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October 16, 2004 - 12:21 AM

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Hello World!

I'll confess it. I'm nervous.

See, someone talked me into becoming a news writer for TrekToday (that's right. Blame him.). Then, to make matters infinitely worse, another someone reminded me that writing Site Columns was part of the job, and well, I'd better write some. Quickly. So I here I am with the daunting task of shouting out "Hello, world!" to all our legions of TrekToday visitors (you are out there, right?). Here goes.

As you've probably gathered from the tagline, my name is Chris. I've hung around at TrekBBS forever like a bad smell, where I moderate the Misc forum (and go by the handle Mogh) and work alongside TrekBBS administrator T'Bonz and the rest of the hotshot team there (No, they are good. Honestly.). In real life I'm a student at the University of Leeds in the UK, everyone's favourite (!) little European island.

Trek is something I grew up with and have always enjoyed thoroughly. Funnily enough, TrekToday has been my browser homepage for as long as I can recall, so it really is a privilege to be here and help out in some small fashion. I love all five shows (in varying amounts!) but would consider myself fairly objective on the pros and cons of each.

There is something in my view that marks Star Trek out as vastly different to other shows but I honestly couldn't tell you what it was. I've found that over the years the reasons I watch Star Trek had changed so often that I can't count, and I guess that's because there are so many good ones. Perhaps the most important one is that it depicts humanity the way it could be the way it should be and hopefully, the way it will be.

Most of all right now, I'd say I want to see Enterprise stay on the air! I've got to confess that I love the show and whilst it had what I thought were a shaky couple of seasons, I felt the last season was a massive improvement indeed in places as good as any Trek I've seen. I expect great things from Season 4.

Well that wasn't so bad after all -- or at least, not from my perspective! I hope I didn't put too many of you to sleep... and for those of you who are TrekBBS-ers, perhaps I'll see you on the board?

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