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June 21 2024


An archive of Star Trek News

News Headlines for July 2003

July 31 - Worf Arrives With DS9 Season Four on DVD
Reviewers praise interviews, storylines and extras in new set.

July 31 - Piller Races To The WB
Former TNG producer to pen pilot script about a teenage girl and her racehorse.

July 31 - Site Columns
Renovation hell, BBS threads, classic TT news & new poll.

July 30 - 'Enterprise' Won't Face Superman Until October
The WB schedules 'Smallville' and 'Angel' season premieres for October 1.

July 30 - News Bullets
More TCA articles, McNeill, book cover art, Shatner cook-off, 'Star Trek Experience' & more!

July 29 - Billingsley Is Happy To Be Phlox
'Enterprise' role 'transforms my life', says actor.

July 28 - Site Columns
Hello World, old rumours, Trek BBS and more!

July 28 - News Bullets
'Enterprise' at TCA, thank-you ad, Doohan interview, Takei, Shatner & more!

July 28 - Search For 'Trek' Guru Begins August 1
Fans from eight countries will battle it out to earn the title of the 'world's most knowledgeable Star Trek fan'.

July 27 - Article: Shore Leave Part V: The Experience
Jacqueline Bundy provides an overview of the events which took place at the Shore Leave convention.

July 26 - Producers Talk Season Three's 'Master Plan'
Rick Berman and Brannon Braga reveal their vision for 'Enterprise' at press tour. Plus: character development.

July 26 - News Bullets
Armstrong con report, 'Oblivion', TWoP, Kirk figure, Crosby, costume auction & more!

July 25 - Keating On Dealing With The MACOs
'Enterprise' actor says Malcolm Reed may not be a happy chappy about the arrival of added security officers. Possible spoilers!

July 25 - The Book Padd: The Sundered
Jacqueline Bundy delivers her verdict on the first 'Lost Era' book: they don't get much better than this, folks!

July 24 - Article: Shore Leave Part IV: Upcoming Novels In 2004
Jacqueline Bundy profiles the TNG 'A Time to...' series, as well as upcoming DS9 & 'Voyager' books.

July 24 - News Bullets
Blalock in 'SG-1', Stewart, Art Asylum, pop culture icons, Montgomery, DS9 campaign, parody photos, Mulgrew & more!

July 24 - Official 'Anomaly' Details Released
Aliens board 'Enterprise' in this upcoming episode, featuring 'Babylon 5's' Robert Rusler. Spoilers!

July 24 - Bakula: Producers 'Rethinking Everything' This Season
'Enterprise' star says Archer's nature will change in the Delphic Expanse. Plus: Trip's struggle. Spoilers!

July 23 - 'Enterprise' Ratings In The Spotlight At Press Tour
UPN exec says cancellation was not an issue last season. Plus: 'Sexy stuff' for T'Pol. Possible spoilers.

July 23 - Key Affiliates Expected To Stay With UPN
Negotiations over Fox TV stations 'going extremely well' despite $108 million lawsuit.

July 23 - Spike TV To Launch August 11
Cable home of 'Trek' reruns and 'first network for men' will be officially renamed next month.

July 23 - Article: Shore Leave Part III: Upcoming Books In 2003
Jacqueline Bundy takes a look at the 'Star Trek' offerings hitting the shelves this year.

July 22 - 'Enterprise' To Return September 10
UPN plans to debut its new line-up before the official start of the fall season.

July 22 - Fans Urge Retailers To Stock 'Trek' Toys
Toy enthusiasts launch 'A Call to Arms' as shops decline to carry Art Asylum's new range of Classic 'Star Trek' figures.

July 21 - Original 'Enterprise' Designer Matt Jefferies Dies
The world loses a great visionary as another of the creators of the original Star Trek series passes away.

July 21 - 'Enterprise' To Face 'Enemy Advances'
Archer, Trip & Reed go shopping in the wackiest corner of the universe in this upcoming episode. Spoilers!

July 21 - Braga Reveals Five Kinds Of Xindi
Find out why Trek makeup designer Michael Westmore will be a busy man next year. Contains new season three spoilers!

July 21 - 'Trek' Movies DVD Set Announced For Region 2
All ten feature films available in one package from August 11.

July 20 - News Bullets
'The Sundered', 'Do Comets Dream?' reviews, 'Arena' at TWoP, Mulgrew, street parade, 'Wonderfalls' & more!

July 19 - Article: Shore Leave Part II: The Lost Era
Jacqueline Bundy gives the lowdown on this new series of novels, set between 'Star Trek: Generations' and 'Encounter at Farpoint'.

July 19 - British Mag Wants Suggestions For Trek's Future
'Star Trek Monthly' will put fans' ideas for the franchise to the experts in new feature.

July 18 - News Bullets
'Trek' in EW, TV Guide, AP report, Montgomery, Burton, de Lancie, 'Tea at Five' & more!

July 18 - Site Columns
'Gilmore Girls' snubbed and other Emmy rants. Plus: BBS threads, classic TT news & DVD poll.

July 17 - 'Enterprise' Scores 3 Emmy FX Nods, 5 Total
Series V fails to win non-technical nominations, but establishes itself as visual effects industry leader.

July 17 - Spiner Flies To 'Aviator'
Data actor will play Lockheed president Robert Gross in new Martin Scorsese biopic written by John Logan.

July 17 - Koenig Thinks Series VI Could Be TOS Remake
Chekov actor speculates on future of film and television franchise.

July 16 - Article: Trekking To The Emmys
We take a look at the franchise's Emmy history and the chances for 'Enterprise' this year.

July 16 - News Bullets
Original series doco, 'Enterprise' in the Netherlands, Hardy, 'Nemesis', fandom article, Stewart in 'Top Gear', SCE artwork & more!

July 16 - 'Final Frontier' Collector's Edition DVD Announced
Commentary by William Shatner, tribute to Herman Zimmerman, deleted scenes and more in 'Star Trek V' DVD coming October 14.

July 16 - Article: Shore Leave Part I: DS9 Relaunch Novels
Editor Marco Palmieri talks 'Prophecy and Change', 'Unity' & 'The Worlds of Deep Space Nine' at Shore Leave convention.

July 15 - Steven Culp To Play MACO Leader
'Nemesis' actor joined by 'Crusade's' Daniel Dae Kim and 'Seaquest's' Marco Sanchez in new military team. Plus: full guest cast. Spoilers!

July 15 - Official Details For 'The Xindi'
The crew of the NX-01 search for information on their new foes in the season premiere. Spoilers inside!

July 14 - Berman: Commandos Will Come And Go
'Enterprise' co-creator says new military officers will be portrayed by a variety of actors as the need arises. Possible spoilers!

July 13 - Tim Lynch Puts Down His Quill
Noted Internet critic retires from reviewing after 15 years due to time constraints.

July 13 - Site Columns
The Tour de France, a crossover poll, classic news, Stewart's birthday & more.

July 13 - News Bullets
Shatner lawsuit dismissed, '9/11' movie airdate, 'Genesis Force', Galanter interview & more!

July 13 - Frakes: Greed Has Buried 'Star Trek'
Riker actor says successive series 'watered' down TNG. 'None of them were as good as our show, dammit!'

July 12 - Blalock Spills Makeover Secrets
Get the latest goss on which Vulcan styles are hot this fall.

July 12 - Stewart On Standing In O'Toole's Shadow
'Next Generaction' actor was 'a little intimidated' taking the part of Henry II in remake of 'The Lion in Winter'.

July 11 - Season Three's Third Is 'Extinction'
A new alien life form spells trouble for the 'Enterprise' crew in this upcoming episode! Contains spoilers.

July 11 - Production Begins On 'Anomaly'
Set visit reveals further season three tidbits, director credits. Spoilers inside!

July 11 - News Bullets
Shimerman, Frakes, 'Voyager' relaunch reviews & success, 'I.K.S. Gorkon', Shatner, Burton & more!

July 10 - 'Enterprise' Marine Unmasked
McKenzie said to be a 'young, tough and sexy girl soldier'. Season three spoilers inside!

July 10 - DS9 Season Four DVD Details Released
Lt. Commander Worf, Michael Westmore & John Eaves to be profiled in latest DVD set, scheduled for release on August 5.

July 10 - Site Columns
'The Long Allison Janney For Your Consideration Ad'. Plus: BBS threads, classic TT news, a correction, a birthday & new poll!

July 9 - McNeill Pilots 'Enterprise', 'One Tree Hill'
'Voyager' actor scores directing assignments on UPN and WB series, plans series premise with Robert Picardo.

July 9 - Montgomery: Season Three To Be Edgier
'Enterprise' actor talks shipboard tension and hopes for Travis this year. Possible spoilers!

July 9 - News Bullets
'Nemesis' in R2, Doohan, Stewart, Bakula, fan fiction, bionic eye, 'Space Seed' & more!

July 8 - Spike TV Gets The Go-Ahead
Infringement suit comes to an end as Viacom and director Spike Lee settle out of court.

July 7 - News Bullets
Lawsuit cartoon, online Trek movie rental, Shatner, Takei & more!

July 6 - Sam Cogley On The Case From January 2004
Kirk's defence lawyer returns in new mystery novel, 'The Case of the Colonist's Corpse'.

July 6 - Picardo Weathers 'The Storm' Tonight
'Voyager' actor guest stars as a Johnny Smith groupie in tonight's episode of 'The Dead Zone'.

July 6 - Site Columns
Celebrity academics, BBS threads, classic TT news, new poll & a birthday!

July 5 - Dwight Schultz Signs Up For Animation Pilot
Barclay actor joins James Earl Jones and Mark Hamill in 'Noz & Grakk: Alien Abductors'.

July 4 - 'Trek' Scribes To Appear At Comic-Con
D.C. Fontana, Jimmy Diggs, Harry Kloor, Eric Stillwell, Keith DeCandido will staff a panel on pitching and writing for the franchise.

July 4 - The Book Padd: Breakdowns
Jacqueline Bundy raves about the latest 'Starfleet Corps of Engineers' eBook.

July 4 - News Bullets
Frakes on features, Russ, Roddenberry, Dorn, 'Enterprise', 'Dead Zone', Del Arco & Psi Phi updates.

July 3 - Mulgrew To Take 'Tea' On TV?
Variety columnist says 'Tea at Five' could be made into a mini-series, Peter Bogdanovich offered director's chair.

July 3 - Hertzler Pitching New Book Idea To Paramount
Martok actor talks 'Left Hand of Destiny' challenges, short film and featurettes for upcoming DVDs.

July 2 - Viacom: Activision Lawsuit 'Without Merit'
'Trek' parent company says game publisher is using the legal system to secure a better contract, denies end of movie franchise.

July 2 - News Bullets
Stewart times two, DeCandido in Ohio, 'Jake 2.0', 'Enterprise' Project, screencaps & more!

July 2 - Site Columns
Hem, hem! (major 'Order of the Phoenix' spoilers), BBS threads, classic TT news, a birthday & TV listings.

July 1 - Activision Sues Viacom Over Lack Of Trek
Video game company terminates Star Trek game licence after Viacom says no further Star Trek movies are planned.

July 1 - Article: Patrick Stewart In 'The Master Builder'
James Haddock praises Jean-Luc Picard actor's 'excellent' performance in Ibsen play, currently running in London's West End.

July 1 - John Fleck Logs 'On_Line'
Silik actor currently appearing in indie movie about cybersex addicts.

July 1 - Montgomery Goes 'West' With Comedy Show
'Enterprise' actor debuts new stand-up act in Los Angeles on July 18.

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