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June 25 2024


An archive of Star Trek News

News Headlines for June 2005

June 30 - Fan Film Series Crosses Trek's Gay Frontier
'Hidden Frontier' does what commercial Trek never did and features two characters. Plus: 'Hidden Frontier' to be shown at Gaylaxicon scifi convention.

June 29 - Wheaton Recalls Exploring The Enterprise Set
Wesley Crusher actor reminisces about his time on TNG, reveals exactly how to bring the ship to warp. Plus: Wheaton says 'it was time for 'Enterprise' to go.'

June 28 - 'Voyager' Writer Fuller Launches New Animation Show
Sci-Fi Channel announces 2006 debut date for Bryan Fuller's new half-hour comedy 'Screw-On Head,' starring Paul Giamatti and and David Hyde Pierce.

June 27 - News Bullets
Upcoming Frakes chats, uncensored 'Harbinger' on DVDs, Siddig movie preview, 'Wildfire' success, two Trek deaths, 'Lost' & more.

June 25 - Trinneer Says Writing Was On The Wall For 'Enterprise'
Trip Tucker star admits there was some excitement early on because of the show's creative changes and strong early ratings, but in the end the show was probably always doomed.

June 24 - NASA Develops Trek-Like Speaking Computer
New 'Virtual Crew Assistant' Clarissa will respond to spoken commands and read out updates, and is technically more advanced than the Trek computer.

June 24 - : Mudd's Women
A wonder drug turns three ordinary women into sex goddesses to be sold to lonely men.

June 24 - Site Columns
Solstice week, speculate on Future Guy's identity, Blalock's first Spacey, new poll, Borg Queen birthday and more.

June 23 - 'Amazing Race' Winner Has Past Trek On Resume
CBS' latest victor played Ensign Gates on 'Next Generation'.

June 22 - Trek Designer Wanted To Fly Sideways, See Bathrooms
Andrew Probert, illustrator on ST:TMP and ST:TNG, worked on making Picard's ready room more practical and the Enterprise warp-ready.

June 22 - Horan Reveals Face Behind Future Guy
Mysterious visitor on 'Enterprise' was a guest star on all three previous contemporary Trek shows.

June 21 - Braga's 'Threshold' Has 9/11 Parallels
Exec says references weren't deliberate but 'in the zeitgeist'; CBS premieres new extended preview.

June 21 - Nimoy Speaks On Latest Photography Project
Spock actor's latest work examines images of full-bodied women in a culture obsessed with thinness.

June 20 - Keating Asks, 'What Would Bakula Do?'
Reed actor says that Captain Archer has taught him a great deal, but cancellation has not been a devastating blow.

June 20 - Visitor Mentors 'Wildfire' Co-Star Onscreen and Off
DS9's Kira is happy to be working with young people, enjoying being in maternal position on ABC Family series.

June 20 - News Bullets
Piller & Visitor, Braga & Spiner, 'Wonder Woman' Trekkers, Siddig & Cattrall, Shatner & Lucas, Mulgrew, Probert, Roddenberry & Wells, DVDs, fan film, reviews and more.

June 19 - Viacom Split Leaves Trek Future Uncertain
Paramount Television and Paramount Pictures to be managed by different parts of newly divided media giant as CBS Corp. becomes independent.

June 19 - Piller's 'Wildfire' To Debut Tuesday With Special Visitor
DS9's Kira plays a central role on longtime Trek writer's new show about a troubled teenager.

June 18 - Park Wished For Greater Closure for Sato
Though pleased with 'Enterprise' fourth season, actress felt that the finale did not wrap up character arcs for the crew.

June 17 - : The Enemy Within
Kirk discovers that his capacity for violence and skirt-chasing comes from the same source as his command abilities.

June 17 - Site Columns
Summer blues, love on the BBS, Spike Wars, birthday and new poll.

June 16 - Picardo Faces New Alien Threats
The Doctor from 'Voyager' will make guest appearances on 'The 4400' and 'Stargate: SG-1' this season.

June 16 - Keating Was Ready For 'Enterprise' Cancellation
Though Reed actor greatly enjoyed season four, especially scenes with Trinneer, he did not expect 'Enterprise' to be renewed.

June 16 - Bakula Taking a Break From Television
Archer actor is pursuing theatre roles, says he thinks Archer would have become more sophisticated but never lost his idealism.

June 14 - Braga Says 'Lost' Opened Door For Genre Serials
Former Star Trek producer's 'Threshold' hopes to do for CBS what 'Lost' did for ABC.

June 13 - The Book Padd: Articles of the Federation
Keith R.A. DeCandido's highly-praised novel of Federation politics follows crises from inside the governing body.

June 13 - Mulgrew: Green-Screen As Difficult As One-Woman Show
In California with 'Tea At Five', the Janeway actress describes her process in creating Hepburn.

June 13 - Trinneer Was Content With 'These Are the Voyages...'
Tucker actor says he's happy with how Trip/T'Pol relationship progressed, sorry only that 'Enterprise' is no longer filming.

June 12 - 'Enterprise' Third Season DVD Artwork Released
Complete set to be available in September. Also, official site will host first season viewing party in June.

June 12 - In a Perfect World, Keating Would Do Comedy Next
Malcolm Reed actor has no regrets about 'Enterprise' except its cancellation, enjoyed working with more visible co-stars.

June 12 - The Book Padd: Starfleet Corps of Engineers: Malefictorum
The 50th book in the eBook series portrays Domenica Corsi 'in all her tenacious glory'.

June 11 - News Bullets
Shatner x2, Stewart, Fletcher, Bishop, Trek study, models, props, books, Goldsmith score, transporter, 'Enterprise' and 'Nemesis' reviews, screen captures.

June 11 - Pillers Return to 'The Dead Zone' Tomorrow
USA series returns for fourth season, following Behr's highly successful 'The 4400'.

June 10 - : The Naked Time
An unknown virus lowers the crew's inhibitions, leading to mayhem as Enterprise spirals toward a dying planet.

June 10 - Site Columns
Celebrity oversaturation, BBS on DVDs, Trek two years ago, new poll, birthday and more.

June 10 - 5-Minute Enterprise: Zero Hour
Archer wins the ballgame in sudden-death overtime. Then there's Nazis!

June 10 - 5-Minute Enterprise: The Forgotten
Archer gets his used-car salesman on.

June 9 - Coto Dreams of Cloud City, 25th Century Future For Trek
'Enterprise' exec said that in retrospect he thinks the format may have doomed the series, but would not reimagine the franchise.

June 9 - Shatner Burned By 'Alien Fire'?
Captain Kirk actor is no longer attached as director to Reeves-Stevens project he had brought to Sci-Fi.

June 9 - Trinneer To Produce Documentary With Makeup Artist Lewis
Five-time Emmy nominee will put longtime interest in horror movies to work in collaboration with 'Enterprise' Tucker actor.

June 8 - Straczynski Still Wants To Run Star Trek
'Babylon 5' creator, speaking at WizardWorld convention, says that his pitch was rejected because Paramount is not ready to reboot the franchise.

June 8 - MI:3 To Film On Star Trek Soundstages
Newest 'Mission: Impossible', another franchise with a long history at Paramount, has many Trek connections.

June 8 - UPN To Air Last 'Enterprise' This Weekend
Friday night movies have replaced Star Trek, reruns will end this week; national syndication is slated to begin in September.

June 8 - 5-Minute Enterprise: Damage
Will Archer become a pirate? And if so, can he train Porthos to perch on his shoulder?

June 7 - News Bullets
Billingsley, Ryan, Picardo, Spiner x2, Brooks, conventions, Shatner's spaghetti, Mulgrew, Braga, Klingon obituary, gaming, screencaps, fan films, book review and more.

June 7 - 'Insurrection' SE DVD Wins More Fans For Extras Than Film
Reviewers are critical of 'soft' story but mostly impressed by deleted scenes and bonus interviews with cast and crew.

June 6 - Bakula, Trinneer, Billingsley Speak of Endings
Cast knew the end was coming, wanted to make the last season memorable but were worn down by ratings, actors explain.

June 6 - Sirtis Would Don Troi's Uniform 'In a Nanosecond'
Though she believes that Star Trek needs a break, TNG actress who appeared on ENT finale would love to work with her co-stars again.

June 6 - 5-Minute Enterprise: Azati Prime
Archer vs. the future, Round 3 -- will Travis be the first casualty?

June 5 - Behr's 'The 4400' Series Debuts Tonight
Former DS9 producer says he thinks Star Trek stuck around too long, wishes he had Trek-size budgets on current show.

June 4 - Berman & Braga Discuss Trek Continuity
'These Are the Voyages...' fits into pattern of intra-series continuity, claim the writers.

June 4 - In Israel, Nimoy Talks Jewish Background, Trek Connections
Spock actor is hopeful about the peace process and unconcerned about his 'Shekinah' being sacreligious.

June 3 - : Where No Man Has Gone Before
Star Trek's second pilot actually aired as its third episode, part of a recurring theme about what happens when people become godlike.

June 3 - Site Columns
Cinderella Man, send B&B into space, new poll, meet Admiral Forrest and more.

June 3 - Stewart Says TNG Cast Wanted To Do Trek XI
Picard actor reveals Brent Spiner and John Logan proposes a film featuring all captains and principal casts. Plus: Star Trek Magazine details.

June 2 - Strange New Worlds 9 Contest Announced
Latest Pocket Books anthology for amateur Star Trek writers is looking for submissions. Also, SNW8 to be released in July.

June 2 - Mulgrew To Take On Cleopatra After Hepburn
Janeway actress will perform in Shakespearean tragedy in New York after 'Tea at Five' on west coast.

June 1 - Bakula Thanks Fans at Spacey Awards
Blalock appears with her puppy in footage aired at the ceremony where 'Enterprise' won favourite series.

June 1 - Dave Rossi Admits To Being 'A Big Geek'
Longtime production assistant/associate producer recalls early days with TNG, laments the end of 'Enterprise'.

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