still'.

Mar 7 - 'Azati Prime' Draws Mixed Reactions
Some reviewers praised what others condemned in last week's 'Enterprise' cliffhanger.

Mar 7 - Site Columns
Locust invasion, Enterprise on the BBS, Trek two years ago, a birthday and more!

Mar 5 - Stewart Decries Hollywood Violence Against Women
Speaking for Amnesty International, the actor discusses his own childhood suffering.

Mar 5 - News Bullets
Plummer, Alley, Baird, Mulgrew, Trek books, Borg Invasion, new reviews.

Mar 5 - Sirtis' 'Spectres' Has New Trailer, Interviews
Supernatural film also stars Park and Smallwood of 'Enterprise'.

Mar 4 - Cecily Adams, Quark's Moogie, Is Dead at 39
Actress leaves behind daughter, husband who is also a Star Trek alumnus.

Mar 4 - Bakula Finds Series Improving, UPN Frustrating
Archer actor discusses screen time, TV politics, musical ambitions and more.

Mar 4 - 'Enterprise' Draws Prime Numbers
'Azati Prime' shows slight ratings rebound in overnights.

Mar 4 - Berman Is Plotting For Fourth Season
Exec discusses this year's remaining episodes, reasons for T'Pol's behaviour. Major spoilers inside!

Mar 4 - Review: Azati Prime
Archer becomes the arrow targeting the Xindi weapon.

Mar 3 - 'Azati Prime' Called Prime Material In Early Review
AICN praises tonight's 'Enterprise' episode for action and drama. Spoilers inside!

Mar 3 - News Bullets
Polls, Blalock, Spiner, Lockhart, giveaways, reviews and geek power.

Mar 2 - Burton Puts Literacy First
Will reunite with Goldberg in upcoming directorial effort, but cites 'Reading Rainbow' as proudest achievement.

Mar 2 - News Bullets
Meaney, Sirtis, Park, Mulgrew x2, Picardo, Stewart, overseas schedules, freebies, Klingon documentary and more!

Mar 1 - Krige Creates Another Terrifying Matriarch
Borg Queen actress appears tonight in Natalie Wood biopic as 'mom from hell'.

Mar 1 - 'Voyager' Launches In R2 With Exclusive Features
Season one set includes 'Experience' doco plus classic 'Trek' episodes, 'Arena' & 'City on the Edge of Forever'.

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