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By T'Bonz
November 16, 2007 - 5:39 PM

Hello World!

Autumn has finally arrived in South Florida. Even though the calendar says November, not September, in Florida it does not transition from the dog days of summer (May-October) to autumn until the first front comes through that drops the both the humidity and the temperature. Sometimes one will get a temperature drop, but it will be humid. Or the humidity will drop a bit, but it's still too warm to turn off the air conditioner. Today the magical combination finally happened.

I ran around the house, opening the windows. The air conditioner has been switched off for the first time since early May. It's glorious out; cool, dry and with a brilliant blue sky unmarred by the presence of any clouds whatsoever.

Opening the blinds and windows brought an unexpected visitor, who perched outside of the family room window for several moments watching my birds, who were equally fascinated with the colorful visitor. His bright red color reminded me that Christmas is just around the corner.

Sometimes I've thought about the worlds and climates of Star Trek and wondered how someone from one planet would adapt to the climate of another. Would Vulcans shiver in San Francisco on a pleasant spring day? Would a human on Vulcan suffer heatstroke while the locals were reaching for their sweaters and jackets? What about those serving on starships? How would it be determined which temperature was optimal for all of the different beings serving on a ship? Would postings be assigned based on both the need for the same type of breathable air and climate?

I have no answers but no doubt some author has already addressed this in a story. I do know one thing. After over twenty years in the heat of South Florida, when retirement comes, I'm heading for cooler climes. Vulcan no, Breen perhaps.


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