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June 25 2024


An archive of Star Trek News

News Headlines for December 2003

Dec 31 - Picardo, Rhys-Davies To Celebrate Mars
Planetary Society 'Wild About Mars' weekend will also feature Bradbury, astronaut Aldrin and exhibits on exploration.

Dec 31 - News Bullets
Galactica, Dawson, Wang, book review, 'Enterprise' overseas and more.

Dec 31 - Site Columns
Hello World on Joss Whedon, BBS threads, Classic TrekToday stories, and more!

Dec 29 - Shatner: Producers Missing Essentials Of Trek
The man who brought Captain Kirk to life on Trek's current incarnation, playing the captain, and NASA.

Dec 28 - News Bullets
Wheaton, Mulgrew, Chang, DiCandido, 'Roswell' on DVD and German 'Enterprise'.

Dec 28 - Site Columns
Hello World, BBS on villains, new poll, this week's episode and more.

Dec 27 - DeBoer To Star In '5 Days To Midnight'
DS9 actress will enter another dead zone in futuristic crime drama.

Dec 27 - The Book Padd: Catalyst of Sorrows
Margaret Wander Bonanno returns triumphantly to Trek fiction in this Lost Era novel.

Dec 27 - Las Vegas Hilton Sold
The future of Star Trek: The Experience ride, which resides at the Hilton, uncertain.

Dec 25 - First 'Hatchery' Details Released
Archer has to save the offspring of a group of Xindi Insectoids in this upcoming episode. Spoilers inside!

Dec 24 - Site Columns
Hello World on Love and Trek, BBS Threads, TrekToday two years ago and more!

Dec 23 - UPN Gaining On The WB
Though some nights, including Wednesdays, are still a concern for the net, Monday and Tuesday are gaining strength.

Dec 23 - UPN's Faith In 'Enterprise' Paying Off
'Enterprise' showing modest gains in crucial demographics as season-long arc progresses.

Dec 23 - Coto: Producers Know How Xindi Arc Ends
Co-executive producer cites dramatic improvements, emotional content as 'Enterprise' strengths.

Dec 23 - News Bullets
Shatner and Nimoy, 'Enterprise' reviews, new books, Bakula history, German Trek and more.

Dec 23 - The Book Padd: Daedalus
The first of a two-part 'Enterprise' story finds Tucker reliving his past.

Dec 22 - Mulgrew: 'Trekkies Are Amazing'
'Voyager' actress on loyal fans, playing Katharine Hepburn, and dealing with grief.

Dec 21 - Site Columns
Rings hype, BBS threads, Trek two years ago, new poll and more!

Dec 20 - T'Pol's Logic Enters New Phase
Blalock ponders T'Pol's independence from the Vulcan High Command and romance. Details inside!

Dec 20 - Russ Directs Short Films
Trek parody screened for fans; two more shorts are in development.

Dec 20 - Park: 'Enterprise' 'Poses Relevant Questions'
Hoshi actress discusses becoming an alien in 'Extinction' and season 3's attempt to deal with serious issues.

Dec 19 - News Bullets
Official site, Shatner, Rhue, Mulgrew, Moore, recipes and more!

Dec 18 - Shimerman Says CGI Has Hurt Actors And Audiences
The DS9 actor talks special effects, the 'Deep Space Nine' cast, playing Quark, and his latest novel. Details inside!

Dec 18 - McNeill Back In 'Enterprise' Director's Chair
The actor-turned-director is slated to direct episodes of several different shows, including 'Enterprise'.

Dec 17 - Site Columns
Hello World on books, BBS threads, TrekToday two years ago, and more!

Dec 16 - Berman Says Core 'Enterprise' Storyline Seems To Be Pleasing Fans
'Enterprise' executive producer talks upcoming episodes, ratings, and competition from 'Smallville.' Some spoilers inside!

Dec 16 - Brooks To Play King Lear At Yale
Sisko actor will take on one of Shakespeare's most intense roles in February.

Dec 16 - The Book Padd: Collective Hindsight
The Da Vinci chases a runaway ship.

Dec 15 - Official 'Doctor's Orders' Plot Details
Phlox is forced to put the crew into a coma in this upcoming 'Enterprise' episode. Spoilers inside!

Dec 15 - News Bullets
Bakula, Picardo, McFadden, Hertzler, Shatner, Burton, Sirtis, Shimerman, Piller and more!

Dec 14 - The Book Padd: Honor Bound
Jacqueline Bundy enjoyed Klingon vs. Klingon in this old-fashioned battle.

Dec 14 - Site Columns
December movies, BBS threads, Trek two years ago, tape poll and more!

Dec 12 - 'Doctor's Orders' Details Revealed
The sixteenth episode of 'Enterprise''s third season will focus on Dr. Phlox. Spoilers inside!

Dec 12 - News Bullets
Creator of transporter effect honored, signed telescope auctioned, Takei, BSG reviews and more!

Dec 11 - 'Enterprise' Not In Immediate Danger Of Cancellation
Source tells SyFy Portal that latest Trek series is reasonably secure. Details inside!

Dec 11 - 'Battlestar Galactica' Is A Winner For Sci Fi
Ron Moore's new series nets third best ratings for mini series in Sci Fi channel's history.

Dec 11 - Crispin Finishes New Trek Trilogy
'Yesterday's Son' author goes back to Vulcan's past in a three book saga.

Dec 10 - UPN Denies 'Enterprise' Schedule Change Rumors
Mediaweek's Marc Berman says UPN has told him that rumors that Enterprise will move to Friday nights are false.

Dec 10 - Site Columns
DVD favorites, TrekBBS threads, TrekToday two years ago and more!

Dec 9 - Rumours of Possible Changes for 'Enterprise'
Sources cite possible shortened season, switch of airdates.

Dec 9 - Moore: Trek Should Lie Fallow For Awhile
Writer speaks about his relationship with Braga, the WB and 'Galactica' fans.

Dec 8 - Bakula Appears At Kennedy Center Honors
Actor appears in musical tribute to comedian Carol Burnett.

Dec 7 - Nimoy: 'Trek Has Made It Possible For Me To Make Choices'
Nimoy discusses Trek, his faith, and his latest projects. Details inside!

Dec 7 - Moore Talks DS9 Evolution
In continuing interview, TNG-DS9 writer compares the shows and their receptions.

Dec 7 - Site Columns
Extended editions, 'Enterprise' on the BBS, Trek Two Years Ago and new poll.

Dec 6 - Official 'Harbinger' Plot Details
Enterprise rescues an alien as tension between Reed and Major Hayes builds. Spoilers inside!

Dec 5 - 'NY Post' Cites Gloom and Doom For Trek
Media analyst calls for specials or films rather than weekly series.

Dec 5 - Moore: Roddenberry, Berman, Piller Sought Conflicting Treks
'Galactica' scribe recalls his early years on Next Gen, conflicting views of series.

Dec 5 - Convention Report: Indianapolis
Nana Visitor and Robert Duncan McNeill headline a Thanksgiving weekend convention in the midwest. Details inside!

Dec 4 - Wheaton Signs Deal To Publish Books
Wesley Crusher actor will reprint stories and autobiography as part of contract.

Dec 4 - News Bullets
Shatner x 3, ferrets, Takei, Fletcher, Lincoln, contest, review, science and more!

Dec 4 - The Book Padd: Deny Thy Father
Two Rikers encounter one another in this Lost Era novel.

Dec 3 - Site Columns
Hello World, BBS on Berman, new poll, old good news for UPN and more.

Dec 3 - UPN Shows Modest Gain In Ratings
UPN is one of the only two networks to show gains in the November sweeps.

Dec 2 - David Won't Move West For 'Enterprise'
'New Frontier' talks about his new trilogy, Captain Calhoun and more with fans.

Dec 2 - 5-Minute Enterprise: Carpenter Street
Archer and T'Pol travel back in time for some reason.

Dec 1 - News Bullets
Reviews, Shimerman, Dorn, McNeill, Singer and more.

Dec 1 - Gerrold Discusses Lost 'TNG' Episode
Roddenberry approved 'Trouble with Tribbles' author's 'TNG' AIDS story, then changed his mind.

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