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By Caillan
November 9, 2003 - 10:59 AM

Hello World!

In the "so cool" department, I downloaded the trailer for Troy yesterday from the film's official web site. There's this great shot of a Greek ship with the voice over, "If love is worth fighting for, there's no greater battle than this." And the camera pulls back to reveal the entire Greek fleet, which goes on and on and on into the distance...a truly awesome spectacle. And that's just in a small frame on my computer, so it'll be absolutely stupendous on the big screen.

Of course the trailer just has the usual composite scenes of people fighting, kissing, walking forward purposely with determined looks on their faces, etc, so the dialogue could be absolutely terrible, but I want to keep an open mind. And that means not walking into the cinema with my copy of The Iliad.

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Happy Birthday!

Today is the 39th birthday of Robert Duncan McNeill, who played Tom Paris on Star Trek: Voyager.

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