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June 25 2024


An archive of Star Trek News

News Headlines for November 2003

Nov 30 - Reviews Skip Slowly Down 'Carpenter Street'
Online reviewers enjoyed the episode's wit but many found it ultimately irrelevant.

Nov 30 - Site Columns
'Master and Commander', arguing about 'Galactica', Trek two years ago, new poll and more!

Nov 30 - Doohan's Son Seeks To Immortalize Father With Star
Scotty actor is the one of only two 'TOS' series stars who have not yet recieved Stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

Nov 28 - Montgomery Wants Travis To Be More Seasoned
Mayweather actor says he is enjoying 'Enterprise' third season as much as he did the first.

Nov 28 - Hertzler Proud To Be Part Of Trek
Man who brought Martok, Kolos to life talks about his many incarnations in Trek and why he wants to see Kolos brought back.

Nov 28 - Beltran's Latest Project Mirrors His Career
Chakotay actor talks about his new play and his career choices.

Nov 27 - Thanksgiving Travel Diminishes 'Carpenter Street'
Last new 'Enterprise' of sweeps month earns poor ratings on a night with historically low viewership.

Nov 27 - Review: Rocking to a Star Trek Band
Our reviewer went to hear Warp 11 doing it with William Shatner.

Nov 27 - News Bullets
Stewart, Visitor, Shatner and the Region 2 TOS DVD release dates!

Nov 27 - Echevarria Pilot Greenlighted By FOX
'TNG' and 'DS9' scribe's new series will be a police procedural.

Nov 27 - Review: Carpenter Street
Archer and T'Pol go back to the future.

Nov 26 - Two New Movies Keep Sirtis Busy
Counselor Troi actress talks about her latest projects and letting go of 'TNG'

Nov 26 - Siddig: 'My Star Trek Time Is Over'
DS9's Dr. Bashir says Berman sought him for 'Enterprise' role, but he is more interested in working in Britain.

Nov 26 - Early Review Calls 'Carpenter Street' Routine
AICN spoils tonight's 'Enterprise', protesting a largely irrelevant plot. Spoilers inside!

Nov 26 - Site Columns
The ultimate challenge: keeping your favorite shows fresh every week!

Nov 25 - Young Men Deserting UPN and the WB
High-profile shows fail to bring in the ideal demographic, say media analysts.

Nov 24 - News Bullets
Beltran, Shatner, Mulgrew, Hardy, Farrell, obituaries, TV and book reviews and more.

Nov 24 - Interview: Nick Sagan - Part III
'Star Trek' scribe answers your questions about media SF, advice to aspiring writers, dealing with criticism & more!

Nov 23 - 'Similitude' Evokes Strong Emotions From Critics
Some loved this week's episode, some loathed it, but no online reviewers complained of disinterest.

Nov 23 - Site Columns
Changing of the guard at Trek Today!

Nov 23 - Original Series Novels Planned For 2005-6
Pocket Books editor announces standalones, trilogy, and anthology for 40th anniversary.

Nov 22 - Stewart Becomes An Egghead
TNG actor appointed Chancellor of Huddersfield University.

Nov 22 - 'Stratagem' To Kick Off February Sweeps
Official plot details, cast list & creative staff for follow-up to 'Proving Ground'. Contains spoilers!

Nov 21 - Third Season Rewarding for Bakula
Actor chats about recent episodes, jokes about relationships, praises crew.

Nov 21 - 'Similitude' Scores Improved Total Ratings
Wednesday night's episode brings in largest audience of third season, elevated household numbers.

Nov 21 - Bakula: UPN Failed 'Enterprise'
Actor blames season two's ratings woes on network's lack of support.

Nov 21 - News Bullets
Stewart, Shatner, Mulgrew, Takei, Pillers, Galileo 7, galleries, art, Brandis and more.

Nov 20 - 'Enterprise' Achieves Ratings Similitude
This week's episode finishes with the same overnight numbers as 'North Star.'

Nov 20 - UPN Releases 'Carpenter Street' Promo
Download the trailer for next week's 'Enterprise' episode. Transcript inside!

Nov 20 - Review: Similitude
A near-lethal accident inspires Archer to explore several Trek cliches at once.

Nov 19 - Berman On Ratings, Stars and 'Similitude'
Exec reiterates that UPN wanted name change, confirms upcoming contemporary storyline.

Nov 19 - Combs Talks The Return Of 'Tough Little Guy' Shran
Veteran Trek guest star discusses antennae, the Andorians, and Shran's fourth 'Enterprise' appearance. Spoilers inside!

Nov 19 - 'Voyager' Arrives On DVD February 24
First-season set to include interviews, VFX & science featurettes, plus Genevieve Bujold out-takes!

Nov 19 - Site Columns
Announcement: comings and goings on the TrekToday express.

Nov 17 - Trinneer: I Will Survive
Tucker actor talks 'Enterprise' rumours, 'Similitude' and career plans at alma mater.

Nov 17 - News Bullets
Genre TV, Okrand, DeCandido, reviews, conventions, screen caps, prizes and more!

Nov 16 - Kellie Waymire Dies Suddenly, Aged 36
Actress guest-starred on 'Voyager' and had a recurring role as Elizabeth Cutler on 'Enterprise.'

Nov 16 - Wild, Wild Reviews For 'North Star'
Critics love the look of the episode, occasionally cheer the characterization, but the plot gets driven out of town.

Nov 16 - Site Columns
Hello World, BBS chat, Trek two years ago, new poll, birthdays and more.

Nov 16 - The Book Padd: Unity
Jacqueline Bundy raves about the 'compelling, shocking, exciting' continuation of the 'Deep Space Nine' relaunch.

Nov 16 - Berman: 'Shippers Take Selves Too Seriously
'Enterprise' exec talks T'Pol romance, Xindi arc, UPN promotion, Shatner possibilities.

Nov 14 - 'North Star' Totals A Bit Chilly
Ratings hold steady but viewership declines slightly for Trek in the old west.

Nov 14 - UPN Debuts 'Similitude' Promo
Download the trailer for next week's 'Enterprise' outing. Transcript inside!

Nov 14 - James Cromwell Warps To 'West Wing'
Zephram Cochrane actor will play a former president in Emmy-winning show's 100th episode.

Nov 14 - News Bullets
Takei, music auction, book updates, 'Borg Encounter', 'Final Frontier', 'North Star' updates & more!

Nov 14 - Official 'Proving Ground' Details Released
Synopsis, guest cast & staff listings for this upcoming 'Enterprise' episode. Spoilers!

Nov 13 - 'North Star' Rides To Elevated Ratings
Western episode up 2/10 of a point but still well behind 'Smallville'.

Nov 13 - Review: North Star
Centuries after being abducted to a distant planet, humans oppress their onetime masters.

Nov 13 - Interview: Jeff Mariotte
Writer talks about his upcoming 'Lost Era' novel 'Deny Thy Father', plus 'The Slab', 'Angel' & 'CSI'.

Nov 12 - 'Enterprise' To Encounter Mysterious Alien
The crew must deal with an unexpected guest in Delphic Expanse A-story of episode 15. Contains spoilers!

Nov 12 - News Bullets
Bakula, Beltran, Picardo, Dorn, Mulgrew, charity appearances, new reviews and more.

Nov 12 - Site Columns
'Matrix' Revolutions, Captain Tucker, Iron Shatner, new poll, BBS, this week and more!

Nov 11 - Romance Is In The Air On 'Enterprise'
Trip has 'intimate relations' with another crew member in episode 15. Find out who inside! Major spoilers.

Nov 11 - Article: Robert Beltran Stars In 'The Big Knife'
We review the 'Voyager' actor's new play, which opened in Los Angeles last weekend.

Nov 10 - Stewart Takes Care of Pinter Onstage
Roundabout production of 'The Caretaker' receives mostly positive reviews from major critics.

Nov 9 - 'Twilight' Earns Near-Unanimous Praise
Online critics admire storyline, performances and non-gratuitous use of a reset button in Wednesday's episode.

Nov 9 - Site Columns
'Troy' trailer, BBS threads, TT two years ago, new poll & a birthday!

Nov 9 - News Bullets
Takei, Mulgrew, Nimoy, Murphy, Chao, Moore, NASA, book reviews, images and more!

Nov 8 - Stewart Breaks Himself Up
Picard actor says role in Pinter play is entertaining and ambitious.

Nov 7 - Sussman: The Xindi Need Therapy
'Enterprise' writer chats about 'Twilight', TOS and pon farr. Minor spoilers!

Nov 7 - Dawson's Fall Schedule Fills Up
'Voyager' actress busies herself with helming her 8th episode of 'Enterprise' and guest starring on NBC's 'Lyon's Den'.

Nov 7 - No Sunset on 'Twilight' Viewership
This week's episode brings in hundreds of thousands more viewers than last week's.

Nov 7 - The Book Padd: Well Of Souls
Jacqueline Bundy says the latest 'Lost Era' novel is difficult to get into, but pays dividends at the end.

Nov 6 - Ratings Hold Steady At 'Twilight'
'Enterprise' ties previous numbers despite pre-emptions for sporting events.

Nov 6 - Keating Reveals Reed's Secret Mission
'Enterprise' actor talks season three storylines, ratings troubles. Spoilers inside!

Nov 6 - 'North Star' Trailer Released
Download the promo for next week's Western-themed 'Enterprise' adventure. Transcript inside!

Nov 6 - UPN Reboots 'Jake 2.0' For Full Season
Executives happy with creative direction of 'Enterprise' lead-out show.

Nov 6 - Review: Twilight
Archer wakes up one morning unable to remember the morning before.

Nov 5 - Advance Review: 'Twilight' Best Of Season
AICN's Hercules gives tonight's 'Enterprise' episode four stars. Contains spoilers!

Nov 5 - Site Columns
'Endgame' (the 'Alias' version - spoilers!), BBS threads, TT two years ago, a birthday & on TV tonight!

Nov 4 - Bakula Bothered By Negativity
Archer actor says the cast is upset by all the forecasts of doom in the press.

Nov 4 - DS9 Sixth Season Favors the Bold
Online critics praise story arc, production values and included features.

Nov 4 - Trek Stars In Reading To Support Free Speech
De Lancie will direct Picardo, Shimerman and others in play by 'Alien Voices' co-founder.

Nov 3 - Interview: Nick Sagan - Part II
'Star Trek' scribe on 'Course: Oblivion', continuity, life on the 'Voyager' staff, his debut novel, 'Idlewild', and growing up as Carl Sagan's son.

Nov 3 - News Bullets
Doohan, Shatner, Hardy, Mulgrew, Stewart, Osborne, Bormanis, books, music, giveaways and more.

Nov 3 - Combs Speaks About 'CSI' and 'Enterprise'
Actor confirms that he will begin filming 'Proving Ground' tomorrow. Spoilers inside!

Nov 2 - 'The Shipment' Delivers Praise From Critics
Online reviewers express appreciation for Archer's temperance, more complicated Xindi.

Nov 2 - Site Columns
Halloween, BBS threads, two-year-old spoiler ranting, new poll and more!

Nov 1 - Combs Hits Jackpot on 'CSI'
DS9 and 'Enterprise' actor guest stars this week on prime time's highest-rated series.

Nov 1 - Hertzler Developing Klingon Graphic Novels
Martok actor wants potential series to show Klingons as 'sexy and violent'.

Nov 1 - Official 'Chosen Realm' Plot Details
Synopsis, guest cast & creative staff listings for this upcoming 'Enterprise' episode. Spoilers!

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