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December 21, 2007 - 11:52 PM

Hello World!

Christmas is closing in upon us now. Although I love the holiday, I hate the crowds and traffic. The stores are insanely crowded and traffic is heavy, due to both shoppers and snowbirds coming here to escape the wintry blasts up north. I see more of the crowds and traffic, not because Iím one of the unfortunates who must shop at the last minute, but because I live right across the street from a mall.

I canít imagine shopping for gifts this last weekend. It is crazy out there. I have this aversion to large, cranky crowds, so I make sure to do my own shopping early. I do have to deal with some of the crowds in a limited fashion, as regular life goes on and I must still buy groceries or make the occasional trip to a department store for some necessity.

You wonít see me at the day after Christmas sales either. Saving a small bit of money isnít worth fighting the crowds. Remember that episode of the original series, Mark of Gideon? Kirk was beamed down to a planet that was so crowded, that people could barely move and were all jammed together. That is how I feel when I go to the mall at this time of the year, like Iím on planet Gideon and Iím gasping for air and fighting for space.

In a few days, itíll all be over and the stores will be much emptier, rolling out sales again in hopes of finding anyone who still has money in their pockets. I will miss the family, the Christmas decorations and lights, even the Christmas carols, but I wonít miss the crowds.

I guess that a trip to Gideon wouldnít be in the cards for me.

Jolan Tru,

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