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By Michelle
December 21, 2003 - 4:29 PM

Hello World!

In an hour I am going to see That Movie again. I don't need to explain which Movie, do I? I saw it Wednesday morning, the first non-midnight showing, but my children have not seen it yet and now that school and Hebrew school are finished, we can take them.

It's hard to say anything at all about The Return of the King without giving something away. But things I feel that I can safely say without spoilers:

Sean Astin made me cry about four times. And I'm not even a hobbit girl -- it's the Men of Gondor and Rohan upon whom I fixate. But Astin's performance in this movie is astonishing, and Sam was the real hero of the movie for me.

Bernard Hill's Theoden and David Wenham's Faramir, too, were by turns brilliant and devastating. The vast majority of the press in this country seems to fixate on Elijah Wood's Frodo, Viggo Mortensen's Aragorn and Orlando Bloom's Legolas, yet in this film in particular the rest of the ensemble really shines. I can't remember the last time I loathed a character as much as I hated John Noble's Denethor (which is not a criticism of his performance - quite the opposite, he plays a despicable man quite despicably) and Billy Boyd's Pippin broke my heart twice.

I wish Arwen were less passive; I wish the entire trilogy had featured more of Warrior Princess Arwen from The Fellowship of the Ring. That said, I really like Liv Tyler and I still think the character is an improvement on the one from the books, who's involved so little that she never seemed real to me.

The pacing of the movie is superb, though there were many cuts made in the story of a certain character which really frustrated me because this person has become one of my two favorites in the trilogy. But I have to stop and remind myself that I did not like this character in the books, and it is only the movie version who really got me interested in the story. So really I have no complaints!

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