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June 21 2024


An archive of Star Trek News

News Headlines for May 2006

May 31 - Interview: John de Lancie
The actor who plays Q reflects on omnipotence, the appeal of science fiction and whether he'd rather flirt with Picard or Janeway.

May 30 - Berman Reflects On 'Deep Space Nine'
Executive producer and co-creator Piller always intended for the show to be dark and tense, wanted African-American lead actor.

May 30 - Blalock's 'Slow Burn' On Fast Track for Lionsgate
Canadian-filmed thriller with T'Pol actress and Ray Liotta has been picked up for distribution.

May 30 - Stewart On Hiatus From Sci-Fi
Though 'X-Men' had a strong opening weekend, Picard actor isn't certain he'll return to the franchise.

May 28 - The Book Padd: Enterprise: Last Full Measure
Michael A. Martin and Andy Mangels explain how the MACOs and the rest of Enterprise's crew learned to work together.

May 27 - Bat'leth Seized By British Police
Klingon ceremonial weapon is one of many blades on display during knife amnesty month in the UK.

May 27 - Paramount Parks Sold To Knotts Berry Farm Owner
Ohio company will take over Star Trek: The Experience, Carowinds' Borg Assimilator ride and other entertainments as CBS sells off theme park division.

May 26 - : By Any Other Name
The Enterprise is taken over by beings from the Andromeda Galaxy who have assumed human form in order to control the ship.

May 26 - Interview: John Billingsley, Part Two
In part two the Doctor Phlox talks about ABC's 'The Nine', his film roles and how his career has moved on since 'Enterprise'.

May 26 - Site Columns
Memorial Day, Lost on the BBS, Trek two years ago, new poll, DS9 birthdays.

May 25 - Shatner Worries About Mortality In the Midst of Work
Though he received mostly good reviews for 'Over the Hedge' and has another season of 'Boston Legal' ahead, the Kirk actor fears dying without providing for his family.

May 25 - Nimoy's Foundation To Give $425,000 To Arts
Spock actor and his wife, a curator, give Ohio State University additional funds for contemporary art.

May 24 - Latest Trek Tech Excites Science Reporters
Intel's voice-operated media system, Vocera's communicator and GE's portable scanner are latest additions to list of Trek-like devices.

May 24 - Abrams Collaborator Burk Talks 'Trek XI'
'Lost' executive producer shrugs off Academy rumours, says he couldn't be more excited to be involved with Star Trek,

May 23 - Sternbach Seeks Work on 'Star Trek XI'
14-year veteran designer is currently developing models for planetariums and collectors but would be glad to return to Trek.

May 23 - Alaska Welcomes A New James T. Kirk
Parents name their fifth child after Star Trek captain, call Shatner 'the only captain' who matters to them.

May 22 - CBS Picks Up Ryan's Swim With 'Shark'
'Voyager' actress will play James Woods' boss on his new series on CBS Thursdays this fall.

May 22 - Siddig Becomes 'Nativity' Angel
Bashir actor will play Gabriel in a story about the life of Mary, mother of Jesus Christ.

May 22 - Interview: John Billingsley, Part One
The Doctor Phlox actor discusses the end of 'Enterprise', working on 'Prison Break'... and Phlox in a gimp suit.

May 21 - News Bullets
Frakes, Spiner & Keating, Nimoy, Mulgrew, Stewart, Billingsley, Kelley, Decipher, gaming news, Trek Life, Gala contest, 'Star Trek IV', Legacy, action figure, screen caps.

May 21 - Stewart Talks X-Men, Trek Revival
Picard actor would be happy to work with TNG co-stars again but does not believe studio wants them; finds 'X3' dark.

May 20 - Combs Stars Tonight In Sci-Fi's 'Abominable'
Weyoun and Shran actor joins 'Millennium' star Lance Henriksen in new horror film.

May 20 - Crosby Would Be Happy To Do More Sci-Fi
TNG actress recently acted with her husband in a film shot in her own house, would also like to perform more comedy.

May 19 - Site Columns
Summer entertainment, transporters on the BBS, 'Enterprise' renewed two years ago, new poll, three birthdays.

May 19 - : Patterns of Force
Kirk is horrified to discover that a Federation advisor has declared himself Fuhrer and recreated Nazi Germany on a developing world.

May 18 - Christie's To Host Star Trek Memorabilia Sale
Famed auction house will take exhibits on tour before bids will be taken in honour of franchise anniversary this fall.

May 18 - Billingsley To Be One of 'The Nine' On ABC
Hostage drama is picked up by network at upfronts; 'Enterprise' actor's wife has a role in the pilot as well.

May 17 - Stewart Talks X-Men and Ex-Trek
Picard actor is pleased with how Charles Xavier has evolved, surprised that Paramount is bringing back Star Trek so quickly and without 'Next Gen' involvement.

May 17 - Park's 'Raines' Will See Dead People On NBC
Hoshi Sato actress will play a police officer on supernatural drama with Jeff Goldblum; Tim Russ' '20 Good Years' is on schedule as well.

May 16 - Star Trek Phone Arrives in Europe
HTC's STRTrk runs Windows programs, has external music controls and weighs about as little as a Razr.

May 16 - Stewart, Grunberg Talk Trek XI
Picard will not be back after Paramount rejected initial pitch from Logan and Spiner; Abrams' collaborator would like to play Scotty in a prequel.

May 15 - New Mexico Company Proposes Antimatter Rocket
If storage problems could be overcome, positrons could power travel to Mars in less than 90 days.

May 15 - Trek Cards and Journal Coming To A Store Near You
Chronicle Books is releasing a box of postcards, stationery and a bound notebook with images from the original series.

May 15 - Shatner To Bring Therapeutic Riding To Israel
Kirk actor wraps another season of 'Boston Legal', opens in 'Over the Hedge', joins Canadian animation studio.

May 14 - The Book Padd: SCE What's Past 2: The Future Begins
'The Future Begins' by Steve Mollman and Michael Schuster is a tribute to Montgomery Scott.

May 13 - Siddig Prepares To Take On 'Hannibal'
Bashir actor stars in BBC telefilm this weekend about African general who fought the Roman Empire.

May 13 - Roddenberry Considered Gay Characters
Takei describes conversation in which series creator said he feared endangering a show with already precarious ratings.

May 12 - Site Columns
Hello World, 'M:I-3' on the BBS, 'Enterprise' speculation two years ago, new poll.

May 12 - : Return To Tomorrow
The last survivors of a devastating war, who have lived as pure energy beings for centuries, borrow the bodies of crewmembers to build android forms to house their minds.

May 11 - 'Star Wreck' Team Looks To Expand Internet Filming
Creators of very successful Finnish Star Trek parody are working on original sci-fi, want to build web site to help filmmakers around the world.

May 11 - Sternbach, Okuda, Roddenberry Attend Space Conference
Star Trek alumni and space professionals discuss aerospace developments, science fiction and fact.

May 10 - Russ Looking Forward To '20 Good Years'
Tuvok actor has been cast in a new series, is directing yet another short film and working with Trek actors on music.

May 10 - News Bullets
Dorn & Picardo, Bernard, Frier, Siddig, anniversary con, Pillers, Mulgrew, Sev Trek, Jammer, CCG, comedy short, Tactical Assault, PSP, Abrams editorial, TrekUnited, TrekCore caps.

May 9 - Stewart Has Traded In Spacesuit, He Claims
Picard actor has no great wish to appear in 'Star Trek XI' but cites Star Trek as a positive influence as he prepares for 'X3' and 'The Tempest.'

May 9 - Scotty Memorial In Aberdeen Remains Uncertain
City Council may encourage pub owners to develop Star Trek-themed drinks; Linlithgow continues to press its own claim as Doohan character's birthplace.

May 9 - Will Stargate Go Where No Trek Has Gone Before?
MGM VP would like to launch a third installment of the sci-fi franchise to run concurrently with 'SG-1' and 'Atlantis' with a feature film.

May 8 - Scientists Propose 'Cloaking Device'
Though being discussed now for dust specks, not starships, proposal indicates that objects may be hidden by manipulating light frequencies.

May 8 - With 'Mission' In Jeopardy, Abrams Looks Forward To Trek
'M:I-3' opens to disappointing numbers as Abrams talks Trekkies and Kurtzman & Orci prepare to enter 'Red Cell'.

May 7 - Abrams Regular Grunberg Expects Prequel Film
'Alias' and 'M:I-3' actor believes Kirk and Spock will be recast, is hoping to play a Klingon himself.

May 5 - Site Columns
Sailing weekend, Damon vs. Cruise on the BBS, two-year-old fourth-season gossip, three birthdays, new poll.

May 5 - : A Private Little War
Kirk beams down to a peaceful planet he visited years earlier, only to find that some of the natives have been given sophisticated weaponry by the Klingons.

May 4 - WorldCon To Celebrate Star Trek Anniversary
L.A.con IV, this year's World Science Fiction Convention, plans numerous Trek guests, panels and events for franchise's 40th birthday.

May 4 - Montgomery Looks Forward To New Roles
After taking some time off to work with children and film a documentary, Mayweather actor has two independent films in the works.

May 4 - Abrams, Lindelof Plan Continued Involvement In Other Projects
'Star Trek XI' producer remains committed to 'Lost', expects Abrams to be in demand after 'M:I3'; Picardo expresses enthusiasm for producer choice.

May 3 - Bethesda Softworks Launches Official Trek Gaming Site
'Legacy' producer discusses development, missions; forums and fan site also launched for upcoming games.

May 3 - 'Boston Legal' Wins Suit For Third Season
Shatner-Auberjonois series will return to ABC this fall. Also: Mulgrew to appear on 'Law & Order: SVU' this season.

May 2 - 'Threshold', Q Come To DVD
Spiner-Braga series to have expanded life in four-disc set; also, twelve episodes in upcoming 'Fan Collective - Q' have been chosen.

May 2 - J.J. Abrams Talks Trek, M:I3, 'Lost' and 'Alias'
New Star Trek producer is riding a wave of success on TV that he hopes will continue on the big screen.

May 1 - Stewart Talks Trek Idealism, RSC Return
Though he tries to avoid fans, the Picard actor says Star Trek taught him to have fun acting and thinks new 'X-Men' film will be best.

May 1 - Takei Calls For Gays To Live More Public Lives
Living in the closet allows mainstream to go on promoting stereotypes, emboldening conservatives, the Sulu actor says.

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