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June 25 2024


An archive of Star Trek News

News Headlines for July 2004

July 31 - Ordover, Dilmore Create Web Serial
Former Trek editor is seeking writers for an ongoing web-based original genre novel.

July 31 - The Book Padd: Tales of the Dominion War
An anthology that explains where everyone not on DS9 was during critical moments.

July 31 - Bakula Assures Same Quality for 'Enterprise'
Despite big cuts by Paramount in the budget, series star says first two episodes of season four compare well to season three.

July 30 - David Gerrold: Roddenberry Disliked Berman
'Trouble With Tribbles' writer discusses his long history of triumph and tussling with Paramount over Trek.

July 30 - 'Amish in the City' Scores Big For UPN
New reality series hits key demos, more than doubles regular 'Enterprise' rerun ratings this summer.

July 29 - Trinneer On T'Pol Romance: Make It Grow Or Drop It
Tucker's not just a catfish-eating honky-tonk guy, actor insists, hoping for more ambiguity.

July 29 - News Bullets
TV Guide, '(T)raumschiff Suprise', Stewart, Logan, Darren, Frakes, Swedish TV, Kelley bio, book reviews, Robo Trek, warp drive.

July 28 - Frakes Calls Star Trek 'Best Job In the World'
Despite disappointments with late movies, actor-director happy with TNG as well as 'Thunderbirds.'

July 28 - Site Columns
Science museum, BBS threads, Trek two years ago, new poll and more.

July 28 - Blalock Confirms Big Changes for T'Pol
Actress was uncomfortable playing 'wacky chick' last season, looks forward to Coto's contributions. Spoilers!

July 27 - First Shots of 'Storm Front'
A British magazine has posted the earliest images of the 'Enterprise' season premiere two-parter.

July 27 - European Trek Spoof Breaks Box Office Records
Film directed by 'Mr. Spuck' was a huge hit opening weekend in German-speaking countries.

July 27 - 'Enterprise' Cast Looks Forward To Season Four
Actors talk hopes for fall episodes, Coto promotion, summer romances. Potential spoilers!

July 26 - Article: Shore Leave Book Report, Part Two
The second of Jacqueline Bundy's reports on Star Trek book offerings over the next several months.

July 25 - 'Thunderbirds' Are Go, To Uneven Reviews
Early critical comments are split between praise for new film and unhappy comparisons to the TV show.

July 25 - Site Columns
Nautical Fiction II, Goldsmith chat, Trek two years ago, new poll and more!

July 25 - Article: Shore Leave Book Report
Jacqueline Bundy reports on Star Trek book offerings over the next several months.

July 24 - Wedding Bells On 'Enterprise'?
Third episode of next season reportedly will depict T'Pol's mother and husband-to-be.

July 24 - News Bullets
Press tour photos, 'Enterprise' score, Alley, O'Quinn, Echevarria, Trek history, screencaps, conventions, reviews, competition and DS9 campaign.

July 23 - 'Trekkies 2' Soundtrack To Showcase Fan Talent
Music by B-52s, Warp 11, filk singers and Klingons will be highlights of CD release.

July 23 - Paramount Releases Details For 'Voyager' Season Four Extras
Harry Kim, Species 8472, and Seven of Nine will be highlighted in the bonus features on the upcoming set!

July 23 - Archer Due For A Day of Reckoning, Says Bakula
Next season will be "fun", time change is a plus, actor tells TV critics.

July 23 - Nimoy Calls Trek 'Unbeatable, Unmatchable! Unique!'
Though retired from performing and working in photography, the actor treasures his souvenirs and fans.

July 22 - Composer Jerry Goldsmith Dies
Oscar-winning tunesmith created themes for TNG, 'Voyager', many motion pictures.

July 22 - Coto Outlines His Vision For 'Enterprise'
New showrunner talks this season's plotlines: Dr. Soong's ancestor, the Orion Syndicate and a Vulcan civil war. Spoilers inside!

July 22 - Temporal Cold War Will End This Season
Expect farewell appearances from Daniels and Silik, but don't count on Future Guy unmasking himself. Spoilers!

July 22 - Frakes In Talks To Direct Trek XI?
Rick Berman says he's had 'very early conversations' with the actor about the next feature film.

July 22 - Berman Dishes Out Season Four Spoilers
Producer talks Shatner, mini-arcs, guest stars at TCA press tour. Plus: will wedding bells ring for a member of the crew? Spoilers inside!

July 21 - 'Storm Front Part Two' Scheduled To Begin Production Next Week
The second part of 'Enterprise''s fourth season opener begins production next Monday. Some spoilers inside!

July 21 - Site Columns
Nautical fiction, chat about UPN Press Tour, Trek two years ago, new poll and more!

July 21 - UPN Unveils Fall Plans at Press Tour
'Enterprise' confirmed for 8 p.m. Fridays; network hopes to turn profit this year, faces 'Amish' controversy.

July 20 - Shatner Approached Berman With 'Enterprise' Suggestion
Captain Kirk actor is in talks to possibly guest star on the fifth Trek show this season!

July 19 - 'Variety': Berman, Braga, Others Working On Trek Film
Long-rumoured Starfleet Academy concept may be in development. Also: Confirmation Spiner will appear on 'Enterprise'.

July 19 - 'Voyager' Actors Plan New Projects
Dawson will direct 'Enterprise' this fall; Picardo has a new musical in the works.

July 18 - Positive Buzz For UPN's Fall Line-Up
New dramas 'Kevin Hill' and 'Veronica Mars' touted by critics at TCA press tour.

July 18 - Site Columns
Presenting the Emmy-nominated 'Gilmore Girls'! Plus: J.J. Abrams on 'Alias', Trek BBS, class TT news & Emmy poll.

July 18 - News Bullets
Shatner, Frakes, Stewart, Cox, Goldberg, Hower, parody, writer's panel, book covers and review, Trek furniture, Cattrall, bumper stickers.

July 18 - Braga: Viewers May Have Had Enough of Star Trek
Exec says he appreciates those who still watch 'Enterprise', believes in quality of show.

July 16 - Picardo: 'Remarkable Coincidence' in 'Enterprise' Story
Actor talks guest appearances, work on 'Voyager' and future plans in chat.

July 16 - Production Begins On 'Enterprise' Fourth Season
Series is now shooting in digital video; official site talks rumors of Spiner, Shatner appearances.

July 16 - Forbes Lands 'Global Frequency' Lead
Ensign Ro actress will star in the WB pilot based on the popular comic!

July 15 - Coto Confirmed As 'Enterprise' Co-Executive Producer
Writer-director joins Berman and Braga at the helm of the fifth Trek show.

July 15 - 'Enterprise', Shatner Score Emmy Nominations
The latest series earns four nods as numerous Trek alumni are cited by the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences.

July 15 - Star Trek Magazine To Publish Original Series Tribute
New interviews with Shatner and Nimoy will highlight psychidelic '60s issue.

July 14 - Behr Offered Berman And Braga Advice
Former DS9 writer/producer talks about his meeting with the 'Enterprise' producers, his passion for 'DS9' and the state of the Trek franchise!

July 14 - 'Enterprise' Moves To Fridays on August 6th
UPN has introduced another summer reality show to the lineup, as well as some scheduling moves.

July 14 - DS9 Alums Break Cable Records With 'The 4400'
USA miniseries sets high mark for cable TV ratings among viewers, adults.

July 14 - Site Columns
Hello World, summer BBS topics, Trek two years ago, new poll and more!

July 13 - News Bullets
Frakes x2, Bakula x2, Sagan, Siddig, Mulgrew, Keating, Paskey, New Voyages, DVDs, books, end of an era at Page's Bar and more.

July 13 - Pocket Announces Trek Books for 2005-6
New DS9 and 'Voyager' miniseries, post-'Nemesis' TNG on schedule.

July 12 - Interview: David Mack
Jacqueline Bundy interviews the popular Trek novelist and SCE writer.

July 11 - Shatner, Nimoy Talk Ads and Association
Fans enjoy seeing 'Kirk' and 'Spock' reunited, the actors agree.

July 11 - Site Columns
King Arthur, chat about Braga, Montalban waxes nostalgic, birthdays, new poll, this week's episodes and more!

July 11 - Brent Spiner Will Reportedly Appear On 'Enterprise'
Marina Sirtis tells fans at Dallas con that the TNG actor is slated to guest star in three episodes. Contains spoilers!

July 11 - Berman: Braga 'Isn't Going Anywhere'
'Enterprise' co-creator says Manny Coto will be more involved this season, but Brannon Braga won't be relinquishing his responsibilities.

July 10 - Future Trek Games To 'Embrace Gaming Community'
Viacom director discusses new initiative for developing new games.

July 10 - Behr Talks 4400 Cast
New show by former DS9 producer and colleagues debuts this weekend on USA.

July 9 - Next Movie To Deal With Romulan Wars?
Brannon Braga discusses prequel film, 'Enterprise' story arcs and the Temporal Cold War. Spoilers inside!

July 9 - Alan Brennert Boards 'Enterprise'
Emmy and Nebula Award-winning writer-producer of 'L.A. Law' and 'Odyssey 5' joins the writing staff this season.

July 9 - UPN To Air Amish Series on Wednesdays
Controversial 'Amish in the City' will follow 'Enterprise' reruns next month.

July 8 - Doohan's Agent, Son Discuss His Condition
Scotty actor still remembers D-Day, wants to say farewell to fans, say his associates.

July 7 - Jarman Takes Readers To Andoria
Trek author discusses writing about the blue-skinned race for the 'Worlds of Deep Space Nine' book series!

July 7 - Season Four Premiere Details Revealed
The Temporal Cold War returns to the forefront in 'Storm Front'. Spoilers inside!

July 6 - Season Three Of Voyager Arrives In Stores Today
Reviews of the season itself are mixed, but many online reviewers praise the extras on the set!

July 6 - Berman Reveals Plans For Season Four
Executive producer says fans can expect 'high-concept mini-arcs', some familiar faces and the spirit of the original 'Star Trek'. Contains possible spoilers!

July 6 - News Bullets
Mulgrew interview, Stewart, Roush review, 'Voyager' DVDs, Psi Phi, reviews & hot sauce top 10!

July 4 - News Bullets
TWoP delivers 'Justice', Shatner, finale reviews, sensing technology, Picardo chat, choir controversy & Chinese Vulcans!

July 4 - Site Columns
'Alias' Sunday! (season three spoilers) BBS threads, classic TT news & reality TV poll.

July 3 - First Images Of Colm Meaney In 'Atlantis'
Miles O'Brien actor will play the leader of a new race in three episodes of the 'Stargate' spin-off.

July 2 - Former Trek Writer Nabs 'CSI' Executive Producer Slot
Writer/science consultant Shankar signs deal that will keep him with the crime drama through 2007!

July 1 - News Bullets
Russ, STVI, Book Club and Trek Governments!

July 1 - Doohan Suffering from Alzheimer's, Says His Wife
Original Trek's Mr. Scott, voted last month to receive Walk of Fame star, is reportedly very ill.

July 1 - Culp Joins 'Desperate Housewives'
'Enterprise' regular will be a cast member on ABC series about suburban misery.

July 1 - Stewart's Signature Orbits Saturn
TNG star's autograph is one of many carried by the probe Cassini to the ringed planet.

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