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June 21 2024


An archive of Star Trek News

News Headlines for July 2005

July 31 - News Bullets
Doohan on TV and in tribute, Stewart on TV and in contest, Galileo 7, stuntman injured, Russ heard, Siddig seen, cartoons captioned, writers move on.

July 31 - UPN Reinvents Itself Without Sci-Fi
Network targets audiences of women, African-Americans; Chris Rock's show is winning rave reviews for it.

July 30 - Bakula Thinks 'Enterprise' Fell Victim To Viacom
Corporate upheaval left the last Star Trek series with little chance of succeeding, Archer actor says.

July 30 - Frakes Had Fun Directing Co-Stars
TNG actor would make some changes in 'Insurrection', took advice from cast and crew.

July 30 - Weller Proud To Be Trek's Last Villain
Paxton actor appreciated theme of racial prejudice, enjoyed working with 'Demons' cast.

July 29 - Site Columns
Summer seashore stuff, BBS threads, Trek two years ago, new poll and birthdays.

July 29 - : The Corbomite Maneuver
Not only is Kirk a great chess player, he's a good poker player as well.

July 28 - The Book Padd: S.C.E. #51: Lost Time
Jacqueline Bundy enjoyed this latest visit to Deep Space Nine with the S.C.E. but says it's not the best introduction to the series for newer readers.

July 28 - Goodman Offers Commentary on 'Judgment'
'Enterprise' writer records podcast to accompany second season episode to celebrate DVD release, discusses Klingons.

July 28 - Frakes To Helm 'Librarian' Sequel
TNG actor/director steps in to helm TNT telemovie, a sequel to last year's cable hit.

July 27 - Decipher Expands CCG With 'Enterprise' Crew
Downloadable PDF files with full-colour cards introduce gaming to novices; new expansion set will offer strategy options.

July 27 - Voyager's Wildmans Sing In Upcoming Movies
Hower, who played Samantha, and Pomers, who played Naomi, work in TV, film and the studio in new projects.

July 27 - Interview: David Mack
Jacqueline Bundy sits down with the novelist to discuss the new book series 'Star Trek Vanguard'.

July 26 - Weddle Credits Behr For Making 'Galactica' Possible
DS9 writer says that he, partner Thompson and Ron Moore all learned from DS9 executive producer how TV SF could work.

July 26 - 'Enterprise' Season Two Arrives on DVD
Most reviewers praise the visuals and sound, though the episodes get mixed notices.

July 26 - Frakes Hopes To Play Riker Again
TNG actor says he understands ENT cast disappointment at his appearance but thinks it was good for franchise overall.

July 25 - News Bullets
Stewart, Shatner, Siddig, many Doohan tributes, Devil's Rejects, McBroom, Trek vs. Galactica, Fuller, books, DVD giveaway, Pentagon weapons, UPN and more.

July 25 - Berman Bothered By 'These Are the Voyages...' Criticism
Executive producer doesn't think it's fair to label 'Enterprise' finale more of a TNG episode.

July 24 - Doohan Memories and Tributes Continue
Official site gathers comments by Trek cast and crew; professionals and fans recall actor's humour and generosity.

July 24 - On 'Threshold' of New Series, Spiner's Done With Data
'I don't think it would look great on me anymore,' actor says of android makeup.

July 23 - 'Star Date' To Explore History of Conventions
Screenwriter plans feature film about Trek fans who try to meet girls and end up greeting stars.

July 23 - Trek XI May Film In Australia, Involve Braga
Early rumours of discussions about where movie will shoot, who will be involved have surfaced.

July 23 - Berman Says He's Very Proud of 'Enterprise'
Executive producer talks final days and souvenirs, names favourite episodes of his own and Coto's.

July 22 - Site Columns
Farewell Scotty, BBS discussions, cancellation fears two years ago, new poll, birthdays and more.

July 22 - : Dagger of the Mind
While Kirk goes to investigate a penal colony psychiatrist, Spock uses the mind meld to get some answers.

July 21 - Tributes to Doohan Pour In From Colleagues, Fans
Wake to be held tonight at sci-fi museum in Seattle; Spike TV will change Friday programming.

July 21 - Details of the 'Nemesis' SE DVD Released
Hardy's screen test, new deleted scenes will be highlights of the last Star Trek film's collector edition.

July 21 - Article: A Remembrance Of Jimmy Doohan
'Next Generation' and 'Voyager' screenwriter Ron Wilkerson pays tribute to the actor he was once fortunate enough to work with.

July 20 - James Doohan Dies At 85
Star Trek's Montgomery Scott actor passed away this morning in Redmond, Washington, with his wife at his side.

July 20 - News Bullets
Shatner Emmy nod, Billinsley, Trek Trak, Stewart fan club, Sidding, Thompson, Haig, Baird, Gervais, 'Tales from the Crypt', moonwalk anniversary, Desert Asteroid Discs, Doohan, Spock goes to business school, tours, books and fan fiction.

July 20 - 'Threshold' Conceived Before 'Lost', Say Producers
Brannon Braga's new CBS show features alien DNA manipulation, Spiner as a microbiologist, producers explain.

July 19 - Star Trek Online Official Site Is Open
Perpetual Entertainment provides new FAQs and information for prospective players in multiplayer game expected in 2007.

July 19 - Killing Kirk Prepared Moore For Overhauling BSG
Former Trek producer tells 'The New York Times' of his journey selling fans on his new Galactica vision.

July 19 - Shimerman Is Grateful To DS9
Quark actor says that Trek series brought him plenty of recognition and latinum as well as good friends.

July 18 - Burton Loves Star Trek's Speculative Future
TNG's LaForge, a longtime Trek director, felt Roddenberry's vision of the future was one where he felt welcome.

July 18 - Phillips Catches Rays In 'The Island'
'Voyager' Neelix actor appears in the new Ewan McGregor thriller as a fellow clone.

July 17 - News Bullets
Shatner, Nimoy, Trek sports cancellation, Park & Park, Mulgrew, Prescott, Warner, Zicree, Reeves-Stevenses, Smith, fan anniversary, reviews, 'Insurrection' R2, gaming and more.

July 16 - Montgomery Raises Funds For Youth Charities
Travis Mayweather actor is participating in a play to benefit his alma mater and other events.

July 16 - Shatner, Nimoy To Celebrate Trek Birthday At Conventions
Creation announces small venues for 40th anniversary conventions in Chicago and Sacramento.

July 16 - Article: 'String Theory' Authors Speak On 'Voyager' Novels
Two of the writers and editor of the new book series talked at Shore Leave about the development of the series.

July 15 - Trek Needs To Be More Like Galactica, Panel Says
At Comic Con, professional Star Trek producers and writers fault 'Enterprise' for lack of relevance and sense of fun.

July 15 - Site Columns
Harry Potter trepidation, Trek history on the BBS, Emmys two years ago, new poll and more.

July 15 - : Miri
Kirk charms a young lady whose planet holds a deadly secret.

July 14 - 'Enterprise' Earns Three Emmy Nominations
Shatner again cited for 'Boston Legal' character; Trek writing alumni's shows earn nods as well.

July 14 - Article: Star Trek Book News, Part Two
Jacqueline Bundy reports from the Shore Leave convention on planned Pocket Books releases for 2006.

July 14 - Titan Books To Publish Classic Trek Comics
Both original series and 'Next Gen' adventures, long out of print, will be collected in volumes.

July 14 - Ryan To Dry Out On 'The OC'
'Voyager's Seven of Nine will appear in a recurring role as a mysterious woman on Fox's Thursday night drama.

July 13 - Star Trek DVD Details Released
'Nemesis' SE, 'Enterprise' sets to be joined by complete collection of 2-disc film sets.

July 13 - Stewart To Join RSC Complete Shakespeare Festival
Picard actor, who turns 65 today, will play Prospero and Antony in year-long celebration of the Bard.

July 12 - Article: Star Trek Book News, Part One
Jacqueline Bundy reports from the Shore Leave convention on upcoming Pocket Books releases for 2005.

July 12 - Official Site Hosts 'Occupation of Bajor', Viewing Parties will report from convention in Las Vegas and bring fans together to discuss 'Shuttlepod One'.

July 11 - 'The Trouble With Tribbles' Arrives as Free eBook
Author went behind the scenes as his famous episode of the original Star Trek was being filmed.

July 11 - US Military Working on 'Phaser'-Type Technology
First use of directed-energy weapons may be to protect civilian nuclear power plants.

July 11 - Armstrong And Fellow Trek Alumni Sing the Blues
The Enterprise Blues Band, formed at conventions and on a cruise, has a new CD and is taking show on the road.

July 11 - Trek Actors Confirm Convention Appearances
Annual Las Vegas con to pay tribute to Kelley, host four of the five Star Trek captains.

July 10 - The Book Padd: Tales from the Captain's Table
Nine Starfleet captains walk into a bar...

July 10 - News Bullets
Combs directs, Montgomery replies, Siddig, Stewart and Silverman film, Mulgrew poses, plus Prescott, Visitor, Intiraymi, 'Lost', two fan films and Japanese Trek illustrations.

July 10 - Forbes to Play Cain on 'Battlestar Galactica'
Ensign Ro actress takes over role made famous by Lloyd Bridges in the original BSG incarnation.

July 8 - : What Are Little Girls Made Of?
Star Trek tackles the question of what makes an android human and vice versa for the first time.

July 8 - Site Columns
Hello World, fans write in on fan films, Spike's rename struggles, birthdays, new poll and more!

July 7 - Siddig Stereotyped As Trekkie
Though he has faced prejudice due to his Sudanese heritage, Bashir actor lost role in 'Alexander' film because he was a Star Trek star.

July 7 - Bakula & Trinneer Speak On 'Enterprise' Ending
Captain and chief engineer acknowledge Paramount's disinterest, accept finale in larger Star Trek story.

July 6 - Crosby Celebrates Her Trek Heritage
After initially resisting acting career, TNG typecasting, she is now the narrator of two 'Trekkies' films.

July 6 - Mulgrew Not a Fan of Janeway/Seven Subtext
At the London Film & Comic Con, the actress says any perceived fireworks were scripted and laments loss of original 'Voyager' cast.

July 5 - Star Trek Convention News
Actors and writers will speak, sign and play music at several upcoming conventions this summer.

July 5 - Shatner To Explain 'The Science of Star Trek'
Drawing from his book on the growth of scientific technology, the Kirk actor will host a documentary film on science fiction becoming fact.

July 5 - Takei Honoured On Independence Day
Sulu actor compares the values of the original series and the United States as he reflects upon American freedoms.

July 3 - News Bullets
Combs directs Shakespeare, TNG model maker Cuneo dies, time travel, BSG star loved Trek, Twilight Zone, Screw-On Head & more!

July 2 - Expensive Prop Replicas The Latest Trend In Trek Merchandise
Not satisfied with an 'Enterprise' model kit? For $250, you can own an authentic Klingon disruptor -- while $100 more gets you an Original Series tricorder.

July 2 - 'Starship Exeter' Releases New Episode Teaser
Second one-hour episode, 'The Tressaurian Intersection,' to be released in five parts through August. Plot info on this new TOS-era adventure inside!

July 1 - Connor Trinneer Liked Mirror Episodes Best
'Shuttlepod One,' 'Similitude' and 'Cogenitor' were favorite early episodes, but in the final year, being an evil doppelganger 'was fun to play.'

July 1 - Martok & Gowron Actors Release 'Kling Bling' CD
J.G. Hertzler and Robert O'Reilly follow Cirroc Lofton into hiphop territory by releasing a CD containing songs such as 'Where da Klingons, baby?'

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