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June 25 2024


An archive of Star Trek News

News Headlines for October 2005

Oct 31 - News Bullets
Spooky Trek, Siddig Oscar buzz & 'Syriana' premiere, Mulgrew, Las Vegas Hilton, 'Threshold' names, nuclear wessels, Billingsley, Shatner, Dawson, 'Serenity', restaurant, DVD, Riker to the rescue, theatre Trek, CCG, STO, 'Generations' and Halloween treats.

Oct 30 - Late 2005, Big 2006 Conventions Announced
Creation has preliminary guests signed for Grand Slam and Las Vegas conventions next year; Starbase Indy, UFC take place next month.

Oct 30 - Shatner Shows Off Kidney Stone, Horses
Appearing on 'Regis & Kelly', the Captain Kirk actor described his recent trip to the hospital and joked about love between main male 'Boston Legal' characters.

Oct 28 - : A Taste of Armageddon
The Enterprise is caught in the midst of a civil war between two planets fought entirely by computer.

Oct 28 - Takei On Politics, Being Different And Social Activism
Sulu actor says he decided to publicly acknowledge his homosexuality in part to protest unfair treatment of gays and lesbians, compares his own arc and his character in 'Equus'.

Oct 28 - Site Columns
Baseball and Halloween, BBS chatter, Trek two years ago, new poll, Campbell birthday.

Oct 27 - News Bullets
Ryan, Takei, Mulgrew x2, de Lancie, 'Threshold', Decipher, LEGO Trek, 'Death in Winter', USS Intrepid, reruns, direct-to-dvd, 'Nemesis', hyposprays, makeup, NASA, TNG influence, Roddenberry, Vulcan.

Oct 27 - Combs Thinks More Alien Exploration Could Have Saved 'Enterprise'
Longtime Star Trek guest enjoyed playing Shran's anger, was happy to elaborate on original series alien motif.

Oct 26 - Takei Hopes Trek Fans Will See Him In 'Equus'
Sulu actor calls his most famous role a mixed blessing, talks about his history with East West Players.

Oct 25 - The Book Padd: Titan: The Red King
The second book about Riker's command on the Titan takes the crew through a rift in Romulan space.

Oct 25 - Braga Discusses 'Threshold' Paranoia
Current crop of sci-fi series compared to 1950s horror serials; writers say they're not in Star Trek's expansive era anymore.

Oct 25 - Shatner Inducted Into Broadcast Hall of Fame
'Acting is like any sport: When you're relaxed, you can hit the ball farther,' Kirk actor claims, thanks Roddenberry.

Oct 24 - Article: Trinneer Regales TrekTrak with Tales of Tucker
'Enterprise' actor talks about his character's fate, the factors that doomed the series, doing love scenes with co-stars, hating the Mirror episodes and much more.

Oct 23 - News Bullets
Goldberg, Shatner, Wheaton, de Lancie, Spiner, Billingsley, Hicks, Krauss, Ortega comics, 'Star Wars' on Spike, dental Trek, conventions, DVD reviews, hot sci-fi babes, screen caps.

Oct 23 - McFadden Gained Interest in Space From Star Trek
Prior to a convention appearance, the Beverly Crusher actress reflects on what she gained from her 'Next Gen' experiences.

Oct 22 - Paramount Kicks Off Direct-To-DVD Production
Studio will develop as well as release original material, sequels to theatrical projects as FOX and Universal have done.

Oct 22 - Meaney Lines Up Miniseries, 'Law & Order' Appearance
Acclaimed film actor, TNG-DS9's O'Brien, plays a spy and a judge in upcoming projects.

Oct 21 - Site Columns
Autumn arrives, Halloween on the BBS, Trek two years ago, new poll, many birthdays.

Oct 21 - : Space Seed
Kirk faces the wrath of Khan the first time around.

Oct 20 - Siddig Wants To Be A Diplomat Between Two Cultures
Bashir actor describes changes in his life since 9/11 and the legacy of 'Deep Space Nine'.

Oct 20 - Shatner Out of Hospital, Nominated For Magazine Award
Kirk actor had a kidney stone but is back at 'Boston Legal', where ABC has a slate of guest stars including T'Les actress Cassidy.

Oct 20 - News Bullets
Bakula on History, Mulgrew, Schultz, Stewart, de Lancie, Trek Life, Sev Trek, Paramount, Farragut, warp speed, DVD reviews, Titan winner, transparent aluminum.

Oct 19 - Set Decorator Mees Recalls Time On Star Trek
Now on Braga's 'Threshold', the art department Emmy winner names favourite episodes, describes job.

Oct 19 - 'Voyager' Guest Star Rocket Dies
Former 'Saturday Night Live' actor apparently committed suicide near his home.

Oct 19 - Shatner Taken To Hospital With Back Pains
74-year-old actor left the set of 'Boston Legal', is expected to return today. Also: Shatner DVD news.

Oct 18 - Moore Talks Galactica-Trek Differences
Finishing up season two, former Trek writer-producer says he seeks to avoid technobabble, hates not doing a perfect job.

Oct 18 - Stewart Talks '11th Hour'
After many years as Captain Picard, the actor resists labeling new show a sci-fi series, insisting that it's a modern drama about contemporary issues,

Oct 18 - 'Free Enterprise 2' May Reunite Shatner, Nimoy
Kirk and Spock actors are currently scripted to play a reverse Kohlinahr scene in parody sequel.

Oct 17 - Writer Goodman Discusses 'North Star' in Podcast
'Enterprise' episode was inspired by original series alternate Earth stories.

Oct 17 - Logan To Adapt Shakespeare For Stewart
'Nemesis' screenwriter returns to roots in theatre for updated 'Merchant of Venice' set in Las Vegas.

Oct 16 - Montgomery Discusses Genesis of Hip-Hop CD
Mayweather actor put love of music and interest in recording into songs he will be playing at conventions.

Oct 16 - News Bullets
Bakula, Park, Stewart, Burton, Wang, McFadden x2, Shatner x2, Mulgrew x2, Collins, 'Threshold', Spiner, women of sci-fi & Psi Phi, tv on iTunes, DVD news.

Oct 15 - 'How William Shatner Changed the World' To Explore Star Trek Innovation
Kirk actor narrates documentary based on his book about Trek and technological development.

Oct 15 - Siddig To Play Hannibal On BBC
DS9's Dr. Bashir joins yet another historical epic in a prominent role; telefilm expected in UK next January.

Oct 14 - Catch Two Robert Duncan McNeill Episodes Next Week
'Voyager' star helmed episodes of 'Desperate Housewives' and 'Supernatural' airing in the next few days.

Oct 14 - : The Return of the Archons
Kirk has another of his patented run-ins with an omniscient dictator. Score: Kirk 2, Omniscient Dictator 0.

Oct 14 - Sussman's First 'Threshold' Episode Airs Tonight
Former 'Enterprise' scribe tackles a deadly alien threat in CBS's alien invasion drama.

Oct 14 - Site Columns
Hello World, Trek guests on the BBS, ratings 'Exile', new poll, birthday and more!

Oct 12 - Star Trek: Online Designers Promise Wide Open Galaxy
Customisable characters, widespread playing terrain and brand-new aliens will be features of MMORPG due for testing next year.

Oct 12 - Braga Talks Cast, Crew, Trek Connections on 'Threshold'
Former 'Enterprise' exec says that CBS is giving his new series plenty of encouragement.

Oct 11 - Star Trek Meets Its 'Nemesis' In Special Edition
Recently released double DVD set with all the extras from previous release, new deleted scenes and many new interviews.

Oct 11 - Braga Relieved To Be Writing in 21st Century
'Threshold' scribe says that after 15 years writing Star Trek, he enjoys writing contemporary dialogue.

Oct 10 - Doohan's Ashes To Be Launched With Fan Tributes
Admirers of the Scotty actor can record messages to be sent into space on CD with Doohan's ashes later this year.

Oct 10 - 'New Voyages' Releases Anniversary Special Edition
Fan-produced series has been downloaded 16 million times since debut a year ago.

Oct 10 - News Bullets
Russ, Wang and Masterson; Takei; Billingsley; Shatner + animals x 2; Trinneer, DeLancie, Siddig upcoming; Wise; DVD reviews; previews; books; 'Threshold.'

Oct 9 - Stewart Felt Underpaid Negotiating 'Nemesis'
Picard actor is not as critical of director Baird as other cast members; will be on 'American Dad' tonight.

Oct 9 - Bakula Regrets Being 'Forced To Work With UPN'
'Enterprise' actor believes series will live on DVD long after most network series have been forgotten.

Oct 8 - Beimler, Wolfe Break 'Dresden' With Cage
Former DS9 staffers are writing a pilot co-produced by Oscar-winning actor for the Sci Fi Channel.

Oct 7 - Site Columns
More fall TV, 'Serenity' on the BBS, ominous signs two years ago, new poll, Bakula birthday.

Oct 7 - : Court Martial
Star Trek has its first man-vs.-machine legal battle with Kirk's career at stake.

Oct 6 - 'Star Wreck' Triumphs On the Internet
Finnish parody 'In the Pirkinning' draws hundreds of thousands of downloads in its first week in release.

Oct 6 - Beam Me Up Rumsfeld?
US Military is reportedly seeking to copy Star Trek's transporters in hope of 'beaming' soldiers in and out of hot spots.

Oct 6 - Galileo 7 Flies Without Captain Kirk
Despite last-minute Shatner cancellation, German convention brings TNG guests to the fore.

Oct 5 - Pocket Books Editors Discuss 40th Anniversary Schedule
Numerous reprints and the return of popular writers from years past will highlight the 2006 Pocket Star Trek line.

Oct 5 - Sussman Discusses 'Twilight' In Podcast
Writer and producer compare notes on opticals, performances in third season 'Enterprise' episode.

Oct 4 - Armstrong Would Like To Be On Trek Again
Admiral Forrest actor and frequent alien-of-the-week guest actor discusses auditioning for Riker role, the franchise's future, and the Enterprise blues band.

Oct 4 - Hamilton Camp, DS9's Leck, Passes Away At 71
Actor also played Controller Vrelk in Voyager's 'Extreme Risk,' but may be best known as a voice actor for dozens of cartoons and video games.

Oct 3 - Beltran, Masterson Fight 'Manticore' For Sci-Fi
Voyager's Chakotay and DS9's Leeta will appear in made-for-cable horror movie set in modern Iraq.

Oct 3 - Rick Berman Productions Hires Director of Development
Former Star Trek executive producer's self-titled company at Paramount is gearing up for the new production season.

Oct 3 - Wheaton: Everyone Practiced 'Stand By Me' on TNG
Wesley Crusher actor discusses the affection between the Next Gen cast, 'Nemesis' frustrations and more.

Oct 2 - News Bullets
Shatner's shoes for charity, Stewart, Mulgrew, Ryan, Whedon, Trek birthdays, gaming news, DeCandido, Maquis Gras, Manchester United, DVDs, 'ST: Unity'.

Oct 2 - DS9ers Behr, Moore Anticipate Third Seasons For New Shows
USA picks up 'The 4400' after Emmy nods; 'Battlestar Galactica' exec talks hopes for potential future year.

Oct 1 - The Book Padd: Edenborn
Former Star Trek writer Nick Sagan returns to a world devastated by illness to find old hatreds stirring.

Oct 1 - Sussman To Write 'Enterprise' Story for Pocket Books
'In a Mirror, Darkly' writer will take break from 'Threshold' to re-enter the Mirror Universe.

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