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June 25 2024


An archive of Star Trek News

News Headlines for October 2004

Oct 31 - DeCandido Makes Time For Peace
SCE editor talks Klingons, 'Captain's Table' and his reference library.

Oct 30 - 'Borderland' Ties Season Premiere Ratings
Fast nationals for last night's 'Enterprise' reflect an increased viewership from two weeks ago.

Oct 30 - UPN Releases Promo For 'Cold Station 12'
Download the trailer for next week's 'Enterprise' episode. Transcript inside!

Oct 30 - Siddig Plays Doctor In London
Bashir actor lands role opposite Kim Cattrall in 'Whose Life Is It Anyway?' Plus: Siddig cast in 'Syriana'.

Oct 30 - News Bullets
Blalock & Meaney cons, Bakula on 'Life & Style', Arthurian legend, FX upgrades, 'Generations' site, Takei & more!

Oct 30 - Review: Borderland
Archer must make a deal with the devil in the form of a geneticist determined to find freedom for himself and his 'children.'

Oct 29 - A Bad Hair Day On 'Enterprise' For Alec Newman
Actor portraying genetic superman 'Malik' discusses his character's dodgy eighties mullet.

Oct 29 - Advance Reviews Praise 'Borderland'
Several newspaper critics and 'What To Watch' columns cite this week's 'Enterprise' as exceptional.

Oct 29 - Site Columns
Hobbits and eclipses, Red Sox on the BBS, Trek two years ago, new poll and more.

Oct 29 - Online Reviewers Hope 'Enterprise' Is Finally 'Home'
Mixed, though mostly positive, comments greeted last week's three-part post-Xindi episode.

Oct 29 - Art Asylum Announces Modified Line-Up For TOS Figures
One figure cancelled and another modified in planned release of third series of action figures.

Oct 28 - Spiner On Modern-Day Allegories In 'Borderland'
'Data' actor talks contemporary storyline of upcoming episode. PLUS CORRECTION: 'Enterprise' not rewriting Trek history

Oct 28 - Combs Wants To Found Federation
Shran actor talks about antennae, visiting Andor and his appreciation of fan support.

Oct 28 - 'Daedalus' Flies Above Trek Canon
Official details introduce the father of Star Trek's transporter. Spoilers inside!

Oct 28 - Sneak Preview Footage Of 'Borderland' Online
Get a sneak peek at this Friday's upcoming eugenics-based 'Enterprise' episode. Spoilers insider!

Oct 27 - Friedman and Clark Talk TNG Relaunch
'Stargazer' writer and Pocket Books editor hope to cross over characters from Picard's early and late careers.

Oct 27 - Stewart To Tread West End Boards Once Again Next Year
Captain Picard actor to continue thespian tradition in upcoming David Mamet play.

Oct 27 - The Book Padd: A Time for War, A Time for Peace
The final installment of the 'A Time To...' series brings the series to a satisfying conclusion.

Oct 26 - Return To Tomorrow With Season Two of TOS
Original Star Trek's second season out on DVD next week; early reviews cite perenially popular episodes, concepts.

Oct 26 - Curry Expects 'Enterprise' Fourth Season To Be Best
Visual effects producer discusses battles with bat'leths and in space, calls current show his favourite.

Oct 25 - Interview: John Billingsley
The doctor on 'Enterprise' prescribes a strong fourth season, but wouldn't take bets on whether there will be a fifth.

Oct 25 - News Bullets
Mulgrew, Stewart, Schirripa, Shatner, Friedman, Wi-Fi, screencaps, reviewing, contest and more.

Oct 25 - Site Columns
Deleted scenes, T'Pol on the BBS, Trek two years ago, Halloween poll, birthday and more!

Oct 25 - Spiner: This Is Gonna Be 'Enterprise's' Year
'The Next Generation' star calls cast 'talented' and discusses his upcoming appearance on the show.

Oct 25 - Whitney Longs For 'Excelsior' Series
Original series' Janice Rand was terribly depressed after losing job, thrilled to be asked back for movies, 'Voyager'.

Oct 24 - Armstrong Silent On Forrest's Fate
Trek veteran discusses favourites among his many characters, but evades rumours concerning the future of his latest.

Oct 23 - Fast National Ratings Rise At 'Home'
'Enterprise' returns to nearly its season premiere numbers, again defeating WB shows.

Oct 23 - UPN Releases Promo For 'Borderland'
Download the trailer for next week's 'Enterprise' episode. Transcript inside!

Oct 23 - First 'Babel One' Plot Details
Archer plays diplomat as Earth mediates in a dispute between the Andorians and Tellarites. Contains spoilers!

Oct 23 - Bill Cobbs Will Reportedly Play Transporter's Creator
'The Others' & 'The Bodyguard' actor set to appear as Emory in the upcoming 'Enterprise' episode 'Daedalus'. Spoilers!

Oct 23 - Review: Home
While Archer and Phlox come to terms with a changed Earth, T'Pol shows Tucker what Vulcan is like.

Oct 22 - News Bullets
Danish Trek experts, Bakula, Spiner, Takei, Shatner x3, live chats, reviews, screen caps, contest and more.

Oct 22 - Site Columns
Red Sox, Temporal Cold Chatter, Trek two years ago, new poll and more!

Oct 21 - Online Critics Relieved To Pass 'Storm Front'
Some express frustration at abrupt end of Temporal Cold War and Xindi arc, others at absurdist plot.

Oct 21 - T'Pol's 'Mom' Finds Vulcan Ears Sexy
Actress Cassidy calls T'Les 'respectful', discusses performance restraints.

Oct 20 - 'Enterprise' Audience Grew For 'Storm Front Part Two'
Despite fast national ratings downswing, E! reports increased number of viewers.

Oct 19 - Burton To Serve As Host At Children's Film Festival
TNG star will screen his own film featuring Goldberg, present Shel Silverstein tribute.

Oct 19 - Archer Combs Through Vulcan Crisis
Production report reveals details of upcoming 'Kir'Shara', the episode concluding the Vulcan arc. Spoilers inside!

Oct 18 - Site Columns
On my screen, BBS on 'Enterprise' thus far, ratings two years ago, new poll and more!

Oct 17 - Interview: Jack Donner
Jacqueline Bundy talks to the star of 'The Enterprise Incident' and 'Home'. Spoiler warning for the episode!

Oct 17 - News Bullets
Jewish Star Trek, Halloween party, Echevarria, 'X-Men Legends', Meaney, review, BG, 'Team America.'

Oct 16 - 'Enterprise' Suffers Even Greater Ratings Drop
Fast nationals for 'Storm Front, Part Two' drop .3 from the season premiere's low numbers.

Oct 16 - UPN Releases Promo For 'Home'
Download the trailer for next week's 'Enterprise' episode. Transcript inside!

Oct 16 - Review: Storm Front, Part Two
Archer is unable to restore the timeline and the Nazis win World War II. Just kidding.

Oct 16 - Site Columns
A very first 'Hello, World', TrekBBS topics, Trek two years ago, a new poll and TV listings!

Oct 15 - Trek Alumni Celebrated At Film Festivals
Logan, Shatner to be feted; Sirtis wins acting award at horror-fest.

Oct 15 - 'Enterprise' Gets Mediocre Review, DVD Release Date
Tonight's episode receives lukewarm reception from one critic, but in better news for fans, Paramount has all four seasons on 2005 DVD schedule. Spoilers inside!

Oct 14 - Online Critics Rain On 'Storm Front, Part One'
'Enterprise' season opener faulted for violence, weak plot and incoherent time travel storyline.

Oct 14 - News Bullets
Carolyn Kelley, Bakula & Trinneer, Billingsley, Shatner, Mulgrew, 'Dead Zone' news, 'Trekkies 2' giveaway and screen captures.

Oct 13 - 'Enterprise' Bids Farewell To Three Writers
Chris Black, David A. Goodman and Phyllis Strong have not returned for the show's fourth season. Plus: staff promotions.

Oct 13 - 'Storm Front, Part I' Loses Quarter Of Viewers
Final viewing figures down on last season; but up for timeslot.

Oct 12 - News Bullets
TV Guide covers, 'Enterprise', Mulgrew, Dawson, Billingsley, Bat'leth lessons, book covers, screen caps, con report and more.

Oct 11 - Star Trek Is Not Dead, Producers Declare
Execs and Bakula express frustration with professional and fan bashers alike.

Oct 11 - Site Columns
Death of a Superman, ratings chat, Trek two years ago, new poll and more!

Oct 11 - Professional Critics Blast 'Storm Front, Part One'
After viewing fourth season 'Enterprise' premiere, several major newspaper reviewers say it's time for Trek to take a break.

Oct 10 - Boehmer Filmed 'Zero Hour' In Absolute Secrecy
Guest star talks about Berman & Braga's efforts to keep Alien Nazis secret. 'It felt like Mission: Impossible.'

Oct 10 - News Bullets
Ryan guest apperance, 'A Time to Heal', Picardo musical, Shatner interview, 'Galactica', 'The 4400', DVD news & more!

Oct 9 - Coto Dreams In Alternate Universes
New exec producer talks Spiner, Nazis, Braga & Berman.

Oct 9 - 'Enterprise' Ratings Drop For 'Storm Front'
New Friday night timeslot & presidential debate combine for viewership drop of 20% from third-season finale.

Oct 9 - 'Awakening' To Feature Legendary Vulcans
Production report reveals new plot details of second episode in Vulcan trilogy. Plus: full guest cast & crew list!

Oct 9 - UPN Releases 'Storm Front, Part Two' Promo
Download the trailer for next week's 'Enterprise' episode. Transcript inside!

Oct 9 - Review: Storm Front, Part One
The Xindi are forgotten as evil alien Nazis preoccupy the Enterprise crew.

Oct 8 - Trek Manga To Feature Mix of Old and New
Tokyopop anthology will bring back some familiar characters and writers while 'thinking out of the box.'

Oct 8 - Review: Trekkies 2 Soundtrack
Jacqueline Bundy reviews the music that accompanies the film on fan life.

Oct 8 - Site Columns
Fall sports, chat about premiere tonight, Trek two years ago, birthdays, poll and more.

Oct 7 - Coto Thrilled To Have Free Run of Trek Universe
'I'm like a kid in a candy store with the stuff I want to bring back', says new exec.

Oct 7 - News Bullets
'Enterprise' review, premiere, TV ratings, 'Trekkies 2' soundtrack, Ryan x2, Mulgrew x3, freebies, screen caps and more.

Oct 7 - Bakula Promises Happier, If Scarred, Archer
Season four will be relevant to current day political issues, move toward Prime Directive, says actor.

Oct 6 - Braga: Enterprise DVDs Planned For May 2005
Executive producer confirms rumours of 2005 release whilst actors confirm interviews.

Oct 5 - Interview: Glenn Greenberg
Jacqueline Bundy interviews the Star Trek and comics writer about S.C.E.

Oct 5 - Sony and Paramount Premiere 'Storm Front'
Cast and crew discuss advantages of digital film,

Oct 5 - Paramount Still Balking At Shatner's Salary, Says Arnold
During appearances at German convention, Arnold and Hertzler discuss upcoming episodes and Stewart talks film projects.

Oct 5 - Meet The Transporter's Creator In 'Daedalus'
First plot details for the tenth episode of 'Enterprise's' fourth season inside! Contains spoilers.

Oct 5 - Ryan Recollects The Trials Of The Catsuit
Seven of Nine actress also covers staying stoical, being Borg and bathroom breaks in latest interview.

Oct 4 - News Bullets
Newman, Russ, Mulgrew, Shatner, Nimoy, internet, reviews, Enterprise Project, screen caps and more.

Oct 4 - Shatner's 'Has Been' Hits Stores Tomorrow
Riding a wave of publicity, actor discusses Trek, 'Boston Legal' and not being a has-been.

Oct 4 - Berman Talks Spiner Appearance, Shatner Negotiations
Says Spiner will play a bad guy, Shatner would play a version of Kirk. Spoilers!

Oct 3 - Shatner Shines on 'Boston Legal'
Reviewers find latest Kelley drama over the top but enjoy cast's wacky interactions.

Oct 3 - Site Columns
Movie lunches, BBS threads, ratings two years ago, season premiere this week and more.

Oct 2 - Report Claims Shatner, Paramount Close To Deal
Actor would appear on 'Star Trek: Enterprise' for a yet to be determined number of episodes.

Oct 2 - The Book Padd: Sargasso Sector
A 'Hitchhikers' Guide to the Galaxy'-type adventure awaits the SCE crew.

Oct 1 - Blalock: Manny Has a Vision
T'Pol actor talks about why the 'Enterprise' cast are excited about Manny Coto's promotion, and how she nearly quit during the last season.

Oct 1 - News Bullets
Shatner, Meyer, Nichols, screen caps, movie and DVD reviews, books and Trek writers.

Oct 1 - Original Series Second Season DVD Set Specs Released
Nimoy and Nichols profiles, in-depth look at Kirk-Spock-Bones trinity to be highlights of special features.

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