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By Michelle
May 5, 2006 - 7:30 PM

Hello World!

We celebrated the last day of April by going to the Baltimore Waterfront Festival, where the Volvo 70 yachts taking part in the Volvo Ocean Race were resting between competitions and being repaired and restocked. Abn Amro One was in first place and Moviestar was in second, but the racing boat attracting the most attention from chatty tourists was the Black Pearl, sponsored by Disney and sporting a Pirates of the Caribbean logo on its sail. There were also Volvo Extreme 40 catamarans racing in the Inner Harbor, of which my favorite was the Tommy Hilfiger, which had a sail with an unzipped fly on it. While those little cats zipped around the harbor, we boarded several visiting ships, including Brazil's clipper Cisne Branco, Philadelphia's barkentine Gazela, and the schooners Virginia, Sultana and Pride of Baltimore II.

Since it was the last day to see the Maryland Science Center's traveling exhibit on the Wright Brothers and the birth of aviation, we went there too...and since it is very difficult to be in the Inner Harbor without doing so, we also went out for crab cakes at one of the numerous inexpensive food court seafood places with a gorgeous view of the activity on the water. The Orioles were home that afternoon, so the crowds were enormous but worth braving. This weekend the Volvo Ocean Race heads to Annapolis for the Maryland Maritime Heritage Festival. Sunday is the one day a year that the Chesapeake Bay Bridge is closed to vehicles so that pedestrians can enjoy the views from the 4.5 mile bridge, unfortunately my kids have their last non-exam day of Hebrew school around the time the walk starts, but the music, shipbuilding exhibits and food will be there all weekend!

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Happy Birthday!

Today is the birthday of both Marc Alaimo, who played Dukat on Deep Space Nine, and John Rhys-Davies, who played da Vinci on Voyager. Monday, May 8th is the birthday of Salome Jens, who played the female Founder on Deep Space Nine.

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