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An archive of Star Trek News

News Headlines for December 2007

Dec 31 - Chris Pine On Kirk And Star Trek
Pine is enthusiastic about Star Trek XI while mindful of the importance of playing James T. Kirk.

Dec 30 - Tyler Perry Rumored To Be In 'Star Trek XI'
Writer/Director may be appearing in Starfleet role. Plus: Star Trek XI Spoilers.

Dec 30 - 'Cloverfield' Director Impressed By Star Trek XI Teaser
New Star Trek will give same sense of fulfillment, claims Matt Reeves, director of 'Cloverfield'.

Dec 30 - More Than A Fan Film
Producer Sky Conway discusses 'Star Trek: Of Gods and Men'.

Dec 28 - Retro Review: Time Squared
Picard encounters his own double from several hours in the future, who is catatonic after witnessing the destruction of the Enterprise.

Dec 28 - Trek Fan Sues Over Fake Memorabilia
Items bought at Christie's auction house are not authentic, claims irate purchaser.

Dec 28 - Site Columns
New Year, New Seasons, New Networks

Dec 27 - Star Trek Comics
Various irons are in the fire for Star Trek comics. Plus: Joe Corroney and Stephen Thompson speak.

Dec 27 - Tribbles in Star Trek XI
Lock up the quadrotriticale, they're back!

Dec 23 - Star Trek XI Reviving Interest Among Diehard Fans
Movie hopes to appeal to old fans while attracting new ones.

Dec 23 - Star Trek: Of Gods And Men Debuts
First part of three-part fan film releases today.

Dec 23 - Frakes Reminisces
The former Number One comes to terms with his 'Star Trek' fame.

Dec 23 - Cho And Urban Discuss Star Trek XI
John Cho's feelings about his upcoming role. Plus: Urban on McCoy.

Dec 22 - Star Trek: New Frontier Comic
Issue One of New Frontier to release in the spring. Also: Free Star Trek comics online.

Dec 21 - Site Columns
Crowds, captains and directing

Dec 21 - Retro Review: The Royale
While investigating a discovery from ancient Earth, an away team is trapped in the hotel Royale, a bad novel with no end in sight.

Dec 21 - Ryder Fuming Over Smoking Ban
Smoking is a casualty of strict security on the 'Star Trek XI' site.

Dec 21 - Star Trek Webisodes
'Star Trek's final frontier is not space, but the Internet.

Dec 21 - Karl Urban on Star Trek XI
'Star Trek XI' is faithful to the original series, says the actor who is portraying the young Leonard McCoy.

Dec 20 - City Hall Filming of Star Trek XI Wraps
Filming at Long Beach City Hall completed last week.

Dec 20 - Orci Praises Pine
Pine conveys the intelligence of a starship captain, says Roberto Orci. Plus: Shatner again.

Dec 20 - Tribune Entertainment Syndication Company Closes
Former heavyweight distributor of syndicated programming shuts down its distribution arm.

Dec 20 - Henry To Appear In 'Star Trek XI'
Fifth Element actress has role in upcoming film.

Dec 19 - Appears To Have A Future
CBS Interactive posts message of thanks and encouragement at ''.

Dec 18 - Star Trek XI Casting
Two female roles confirmed. Plus: McGillion of 'Stargate Atlantis'.

Dec 18 - Shatner Jedi
New ad campaign for online gaming features William Shatner.

Dec 17 - Ruck On 'Star Trek: Of Gods And Men'
Captain Harriman character revisited in fan film.

Dec 17 - John Cho on Sulu
'American Pie's' John ready to take on new role.

Dec 16 - Auberjonois On Acting
Deep Space Nine's Odo proves that those who can do, teach.

Dec 16 - Gerrold Comes Full Circle
'Trouble With Tribbles' author had troubles with Trek.

Dec 15 - Sad Farewell To STARTREK.COM Production Team
Thirteen-year-old site's future is uncertain.

Dec 15 - Okuda Designs New Logo
Scenic art supervisor Michael Okuda designs Altair logo for NASA.

Dec 15 - Infinite Diversity In Infinite Body Types
The debut of 'The Full Body Project', Leonard Nimoy's newest photography book.

Dec 14 - Zicree on 'Star Trek'
Marc Zicree on his involvement with 'Star Trek: New Voyages"

Dec 14 - Retro Review: Contagion
The Enterprise's computer begins to malfunction as a result of a mysterious alien probe.

Dec 14 - Orci and Burk on 'Star Trek'
Roberto Orci and Bryan Burk on telling the story that leads to the classic 'Star Trek' adventures.

Dec 14 - Site Columns
Holidays, Aliens and Voyager

Dec 14 - Shatner Speaks
William Shatner discusses upcoming talk show, talks 'Star Trek'.

Dec 13 - 'Star Trek XI' New Spy Photos
Photos of a 'Star Trek' officer's uniform appear online. Plus: A Romulan speaks.

Dec 12 - 'Star Trek' By Way Of Long Beach
Hush-hush filming to occur at Long Beach City Hall.

Dec 12 - Nana Visitor To Appear On 'Battlestar Galactica'
'Deep Space Nine's' Kira Nerys to appear in season four of 'Battlestar Galactica'.

Dec 12 - Walter Koenig On Chekov
Revisiting his original series role brings closure to Walter Koenig.

Dec 11 - David Mack Interview
Prolific Trek author speaks about his career and upcoming projects.

Dec 11 - Scott Bakula To Appear On Boston Legal
Bakula to reunite with former 'Murphy Brown' love interest.

Dec 11 - Strike Trek
News from the picket lines of the Writers Guild of America.

Dec 11 - 'Star Trek XI' Photos And News
New photos from the set of 'Star Trek XI'. Plus: Insider information on a recently filmed scene.

Dec 9 - Doug Drexler Trek Memories
From fan of the original series to helping to create Star Trek, Doug Drexler is still very much a part of the Star Trek world.

Dec 8 - iPod Star Trek Style
Trek out new electronics with a Star Trek design.

Dec 8 - Shatner To Receive Award
William Shatner will be presented with an award at the Jules Verne Adventure Film Festival in Los Angeles on Sunday, December 9.

Dec 7 - Retro Review: The Dauphin
The Enterprise escorts a young woman destined to rule her planet, for whom Wesley develops feelings.

Dec 7 - Site Columns
Dates of Infamy, there are not five lights!, Patrick Stewart

Dec 7 - Eric Bana Wins Prestigious Australian Award
Villain of 'Star Trek XI' picks up Australian Film Institute award.

Dec 7 - Nimoy on Beginning 'Star Trek XI'
Filming begins next week for the original Spock.

Dec 6 - Second Starship Farragut Film Released
'For Want of a Nail' episode of 'Starship Farragut' is now available for viewing.

Dec 6 - Simon Pegg On 'Star Trek XI'
Actor pegged to play Scotty in 'Star Trek XI' wins award, talks Trek.

Dec 6 - Writers Guild of America to Honor 'Star Trek' Writers
Star Trek salute to be held on December 10th. Plus: Raffle for those supporting the strike by participating in Pencils2MediaMogul.

Dec 6 - Nimoy To Begin Filming Soon
Secret guest at charity benefit turns out to be Leonard Nimoy.

Dec 6 - 'Star Trek' The Tour
'Star Trek' sets, props, models and merchandise will soon be seen on the first leg of a multi-city tour.

Dec 3 - Shatner Speaks On His Writing
William Shatner answers questions on plans for 'Academy', 'Man O'War' series.

Dec 3 - Own A Piece of 'Star Trek' History
Hollywood memorabilia auction to include 'Star Trek' items.

Dec 2 - 'Star Trek XI' Teaser
Teaser trailer for 'Star Trek XI' due out in theaters next month.

Dec 2 - Sulu Remastered
George Takei's thoughts on remastered 'Star Trek'. Plus: Rumor of his 'Star Trek XI' appearance put to rest.

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