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June 21 2024


An archive of Star Trek News

News Headlines for June 2003

June 30 - Berman & Braga Talk Xindi, Season Three Changes
'Enterprise' showrunners promise next year's major alien race won't be 'business as usual.' Spoilers inside!

June 30 - 'Twilight Zone' Scribe Friedman Joins 'Enterprise'
New Series V writer also co-produced 'Dark Skies' & 'Secret Agent Man,' is first of several new writers.

June 30 - Fans Support 'Enterprise' With Ad Campaign
Team behind 'The Enterprise Project' plans to say thank-you to cast and crew with Hollywood Reporter ad.

June 30 - T'Pol Heats Up Spaceys
Vulcan named Favourite TV Hottie, series wins Best Technobabble and Best Minimalist Costume. Plus: Special gong for Shatner.

June 30 - 'Nemesis' Team Had An Idea For Another Movie
Stewart, Logan and Spiner devised a concept that would 'shatter the format' of the franchise. Plus: Stewart on DVD cuts.

June 29 - 'Elite Force II' Hits The Mark
Reviewers give latest 'Trek' game the thumbs-up, although some criticise poor AI.

June 29 - Site Columns
Harry Potter and the fight for 'The Order of the Phoenix'. Plus: BBS threads, classic TT news, new poll & a birthday!

June 29 - News Bullets
'Final Frontier' artwork, Armstrong, 'Enterprise' in Italy, Starfleet Radio, Mars event, 'Thunderbirds', Psi Phi & more!

June 28 - Viacom Interested In Sci-Fi Channel
Paramount parent company hopes to buy Vivendi Universal's cable channels, might place Star Trek reruns there.

June 28 - UPN Banks On Midseason Series
'Enterprise' network orders second season of 'Top Model' and six episodes of animated series, 'Game Over'.

June 27 - New Billingsley Movie Coming October 10
Official site hosts chat with Dr. Phlox actor. Plus: Billingsley on writing & directing, and his favourite TV shows.

June 27 - Season Three Production Commences
Cast, crew back on set to film 'The Xindi', tests done on T'Pol's 'more casual look'.

June 26 - 'Dead Like Me' To Premiere Friday
Showtime to air 75-minute pilot of new SF show by 'Voyager' scribe Bryan Fuller tomorrow.

June 25 - News Bullets
Montgomery & Keating photos, real-life phasers, Bakula in the Caribbean, top models & more!

June 25 - Review: Homecoming & The Farther Shore
Two years after the end of the 'Voyager' television show, Jacqueline Bundy says she's disappointed with the 'Voyager' novel relaunch.

June 25 - Site Columns
R.E.M. live in Amsterdam, new poll, BBS & TV info, and more!

June 24 - 'Enterprise' Likely To Return September 24
UPN sets fourth week of September as premiere week, announces name change for 'The Opposite Sex.'

June 23 - 'Elite Force II' Impresses Reviewers
'Trek obsessives' will love game's 'intelligent story', early reports claim.

June 22 - Site Columns
Summer travel, wimpy villains, Trek BBS, summers past and more!

June 22 - DVD Documentary Honours Matt Jefferies
Paramount & Trek colleagues honour original Starship Enterprise designer at informal screening.

June 21 - Blalock Gates Back To 'SG-1'
T'Pol actress to appear a 'few times' on 'Stargate SG-1' this season as Teal'c's love interest. 'Stargate' spoilers inside!

June 21 - News Bullets
Mulgrew in 'Stay', SCE excerpts, Five-Minute celebrations, Shatner, 'Trek' music, Peters, quantum entanglement & more!

June 21 - Viacom Spiked By Appeals Court
Filmmaker Lee wins another legal battle to prevent TNN rebranding as Spike TV.

June 20 - 'Trek' Alumni Fill Top Posts In 9/11 Telefilm
Takei, Johnson Jerald, Macht, Itzin, Pressman & Royal to play key Bush advisors in Showtime's upcoming 'D.C. 9/11'.

June 20 - John Shiban Talks 'Minefield's' Romulan Surprise
'Enterprise' scribe says writers' meeting spurred on encounter with traditional 'Trek' foes.

June 20 - News Bullets
Billingsley chat, 'Genesis Force', DVDs down under, SFX awards, Johnson Jerald & more!

June 20 - Mulgrew To Take Show On The Road
'Tea At Five' will tour the US beginning in Florida later this year.

June 20 - Burton: 'Nemesis' Sacrificed Characters For Action
Actor-director talks Trek and directing a holiday feature.

June 19 - Trek Books Premiering At Shore Leave Con
Pocket Books to offer the first 'Lost Era' novel & three other Star Trek books prior to official release at next month's writer-filled convention.

June 19 - Cromwell To Warp Into Asimov Movie
Zefram Cochrane actor will play top scientist in 'I, Robot'.

June 19 - News Bullets
Stewart, Cromwell, Marshall, Peters, Bakula and more!

June 18 - Blalock To Burn In Indie Thriller
T'Pol actress will play assistant D.A. on big screen with Liotta, LL Cool J.

June 18 - 'Elite Force II' Developers Fired
Lack of projects force Ritual to downsize even as new Trek game starts hitting stores.

June 18 - Site Columns
Dutch royal excitement, BBS & TV info, another holodeck poll & more.

June 17 - 'Enterprise' Gearing Up For Season Three
Berman & Braga plotting arcs, new writers interviewed, fresh faces being introduced. Possible spoilers!

June 17 - Stewart: I've Left 'Star Trek' Behind
Picard actor says he was 'disappointed' and a 'trifle bitter' over the reaction to 'Nemesis'.

June 17 - Upcoming Projects Of 'Star Trek' Alumni
Audiobook, TV pilot, new play, film on agenda for Trek performers.

June 16 - Dawson Engineers More Directing Duties
'Voyager' actress slated for further 'Enterprise' adventures. Plus: 'The Division' episode to air July 6 & indie film in the works.

June 15 - Advance Review: 'Jake 2.0' Has The Goods
AICN says 'Enterprise' lead-out show has 'plenty of potential', but could flounder amongst the competition.

June 15 - Site Columns
They shoot Emmy voters, don't they? BBS threads, classic TT news, new poll & a birthday!

June 14 - 'Genesis' To Return In 'Force'
Psi Phi updates book database with excerpts from 'Lost Era' and 'Stargazer' series as well.

June 14 - News Bullets
Spiritual Treks, Mulgrew, Stewart, TV roles, season wrap-ups and more.

June 14 - Blalock Gives Tom Green A 'Trek' Education
T'Pol actress informs 'Letterman' guest host that her action figure's clothes can't be removed and Vulcans aren't 'space monsters'.

June 14 - John Eaves Talks Finale Designs
'Enterprise' illustrator on the look of Starfleet ships and the Xindi probe in 'The Expanse'.

June 13 - Filmmaker Spikes TNN Relaunch
Director Spike Lee wins injunction to prevent renaming of Viacom 'men's network'.

June 13 - News Bullets
Mariotte Q&A, 'Enterprise' reruns, Park, Seattle museum, Bradshaw, 'Strange New Worlds', 'Cult Times', 'Nemesis' review, fivers & more!

June 12 - Collectors To Reach 'Final Frontier', 'Undiscovered Country'
The fifth and sixth Trek feature films reportedly scheduled to be released as two-disc sets in late 2003, early 2004.

June 12 - 'Elite Force II' Goes Gold
Computer game sequel set for release later this month. Plus: Q&A, intro video & more. Pre-order details inside!

June 12 - News Bullets
Kelley tribute, 'Spooks', 'Trekkies 2', Bradshaw, genre awards, Shatner, Shimerman, Nemecek, Herd & more!

June 11 - DS9 Anthology To Bring 'Prophecy and Change'
Collection of short stories scheduled for September release by Pocket Books

June 11 - Dorn To Menace MTV's 'Spider-Man'
TNG actor will voice villainous Kraven on the upcoming animated series.

June 11 - Site Columns
Summer reading, BBS threads, Trek two years ago and more!

June 10 - 'Master Builder' Seeds Sown During 'Nemesis'
Patrick Stewart reveals how he and Trek X scribe John Logan came to be involved in current West End production of Ibsen play.

June 9 - Complete 'Deep Space Nine' Collector Cards Arrive in July
Rittenhouse Archives will offer cards celebrating all 176 episodes, Mirror Universe.

June 9 - Positive Buzz For 'Elite Force II'
Computer game sequel earns upbeat write-ups from PC Gamer, GameSpy & IGN PC.

June 9 - Drama Changes Hands At UPN
Maggie Murphy set to replace the departing Sonja Piper Dosti as senior vice president of drama development for 'Enterprise' network.

June 9 - News Bullets
Roush on 'Enterprise', Bakula visit delayed, 'Enterprise' in Germany, Griffith Observatory, Russ auction, 'Dead Zone' & more!

June 8 - Full Speed Ahead For 'Trekkies 2'
Documentary sequel officially greenlit by Paramount Pictures as whirlwind convention tour continues.

June 8 - William Shatner To Receive 'Spacey' Honour
Canadian genre channel will bestow Lifetime Achievement Award on Kirk actor. Plus: 'Enterprise' and 'Nemesis' up for viewers' awards.

June 8 - Site Columns
Books, 'West Wing' & why I hate Channel 9, BBS threads, classic TT news & new poll.

June 7 - Worldwide Klingon Meetup Planned For July
Klingon Imperial Diplomatic Corps plans a global fan meet for its anniversary.

June 7 - Newest 'New Frontier' To Tell Character Stories
'No Limits' will tell of Calhoun and Shelby's honeymoon, character backstories.

June 7 - Armstrong On Becoming Human
Longtime 'Trek' guest actor reveals how he finally landed the role of Admiral Forrest on 'Enterprise'.

June 7 - News Bullets
Ward & George chats, 'Star Trek Monthly', Siddig, Stewart, busts reviewed, Mulgrew & 'Trek' editorial.

June 6 - First DS9 Season Three DVD Reviews Appear
Latest DVD set receives praise for characterisation and storylines, plus generally good marks for extra features.

June 6 - Stewart On Crafting 'The Master Builder'
'Next Generation' star talks to BBC Wales about his West End debut in Henrik Ibsen's play, adapted by 'Nemesis' writer John Logan.

June 5 - News Bullets
'TV Zone' poll, Russ & Nogulich, 'Nemesis' in R2, Paramount exec, Nichols, 'Homecoming', Psi Phi & more!

June 4 - Site Columns
Weather, BBS on Berman-Braga, remembrance of Picardo past and more!

June 4 - Bakula: The Time Is Right For An Arc
'Enterprise' star and creators talk season three plans, Future Guy, the Xindi, T'Pol & more! Possible spoilers.

June 4 - Montgomery On Flying To 'Dutchman'
Mayweather actor talks producing race relations play and stand-up comedy plans for the summer hiatus.

June 4 - News Bullets
Langton passes away, Johnson Jerald, Hertzler Q&A, Mulgrew, Russ auction, 'Daedalus' & more!

June 3 - Stewart In Negotiations For Broadway Role
Picard actor may star in Pinter play for prestigious Roundabout Theatre Company.

June 3 - News Bullets
Mulgrew, Shimerman, 'Nemesis', 'The Expanse', a contest and more!

June 3 - 'Dead Zone' To Be Released On DVD
On June 17, Michael Piller's series will join the first season of 'Dark Angel' in stores.

June 2 - Braga: New Arc Not Just About War
'Enterprise' co-creator says season three will delve into 'complicated' issues. Plus: Renewal never guaranteed. Possible spoilers.

June 1 - Takei Thinks Trek Fans Are Activists
Sulu actor speaks on his political beliefs and enthusiasm for Trekkers.

June 1 - Site Columns
Hello World, BBS threads, classic TT news, new poll & birthdays!

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