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June 25 2024


An archive of Star Trek News

News Headlines for June 2004

June 30 - 'The 4400' Reunites DS9 Writers
New USA Network sci-fi miniseries by Echevarria, Behr and Wolfe will debut in July.

June 30 - Site Columns
Summer festival, Trek cast chemistry, two-year-old gossip, tonight's double-header and more!

June 30 - Hoekstra Resigns And Taldren Folds
Longtime game designer, company leave the business.

June 29 - Visitor Among 'They Are Among Us'
DS9 actress will appear with B5's Boxleitner in Sci-Fi Channel film next month. Some spoilers inside!

June 28 - Berman Seeks New Twists, Old Faces For 'Enterprise'
Exec discusses change of time, 'Zero Hour' and plans for next season. Spoilers inside!

June 28 - News Bullets
Spielberg, Stewart, Pomers, Fuller, Waymire, Alley, Carradine, Visitor, Forbes, Nygard, TV Guide, editorials and more!

June 27 - The Book Padd: A Time To Love, A Time To Hate
Robert Greenberger sets this series in the right direction with a character story.

June 27 - Site Columns
Shooting with phasers, BBS discussions, Trek two years ago, new poll, this week's episodes and more!

June 25 - Jeri Ryan's Former Husband To Abandon Senate Bid
Both Ryans had expressed concern for their child in the wake of the unsealing of the couple's divorce records.

June 25 - Ben Folds Postpones Own Work For Shatner
Musician is co-writing and producing a collection by the Star Trek actor.

June 24 - Johnson Jerald Won't Betray Her Principles
Kasidy Yates actress refuses roles with blasphemy, nudity, gratuitous violence.

June 24 - Berman Discusses Possible Prequel Film
Exec confirms that a project is under development, refuses to confirm any additional details.

June 22 - DVD Complete Series To Arrive This Year
Box sets of four shows to be released in 2004; plus, new release dates for some 'Voyager' sets, original series collection.

June 22 - Meaney To Join Trek Alumni Jumping To 'Stargate'
O'Brien actor will appear in a three-episode arc on spinoff series 'Atlantis'.

June 21 - Straczynski: I Wrote Star Trek Treatment for Studio
'Babylon 5' creator says that he and writing partner Zabel have worked on a new series that would not involve Berman or Braga.

June 21 - Montgomery Plans Film on Guitarist Grandfather
Mayweather actor has spent hiatus in Indianapolis doing research to pay tribute to Wes Montgomery.

June 20 - Site Columns
Summer solstice, BBS discussions, Trek two years ago, birthdays, new poll and more!

June 18 - 'Generations' DVD SE To Include Deleted Scenes
Commentary by Braga and Moore, feature on destroying the Enterprise will be highlights of September release.

June 17 - The Book Padd: Failsafe
The SCE team fights desperately to stay alive in a war zone.

June 17 - Doohan To Receive Star on Walk of Fame
'Scotty' will become the sixth original series actor to be so honoured during ceremonies in August.

June 16 - Braga: 'Enterprise''s Move To Friday Is Auspicious
'Enterprise' creator on the future of the show and the franchise!

June 16 - 'Trekkies 2' DVD To Coincide With TOS Release
Sequel documentary on Trek fans will be released the same day as the first season original series set.

June 16 - Original Series Box Set Official Details Released
New interviews with Shatner, Nimoy, crewmembers and more to be included in complete first season set.

June 16 - Site Columns
Happy Bloomsday, should 'Enterprise' be funnier, Sirtis butts heads with Baird, Trek tonight and more!

June 15 - DVD News: Animated Series, 'Enterprise' In 2005
Reports claim the two as-yet-unreleased Trek shows will arrive in sets next year.

June 15 - UPN Sees Increases In Ad Sales
'Enterprise' network and Viacom-owned CBS finish advance advertising sales with significant gains over last year.

June 14 - 'TV Guide': Paramount Cut Star Trek's Price
New report claims that UPN renewed 'Enterprise' because the studio reduced the price per episode.

June 14 - Billingsley Praises Coto's Writing
Phlox actor found third season performances 'more interesting', is hopeful for next year.

June 14 - News Bullets
Murphy on Regis, Sirtis in Vulcan, Sci Fi Museum, Klingon teacher, transporter, 'Voyager' DVDs.

June 14 - The Book Padd: Worlds of Deep Space Nine Volume One
Two authors explore two Alpha Quadrant planets in this first volume of the new series.

June 13 - Site Columns
Sequel series, modern Trek on the BBS, new poll, Trek two years ago and more!

June 13 - Bakula's 'Quantum Leap' Released On DVD
Archer actor's first time-travel show now available, reviewers praise show's originality, good video transfer & new featurettes.

June 12 - News Bullets
Bakula x2, Reagan, Roddenberry, Piller, De Boer, museum, 'Enterprise' ratings.

June 11 - Frakes Speaks On 'Nemesis' Failure
'Thunderbirds' director thought there was too much Picard, big acting scenes, and not enough of the TNG family.

June 10 - Keating: Coto Will Become 'Enterprise' Showrunner
In British appearances, actor reveals that Braga will step back, allowing a popular writer to oversee the series daily.

June 9 - Keating, Park Give To Charities
Both 'Enterprise' actors' birthday wishes are for charitable donations from fans!

June 9 - Site Columns
Harry Potter pulls a Trek, BBS curiosities, Trek two years ago, double header tonight and more.

June 9 - 5-Minute Enterprise: Hatchery
Ho hatches the hatchers?

June 7 - Trek Stars Among Luminaries At Tony Awards
Stewart as presenter, alumni nominees contribute to festivities celebrating Broadway theatre.

June 7 - Upcoming eBook To Feature DS9/S.C.E. Crossover
Editor DeCandido has released a publishing schedule through mid-2005.

June 6 - Site Columns
T'Pol: "Luke!", BBS threads & TrekToday two years ago.

June 5 - 5-Minute Enterprise: Doctor's Orders
Phlox learns that One is the most hallucinogenic number.

June 5 - Trek Alumni Productions Receive TV Critics' Nods
Fuller's 'Wonderfalls', Stewart's 'Lion In Winter' nominated for Television Critics Association Awards.

June 5 - Stewart's 'Lion In Winter' Earns Emmy Buzz
Telefilm mentioned in trade publication as likely contender.

June 5 - Win A Copy Of 'Dreamwatch' Magazine
What do you think should happen in 'Enterprise' season four? Enter our competition and have your say! (Contains 'Zero Hour' spoilers)

June 4 - News Bullets
'Voyager' DVD bonus, UPN ratings, Darren, Cattrall, Eugene Roddenberry, Creation DVD and sale, book delay.

June 3 - Futher Shakeups At Viacom May Affect UPN
Moonves' new responsibilities, additional resignation clouds network future.

June 3 - Hoshi's Come Into Her Own, Says Park
Sato actress shares character's sense of being an outsider, is grateful for what Trek has taught her.

June 3 - The Book Padd: Grand Designs
Jacqueline Bundy says the latest SCE eBook has a good sense of fun and a twist to die for.

June 3 - 5-Minute Enterprise: Harbinger
T'Pol, Trip, Reed, and Hayes team up to kill subtlety.

June 2 - Site Columns
Hello World on the end of season 3 of 'Enterprise' (spoilers!), BBS threads, a birthday and more!

June 2 - Region 2 'Voyager' Release To Contain Exclusives
Feature on ship design to be available only on European release of second season box set.

June 2 - News Bullets
Murphy, Stewart x2, screencaps, sound-off on Enterprise's end, 'Mad' and a Xindi timeline!

June 1 - Viacom President Karmazin Resigns
Leslie Moonves, CEO of CBS and overseer of UPN, to share duties running the media giant.

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