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June 21 2024


An archive of Star Trek News

News Headlines for August 2004

Aug 31 - Star Trek First Season On DVD Today
Original series arrives to reviews praising series' vision, lamenting lack of more detailed extras.

Aug 31 - Bakula Optimistic About Season Four
Had been hopeful of renewal, pleased with high-definition digital film.

Aug 31 - 'NY Times': Reports of Trek Death Exaggerated
Cast, fans divided about the need for a long franchise hiatus, and whether viability should be counted in dollars or influence.

Aug 30 - UPN Releases Detailed 'Storm Front' Description
Read the official release from the station about 'Enterprise''s season opener! Spoilers inside.

Aug 30 - Doohan Bids Farewell To Fans
Original cast, fans and friends attend convention honouring ailing Scotty.

Aug 30 - News Bullets
Mulgrew, Goldberg, Schoene, Nemeceks, Nimoy, de Lancie, constellation class science, Activision, Decipher, screen shots, 'Enterprise' schedules and more.

Aug 29 - Site Columns
The Olympics concluded, BBS threads, classic TT news, new poll & a birthday!

Aug 28 - Auberjonois To Join Shatner on 'Boston Legal'
DS9's Odo will play a fellow senior partner on 'The Practice' spinoff.

Aug 28 - 'Enterprise' Adds New Writer/Producer
Ken LaZebnik is the brother of TNG-DS9 scriptwriter who wrote 'Darmok'.

Aug 28 - 'Borderland' Production Report Reveals Aliens Galore
Spiner, Hertzler, Wight, slave girls populate episode with numerous familiar species and faces. Spoilers inside!

Aug 27 - 'Enterprise' Makes A Final Stand Against The Augments
Dr. Soong's creations wreak havoc in the sixth episode of the season. Spoilers inside!

Aug 27 - 'SFX' Summarizes 'Storm Front'
British magazine provides in-depth coverage of 'Enterprise' fourth season premiere. Many spoilers inside!

Aug 27 - Shatner Recalls Career For SAG
Calls Emmy nomination 'almost' as good as winning, found Trek TV more exciting than films.

Aug 27 - 'Generations' Deemed An Enjoyable Voyage
The two-disc special edition pleases reviewers with sound quality and cinematography but they're lukewarm on the video transfer and extras.

Aug 27 - Stewart Undergoes Successful Heart Procedure
Picard actor has preventive angioplasty, will miss convention this weekend.

Aug 26 - Fans, Stars Gather To Honour Doohan This Weekend
Actor will appear onstage with entire living TOS cast, receive star on Walk of Fame.

Aug 26 - Stewart To Father Superman?
'X-Men' director Singer reportedly wants his Xavier to play Jor-El in new film.

Aug 25 - More Positive Reviews for TOS DVD Set
IGN, Home Theater Forum praise transfers, packaging, have some quibbles with sound.

Aug 25 - Article: Las Vegas Convention Report: Saturday, July 31st
Kate Mulgrew, Alice Krige, Ethan Phillips and others regaled the crowds at the 3rd annual Las Vegas convention!

Aug 25 - AP Praises UPN's New Shows
Ostroff credited with putting together UPN's strongest season ever.

Aug 25 - Site Columns
Summer vacation, Trek talk, two-year-old news, this week's episode and more!

Aug 24 - Spiner, Dawson Talk 'Enterprise' Spots
Actor and director involved early next season; also, hints of refurbishments. Spoilers inside!

Aug 24 - News Bullets
Convention guests, Russ, Mulgrew, Orser, Mme. Tussaud, Canadian and Australian Trek, transparent aluminum, screen caps and contests.

Aug 23 - Livingston Says Production Has Speeded Up
Frequent Trek director believes switch to digital recording is adventageous.

Aug 22 - News Bullets
Bakula interview, Shatner campaign, 'Voyager' marathon, Goldsmith tribute & more!

Aug 22 - Site Columns
The Olympics continued, BBS threads, classic TT news, poll results & a birthday!

Aug 20 - First 'Star Trek' Box Set Review Positive
Reviewer praises video and audio quality, but finds the extras on the set slightly lacking.

Aug 19 - Site Columns
Hello World on Manny Coto, 'Enterprise' BBS threads, poll results, birthdays and more!

Aug 19 - Blalock Expects The Trip/T'Pol Pairing To Go Forward
The 'Enterprise' actress looks forward to what she believes will be the final year of the fifth Trek series.

Aug 18 - 'Home' Production Wraps
The third episode of 'Enterprise''s fourth season takes viewers to Vulcan. Spoilers inside!

Aug 18 - Coto Plans To Fulfill 'Enterprise''s Promise
The new executive producer talks new writers, Vulcans, story arcs, Spiner and Shatner!

Aug 18 - News Bullets
Con report, Drexler Q&A, Klingon classes, Meyer worskshop, 'Dreamship Surprise,' Sorvino & more!

Aug 17 - Article: Las Vegas Convention Report: Friday, July 30th
George Takei, Wil Wheaton, Brent Spiner, Marina Sirtis and others regaled the crowds at the 3rd annual Las Vegas convention!

Aug 17 - Hertzler Returns To 'Enterprise'
'DS9''s Martok is shooting an episode of the show this week. Details inside!

Aug 17 - First 'CS-12' Plot Details Revealed
Second episode of Arik Soong arc scheduled to begin shooting August 24. Contains spoilers!

Aug 16 - Shatner 'Enterprise' Appearance Questions Continue
Captain Kirk actor pondering a guest spot on 'Enterprise,' but does the show have the money to afford him?

Aug 15 - Site Columns
The Olympics, BBS threads, classic TT news, new poll & a birthday!

Aug 14 - News Bullets
Shatner CD and Q&A, Region 2 DVDs, newsletter, 'Atlantis', SevTrek DVD, NASA & more!

Aug 13 - Interview: Josepha Sherman & Susan Shwartz
Jacqueline Bundy talks to these veteran 'Trek' novelists about their new 'Vulcan's Soul' series.

Aug 12 - News Bullets
Doohan, Bakula, Roddenberry, and Trek DVD news!

Aug 11 - Site Columns
Hello World on the Las Vegas convention, BBS threads, Trek Today two years ago, and a birthday!

Aug 11 - Shatner Ad A Marketing Test?
UPN might be trying to gauge fan interest in a possible Shatner appearance as Kirk.

Aug 10 - 'Picard Collection' A Good Introduction To TNG
Online reviewers have mixed feelings about episode selection, but they agree it's a nice dip into 'The Next Generation.'

Aug 9 - News Bullets
'Enterprise' in the UK, Russ, Burton, Mulgrew, Hower, conventions, screencaps, and reviews!

Aug 9 - Season One 'TOS' DVD Teaser Released
Check out the promo for the first original series boxset inside; also, updates on DVD season set release dates!

Aug 9 - Shatner Set For Two-Episode Guest Stint?
CBS Television City Research Center reportedly showing an ad promoting 'Enterprise' appearance by Trek legend.

Aug 8 - Filming Wraps On 'Storm Front, Part Two'
Production report lists locations used for season opener, recaps plot details. Contains spoilers!

Aug 8 - Judith & Garfield Reeves-Stevens Join 'Enterprise'
Story editor gig to be the couple's first work on televised Trek, after long career writing Trek non-fiction and Shatnerverse novels.

Aug 6 - Justman Almost Didn't Work On Trek
Had it been up to him, the legendary Trek producer would have stuck with 'Mission: Impossible' back in 1966.

Aug 6 - The Book Padd: Vulcan's Soul, Book One: Exodus
Jacqueline Bundy reviews the latest installment in the life of Spock.

Aug 6 - New Plot Details Emerge For 'Borderland'
New characters revealed for first installment of three-episode arc featuring Brent Spiner. Spoilers inside!

Aug 6 - Keating Not Banking On Fifth Season
Malcolm Reed actor talks to SFX Magazine about Enterprise's (limited) future, and new showrunner Manny Coto.

Aug 4 - Montgomery To Coto: Give Me Work To Do!
'Enterprise' actors Montgomery, Park talk up show's fourth season at Las Vegas con.

Aug 3 - TOS Romulan To Turn Vulcan For UPN?
Report claims that actor Jack Donner may star in a new 'Enterprise' incident. Spoilers inside!

Aug 3 - 'Worrywart' Keating Happy To Be Returning
Reed actor pleased with Coto's involvement, relieved to be returning to UPN.

Aug 3 - News Bullets
Roche, typecasting, Lombardi, Mulgrew, Tubeys, reviews, screen caps, DiCandido, Sagan, comics, contest and more.

Aug 2 - Stars Gamble On Vegas Con
Mulgrew promotes Kerry, Krige shares unhappy memories of creating The Experience at gathering.

Aug 1 - Official 'Storm Front' Details Released
Synopsis, guest cast & creative staff listings for season premiere. Plus: production report. Contains spoilers!

Aug 1 - Spiner Keeping Mum On 'Enterprise' Gig
'Trek' stars take to the stage at Creation's Las Vegas convention as the American political arena becomes a hot topic. Contains minor spoilers!

Aug 1 - Site Columns
Dispatches from Fish Island, BBS threads, classic TT news & new poll.

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