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By Michelle
March 7, 2004 - 3:52 AM

Hello World!

This week in Washington, DC the temperatures got into the intrepid spring range, which means that daffodils are coming up in front of my house and my allergies are making my sinuses miserable. This happens every year: for a handful of days in the winter I long for warmer weather, and then it arrives and I miss the clear cool air!

But this year we're expecting a form of spring entertainment we have not experienced since 1987, namely: the return of the 17-year locusts. Last time I saw the red-eyed monsters, I was a junior in college, interning in the publications office of a much-too-conservative think tank during the Reagan administration. It was impossible to walk through Farragut Square downtown without stepping on bunches of them. These things are big, some more than two inches long, with bright red eyes and beautiful lacy wings, and whether you love or hate them, you don't want to hear them crunching underfoot!

My children have only seen these locusts on display under glass in the Field Museum in Chicago. I had tried saving one in a glass jar in the freezer, but it didn't remain intact through my moving from Washington to Chicago and back again. Before that summer break in college, I was several years younger than my younger son is now. And the next time they're back, my older son will be older than I was when he was born. So, like the spring, this is something I am looking forward least, until the novelty wears off.

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Happy Birthday!

Donna Murphy, who played Anij in Star Trek: Insurrection, turns 46 today.

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