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July 8, 2005 - 10:34 PM

Hello World!

I'm back from a glorious week of travel and a weekend of traveling misery courtesy United Airlines - I spent my 15th wedding anniversary in an airport in Denver, waiting to see whether and when our flight would be rescheduled - but given the events in the world yesterday, these seem like very small concerns. We stayed in a hotel in Russell Square this spring while we were in London, and the images yesterday from a block we walked while we were there felt somehow personal as well as shocking, much the way I felt on 9/11, though in both cases I was able to get ahold of the people I was most worried about quickly. I feel terrible for those not so fortunate.

We spent a couple of days in Seattle last week with family at a birthday party for my husband's 90-year-old grandmother, then a few days visiting the Olympic Peninsula, where one can drive from glacier-topped mountains through a rainforest to the Pacific Ocean within little more than an hour. My younger son's favorite things were the banana slugs; my older son's favorite things were the roots that grew above-ground wrapped around enormous fallen trees. My favorite thing is always the water, and here there were rivers and glacial lakes as well as the ocean.

The thing about camping is that it's always a shock to come back to the real world and the news. There's something to be said for no phone, no TV and no internet, but I always get anxious wondering what might be going on in the world that we're some ways getting away from it all can be as stressful as taking it all with you, where at least you know what's what.

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