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November 23, 2003 - 11:57 PM

Hello World!

As Caillan takes off to Canberra for his two and a half month research scholarship, I'd like to bid him a fond farewell. Caillan, good luck! Michelle and I won't change too much while you're gone. We'll look forward to your return in February, clad in Rajiin's skimpy costume.

I first stumbled across TrekToday two years ago this month. I have Alexander Siddig to thank for that. I wasn't very web savvy back then (and really beyond being able to google and work both UBB and HTML code, I'm not now), but I did happen upon Star shortly after the fourth Enterprise episode, "Unexpected," aired. After browsing it for a while, I clicked on a link to Siddig's website, and there I noticed a link to a news article at TrekToday. The rest, as they say, is history.

I've been a Star Trek fan since the ripe old age of eight, when I happened upon The Original Series in syndication. A few short years later The Next Generation aired, and I was permanently hooked. For me, Trek has represented the perfect blend of exciting storytelling and moving character examination.

I find it's an exciting time to be a sci-fi fan in general, because in many ways, the genre is booming like never before. Each new season sees several new science fiction dramas. Only one or two might make the cut, but the diversity of those shows that do survive really do mean there's something for everyone.

In future columns, you'll probably hear me talk about Buffy, Angel, 24, Alias, Carnivale, and others. The only downside of there being so much good TV out there is the serious drain on one's time.

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Trek Two Years Ago

Here are some of the major news items on November 23rd, 2001:


In last week's article on the death of Enterprise actress Kelly Waymire, we reported that she was 35. She was in fact 36 when she sadly passed away recently. We apologise for the error.

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