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March 14, 2004 - 5:06 AM

Hello World!

I'm having another "too many movies, too little time" weekend.

The Lord of the Rings fan girl in me wants to go see Hidalgo. It has Viggo Mortensen on a horse. It has a guy trying to succeed against outrageous odds and people who don't think he's up to the task. It has natural disasters and big epic visuals.

The Master and Commander fan girl in me wants to go see The Reckoning. It has Paul Bettany in a historical English setting. It's more about characters than high adventure, despite apparently misleading previews. It's got a great ensemble cast.

The dweeb who grew up in the 1970s fan girl in me wants to go see Starsky and Hutch. It has Stiller and Wilson. The Times remembers, "The TV show featured a pair of apparently plainclothes fuzz who were they supposed to be fooling? When they weren't tumbling into each other's arms, they were sliding over the roofs of cars or over suspects' Miranda rights." Bwahahaha!

But, you know, now that Maryland will be playing Duke for the ACC title, I probably won't get to the movies at all, as the Terrapins take precedence.

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...none of the above! There have to be better options! 7.5% - (102 Votes)
...striking out in a new direction in the hope of attracting more viewers? 4.2% - (57 Votes) stand-alone episodes with guest stars from previous Treks, as a gift to the fans? 3.9% - (54 Votes)
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