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By Caillan
June 1, 2003 - 7:17 AM

Hello World!

Well, it's the Sunday before the last official week of semester, and my room's a mess, covered with notes, articles (some useful, others not quite so useful) and half-opened books. Of course, burdened with all this pressure, what to I do?

I'm am getting there - it's just going to take a while. Especially since I'm now about to go and cook dinner.

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Enterprise, 'The Search For Spock' 26.5% - (343 Votes)
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Voyager, 'The Year of Hell' 16.4% - (213 Votes)
Stop destroying the ships already! 13.4% - (174 Votes)
Defiant, 'The Changing Face of Evil' 11.1% - (144 Votes)
Voyager, 'Timeless' 9.2% - (119 Votes)
Enterprise-D, 'Time Squared' 2.3% - (31 Votes)
Enterprise-D, 'Cause and Effect' 1.7% - (23 Votes)

Total Votes: 1293

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Happy Birthday!

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