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June 25 2024


An archive of Star Trek News

News Headlines for November 2007

Nov 30 - Retro Review: The Measure of a Man
Picard defends Data when a scientist wants to disassemble the android to figure out how to replicate him.

Nov 30 - Zachary Quinto Keeps It Honest
'Star Trek XI' actor reflects on his life in Los Angeles and on being a celebrity.

Nov 30 - Site Columns
Flying Cars, Kirk vs. Picard, tolerance, birthday

Nov 30 - Czech It Out
European 'Star Trek' fan club tries their hand at 'Star Trek' filmmaking.

Nov 30 - Beam Me Up To Vulcan
Small Canadian town hopes to capitalize on its familiar name.

Nov 29 - Billingsley's Candelight Walk For AIDS Charity
Phlox actor raising funds this weekend for charity.

Nov 28 - Alexander Siddig To Join 'L'Espion' And 'Boundary'
'Deep Space Nine' actor to appear in French spy thriller. Plus: Letter to the fans.

Nov 28 - Scott Bakula Performance
Star of 'Enterprise' and 'Quantum Leap' to appear in Washington, D.C. show.

Nov 28 - Patrick Stewart Garners Award
Macbeth role leads to 'Evening Standard Theatre Award' for 'Star Trek' veteran.

Nov 28 - 'Star Trek Online' Game To Change
Developer of 'Star Trek Online' acquired by new ownership.

Nov 27 - Ron Moore on 'Star Trek: The Next Generation'
'Star Trek: The Next Generation' producer reminisces about working on second 'Star Trek' series.

Nov 27 - Star Trek: New Voyages Receives Award
TV Guide award given to fan produced show. Plus: Episode production update.

Nov 26 - Zachary Quinto Discusses Influences
Native Pittsburgher credits his university experiences for his progress as an actor.

Nov 26 - 'Star Trek' To Use 'Gorn Rock'
Recognizable feature seen in four 'Star Trek' series and one movie to appear again.

Nov 24 - Virgin Media Lands 'Star Trek' Programming
'Star Trek' shows to be offered via Video on Demand in the U.K.

Nov 24 - 'Star Trek' Home Theater? Make It So!
Palm Beach County, Florida home boasts decor that would make Captain Picard feel right at home.

Nov 23 - Retro Review: A Matter of Honor
Riker is assigned to a Klingon vessel as part of an exchange, but his loyalties are tested when he learns the ship plans to attack the Enterprise.

Nov 22 - Shatner Disappointed At Being Left Out Of 'Star Trek XI'
Out of the loop on the new movie, William Shatner speaks his mind.

Nov 22 - Nichelle Nichols on 'Heroes'
Nichols on working on 'Heroes'. Plus: Thoughts on the upcoming 'Star Trek XI'.

Nov 21 - Zachary Quinto On Star Trek
New pictures of Zachary Quinto as Spock. Plus: Limited Magazine Offer.

Nov 21 - Billingsley Talks 'Jerome Bixby's The Man From Earth'
Phlox of 'Enterprise' explains what drew him to low-budget independent movie. Plus: His work with charities.

Nov 21 - Anton Yelchin Casting Rumor
'Star Trek XI' actor to possibly be in 'Justice League'.

Nov 21 - Takei Talks 'Star Trek'
George Takei thanks fans for their support over the past forty years.

Nov 19 - 'Star Trek' Game Ships
Star Trek: Conquest for the Wii will be available shortly for purchase.

Nov 19 - 'Angels & Demons' To Be Delayed
Production of prequel to 'The Da Vinci Code' has been postponed.

Nov 19 - Sarek Cast
Ben Cross tapped to play father of Spock.

Nov 18 - 'Star Trek' Original Series HD-DVD Reviews
First season remastered original series reviews hit the Internet.

Nov 18 - Quinto On 'Heroes' And 'Star Trek'
Zachary Quinto describes the similarities between the two shows.

Nov 18 - George Takei On 'Heroes'
Takei drops hints about upcoming appearance on popular show.

Nov 16 - Retro Review: Unnatural Selection
Dr. Pulaski is exposed to a virus that accelerates the aging process.

Nov 16 - Star Trek XI Writers Talk 'Transformers'
In preparation for the DVD release, Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci discuss the Transformers movie. Plus: Comparisons with Star Trek XI.

Nov 16 - Bruce Greenwood speaks briefly on Captain Pike
Preparing for 'Star Trek' fan expectations, Bruce Greenwood is doing his homework on Christopher Pike.

Nov 16 - 'Star Trek XI' Losing Great Lines To Writers' Strike
J.J. Abrams has come out to join the picket line for the first time.

Nov 16 - Site Columns
Autumn, Menagerie Remastered, Nerdy Orion Slave Girl, Birthdays

Nov 16 - Menagerie Reactions
Reactions from moviegoers on 'The Menagerie'. Plus: First season original series HD-DVDs.

Nov 15 - Nimoy Unsympathetic
Leonard Nimoy gives his thoughts on Shatner's recent comments.

Nov 15 - Morrison Role Rumors
Speculation as to which role the actress of 'House, M.D.' will play in 'Star Trek XI'.

Nov 14 - Star Trek XI Generates Strong Opinions
Creator of 'Star Trek New Voyages' speaks out on 'Star Trek XI'. Plus: Cawley on the Enterprise.

Nov 14 - Clifton Collins Jr. Signs On As Second Bad Guy
Actor of Mexican descent will play character known as Ayel alongside Eric Bana's Nero. Plus: Confirmation of Hemsworth casting.

Nov 14 - See Quinto As Young Spock
More spy photos leak out to the internet. Plus: 'Star Trek XI' Casting Call.

Nov 14 - Menagerie Opens Today
A remastered version of the original series episode, 'The Menagerie' opens in theaters today.

Nov 12 - Koenig's 'InAlienable' Set For December Release
Sci-fi thriller written, produced and starring Walter Koenig (Chekov) to be be available via pay-per-view Internet for $2.99 per showing on December 15.

Nov 12 - Abrams Confirms Jennifer Morrison Casting
'Star Trek XI' director says Morrison 'is most excellent,' but will not be playing Janice Rand. Plus: Abrams on the writers' strike.

Nov 12 - Harlan Ellison Upset At Latest Movie Rumors
Original Series writer, known for his feud with Gene Roddenberry, gears up for a renewed struggle with Paramount. Spoilers inside!

Nov 12 - Greenwood On Captain Pike
Bruce Greenwood drops hints about his upcoming Christopher Pike role in 'Star Trek XI'.

Nov 12 - New Plot Details Leak Out
Find out which classic TOS episode inspired the script for the new film, how we'll first encounter Kirk, and how Nimoy's Spock gets involved. Major spoilers!

Nov 12 - Patrick Stewart Guest Voice Appearance
Stewart guest stars on 'Family Guy' and 'American Dad'. Plus: Autographed mug auction for charity.

Nov 12 - Rossi And Okudas On Regenerating 'The Original Series'
State of the art technology meant to impress current original series fans and to entice new ones.

Nov 10 - Latest Casting Rumors: Carol Marcus And Kirk's Father Found?
Australian actor Chris Hemsworth will be playin George Samuel Kirk Sr., while 'House' star Jennifer Morrison has also been added to the cast, possibly as love interest for Kirk.

Nov 10 - Shatner Talks 'Star Trek XI'
The star of Boston Legal is sad not to be in newest Trek movie. Plus: Shatner to attend book signing.

Nov 9 - Site Columns
Hello, Star Trek XI begins shooting, Enterprise arrives on DVD two years ago, birthdays

Nov 9 - Retro Review: The Schizoid Man
A dying scientist transfers his mind into Data's body so that he can live forever, continue his experiments, and woo his

Nov 9 - Rachel Nichols Gives First Trek Interview
Despite tight gag order, former 'Alias' actress seems to confirm rumors

Nov 9 - Winona Ryder To Play Spock's Mother
36-year old Oscar nominee to be Amanda Grayson, the wife of Sarek.

Nov 8 - Solow Goes From Producer's Chair To Speaker's Podium
The former high-powered producer responsible for shepherding 'Star Trek' to the screen now resides in a small market town in Wales, a world away from the glitter of Hollywood.

Nov 8 - Bruce Greenwood To Play Christopher Pike
51-year old Canadian actor, with roles in 'Thirteen Days,' 'I, Robot' and 'Capote' to his name, will portray character originated by Jeffrey Hunter.

Nov 7 - 'Star Trek' To Start Filming Today
Two and a half years after production shut down on 'Enterprise,' the Paramount lot will be used by the Trek franchise again.

Nov 6 - Paramount Casting 'Trek XI' Background Characters
Have a small head, bug eyes or a facial deformity? Are you part of a triplet? J. J. Abrams might just need you!

Nov 6 - J.J. Abrams To Honor Writers' Strike
Director will still helm the new 'Trek' film, but won't perform rewrites. Plus: comments from 'Trek XI' producer Lindelof, also walking the picket line.

Nov 5 - Nichols Would Love To Appear In 'Trek XI'
Original Uhura actress says J.J. Abrams will allow Roddenberry's legacy to live on. Plus: Nichols talks 'Heroes' role.

Nov 5 - Stewart Says Picard Nearly Overtook Him
Now back on the stage, TNG actor looks back at his workaholic days in Hollywood.

Nov 2 - Retro Review: Loud as a Whisper
A deaf mediator who has three vocal interpreters is brought in to stop a war.

Nov 2 - Rachel Nichols May Be Second Female Cast Member
Film news site claims 'Alias' actress may follow J.J. Abrams to 'Star Trek XI' for as yet unknown role.

Nov 2 - Nimoy Joined 'Trek XI' Because Of Abrams
Original Spock actor says he returned to the franchise after so many years because the script for the new film captures the essence of Trek.

Nov 2 - Giacchino To Incorporate TOS Theme In New Film
'Star Trek XI' composer says his career was inspired by the work of composers such as James Horner and Jerry Goldsmith; promises familiar Trek fanfare will be retained.

Nov 1 - Shatner Talks Myriad Of New Projects
Kirk actor on his new Bible oratory, his Christmas spoof 'Stalking Santa,' and his Darfur-inspired Trek novel 'Collision Course.'

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