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June 25 2024


An archive of Star Trek News

News Headlines for March 2006

Mar 31 - Site Columns
Pet tragedy, fanon on the BBS, Trek two years ago, new poll, correction, first April birthday.

Mar 31 - : The Trouble With Tribbles
Fluffy creatures which reproduce constantly interfere with Kirk's assignment to protect a shipment of grain.

Mar 30 - Phillips Will Join 'Transformers'
'Voyager' actor will appear in Michael Bay's live-action version of the television show.

Mar 30 - Takei To Speak On Gay Rights At Universities
Tour is part of Sulu actor's new role in the Human Rights Campaign's Coming Out Project.

Mar 30 - Bakula Sorry Not To Be Trekking or Leaping
While discussing 'Shenandoah' in DC, Captain Archer actor says he wishes 'Enterprise' was still on the air and he'd be happy to do a 'Quantum Leap' movie as well as more theatre.

Mar 29 - Billingsley Reflects on Phlox, Talks Upcoming Pilot
'Enterprise' actor is starring with his wife in potential new series for ABC, says the doctor's nudism was his own idea.

Mar 29 - News Bullets
Dawson, Bakula, Takei, Trek alumni, Shatner x3, Doohan, Stewart x2, Siddig, Williams, Sev Trek, screen caps, Meyer, Treks past, Spaceys, Kimmel, win DVDs, book review and 'Enterprise.'

Mar 28 - The Book Padd: Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Warpath
After the shocking events of 'Worlds of Deep Space Nine', two senior crewmembers are near death and a third is bent on revenge.

Mar 28 - Nygard, Crosby and Others Reflect On Trek Slowdown
With no new episodes in production, Star Trek is back in the hands of the fans, as it was during the fertile period of the 1970s.

Mar 27 - Bakula Compares 'Shenandoah' Hero And Captain Archer
Starring in musical revival at Ford's Theatre, the actor says he is happy to be back onstage and is unsurprised that Trek favors theatre actors.

Mar 27 - Blalock Dreams 'Murder' in Calgary
'Enterprise's T'Pol will appear in Lifetime TV movie currently filming in Canada.

Mar 27 - Ryan To Swim With 'Shark'
Seven of Nine actress has joined James Woods in new CBS drama, playing a district attorney.

Mar 26 - Park Joins 'Raines' Pilot
Hoshi Sato actress from 'Enterprise' will appear with Jeff Goldblum in drama about a cop who talks to dead people.

Mar 26 - The Book Padd: Your Face Looks Familiar
Several Star Trek actors, including Picardo and Shimerman, discuss their acting histories and technique in a new book.

Mar 25 - Bakula Shines Onstage in 'Shenandoah'
Former 'Enterprise' star will chat live with fans on Wednesday, finds Civil War musical very timely today.

Mar 25 - Berman Reflects on 'The Next Generation'
Producer was happy to leave role as an executive to work with Roddenberry, recalls unsung heroes of the franchise.

Mar 24 - Site Columns
Just more geekery, DVDs on the BBS, manga two years ago, new poll, two birthdays and more.

Mar 24 - : Wolf in the Fold
When a serial killer strikes, all evidence points to Scotty until an investigation reveals that the murderer may be an ancient being who has plagued Earth.

Mar 23 - Armstrong Misses Being an Admiral
After playing multiple alien roles in the Star Trek franchise, Forrest actor felt at home with the cast and crew of 'Enterprise'.

Mar 23 - News Bullets
Bakula in 'Shenandoah', Auberjonois ACTs, Nimoy onstage, Siddig in 'Hannibal' and 'Syriana', Stewart talks, Shatner talks more, CCG, Trek Life, Moore, TrekCore.

Mar 22 - Shatner To Go On 'Living In TV Land' Tonight
Special to feature several other Trek captains and Nimoy, plus Shatner singing and giving tours of his horses and the Emmys.

Mar 22 - Region 2 Star Trek DVDs To Be Released At Budget Prices
Paramount is planning to repackage seasonal sets of the Trek shows in slim-line packaging with no extras, lower price tags.

Mar 22 - The Book Padd: The Genesis Protocol
Scienctific development goes awry in this new novel by a popular Star Trek writer.

Mar 21 - Pocket Promotes Anniversary Star Trek Books
Numerous reprints, a new eBook series and a collection of original series short stories are some of the highlights of the 2006 lineup.

Mar 21 - Astronauts, Trek Writer-Producers Ponder the Future
Bean and Schirra wish more people were committed to spaceflight; Moore talks BSG; Roddenberrys reflect on the future of the Star Trek franchise at Grand Slam.

Mar 20 - News Bullets
Stewart, Shatner and Grammer, Cattrall, Kim, Hardy, Sternbach and the Okudas, CCG, 'Rosetta', con guests, fan film, UK TV, Borg Collective,

Mar 20 - Actors Reflect On Star Trek At Grand Slam
At panels and press conferences in Pasadena, performers from across the Trek generations converge to kick off 40th anniversary festivieies.

Mar 19 - 'Hidden Frontier' Releases First Episode of Last Season
Fan series is winding up seven years of production with war story, plus 'New Voyages' releases Sulu vignette.

Mar 18 - Bakula Says He's Heard Star Trek Series May Be In the Works
In Washington, DC to perform in 'Shenandoah', the 'Enterprise' star says he can't imagine the franchise will be neglected.

Mar 17 - Site Columns
Shatneriffic, 'Doctor Who' on the BBS, 'Enterprise' two years ago, new poll and many birthdays!

Mar 17 - : Obsession
Kirk meets up with a gaseous being that feeds on human blood cells, which he failed to destroy during an encounter years earlier, costing the life of his captain

Mar 16 - News Bullets
De Lancie, Brooks, Shatner and Trek at college, Stewart, Doohan's waxwork, Scotty vs. Bond, convention news, CCG, Trek Life, Trek phone, Mars tricorder.

Mar 16 - Trinneer Trips Over to 'Stargate Atlantis' Again
Tucker actor said he asked to read for the part after seeing the breakdown, has learned to appreciate good science fiction.

Mar 15 - Bakula Returns To 'Shenandoah'
Having played most of the male roles at various times, 'Enterprise' star is taking on the Civil War patriarch at historic theatre where Lincoln was shot.

Mar 15 - Michael Taylor To Write For Moore's 'Battlestar Galactica'
Former 'Voyager' staffer joins a team with other Trek writers; Moore talks season three. Possible spoilers!

Mar 14 - The Book Padd: S.C.E. #60: The Clean Up
Excellent characterization and a tense story bring the Miradorn back in this post-Dominion War tale.

Mar 14 - Star Trek Online Producer Foresees 2007 Testing
Release is still several years away, but the creators of the game are working on both ground and space-based combat and characters.

Mar 13 - Coto Compares 'Enterprise' and '24'
Former executive producer is delighted with his new series and happy to give advice.

Mar 13 - News Bullets
Takei, Stewart, Siddig, Moore, Savage, CCG, TrekUnited, Artificial Life, fan films, Legacy, Galileo 7, Vegas con, book cover, tricorder, space junk, Taste of Armageddon, and yet more Shatner!

Mar 11 - Extended Edition 'Free Enterprise' Frees Filmmakers' Best Work
New two-disc edition of beloved cult film about Trekkies has commentary by Shatner, added scenes.

Mar 11 - 'How William Shatner Changed the World' Makes History
US cable network will air Canadian documentary about the impact of Star Trek on science and society tomorrow night.

Mar 11 - Site Columns
Post-Oscar, TOS on the BBS, Picard and Park two years ago, new poll, birthday lull.

Mar 10 - : The Deadly Years
Kirk and his senior staff are exposed to a disease which causes them to age rapidly and leads a commodore to question Kirk's fitness to command.

Mar 9 - 'Borg' Assimilate Raves For Content Though Not Extras
New Star Trek Fan Collective DVD set offers the best of 'The Best of Both Worlds' and more, but no new documentaries or features.

Mar 9 - News Bullets
Siddig, Armstrong, Russ, Nimoy, Keating, Behr, Shatner, CCG, Freisner, books, Sirtis DVD, Lenard DVD, conventions, autographs, Trek dating, Chia Spock, games, DVD caps.

Mar 8 - 'Free Enterprise' Special Edition Celebrates Trekkiness
Filmmakers discuss the genesis of the storyline and how Shatner's role evolved.

Mar 7 - G4 Announces Interactive Star Trek Episode Viewing
40th anniversary airings will feature new trivia, online interactive features along with original series episodes.

Mar 7 - Interview: Alice Krige
The Borg Queen opens up about getting into character, playing villainnesses and her upcoming projects.

Mar 6 - Former Trek Staffers Crash Academy Awards
On a night when Marina Sirtis' film won the top prize, many Trek technical wizards found their work on display.

Mar 6 - The Book Padd: New Frontier: Missing in Action
In the sequel to 'After the Fall', Calhoun is trapped far from home and Shelby faces impending tragedy.

Mar 5 - Meaney Signs On For ABC Pilot
O'Brien actor will co-star in a series about a man whose memory lapses lead him to believe he is involved in a conspiracy, directed by Jon Avnet.

Mar 5 - Licensing Fees May Prevent Scotty Memorial
City of Aberdeen is now rethinking plan to build a 40-foot statue of Montgomery Scott in tribute to the Star Trek character.

Mar 4 - Interview: Penny Johnson Jerald
Kasidy Yates from 'Deep Space Nine' talks about life after being both the first lady and Condoleezza Rice.

Mar 4 - Site Columns
Science expo, B5 on the BBS, Trek stars two years ago, new poll, birthdays and more.

Mar 3 - : Friday's Child
The Federation and the Klingon Empire compete for an alliance with the people of a mineral-rich planet.

Mar 2 - News Bullets
TrekBBS, birthdays, Mulgrew, Horan, Blackman, Shatner, Snell, eBooks, Psi Phi, Decipher, Grand Slam, 'Quantum Leap', Spock,

Mar 2 - Shatner Prefers Flying High On Earth
Though he's happy on 'Boston Legal' and says he has no career regrets, Kirk actor does not want to visit the stars.

Mar 1 - Designers Talk Upcoming Star Trek Games
'Legacy' and 'Star Trek Online' visuals are being finished, elements chosen.

Mar 1 - Picardo To Appear In Silent Film
'Voyager' Doctor will play a priest in a movie that will immerse audiences in the world of the Deaf.

Mar 1 - Auberjonois Is Proud Of 'Boston Legal'
'I just adore the man,' DS9's Odo actor says of co-star William Shatner.

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