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June 25 2024


An archive of Star Trek News

News Headlines for January 2005

Jan 31 - News Bullets
Sirtis, 'Enterprise' credits and DVDs, Bakula, Russ, Siddig, Stewart, Mulgrew, obituaries, festival, DVD caps, UPN, clothing and more.

Jan 31 - The Book Padd: From Sawdust to Stardust
Jacqueline Bundy reviews Terry Lee Rioux's new biography of DeForest Kelley.

Jan 30 - Savagery and Covert Ops in 'Demons'?
Two new sources claim upcoming episode will feature links to both the original series and 'Deep Space Nine'. Spoilers inside!

Jan 30 - Not All Critics Affected By 'Observer Effect'
Online reviews praise the cast but are mixed when it comes to the storyline of last week's low-rated alien possession story.

Jan 30 - Spiner: Trek Still Follows Roddenberry's Ideals
Trek is still about Gene's 'hopeful vision of the future,' says Data actor; also discusses current state of the franchise.

Jan 30 - Billingsley Glum On Renewal Chances
Dr. Phlox actor says economical realities spell doom for 'Enterprise,' says franchise needs a rest before coming back 'darker' and more honest about human flaws.

Jan 30 - UPN Releases 'United' Promo
Download the trailer for next week's 'Enterprise' episode. Transcript inside!

Jan 29 - Site Columns
Eternal Sunshine of the Oscar nominations, BBS on BSG, Shran two years ago, new poll and more.

Jan 29 - 'Babel One' Counteracts 'Observer Effect'
Last night's 'Enterprise' fast national ratings rise slightly as UPN beats WB for the 8 p.m. hour.

Jan 29 - Review: Babel One
The journey to Babel before 'Journey To Babel' gives fans something to deja vu about.

Jan 28 - The Dead Live Again In 'Through A Mirror, Darkly'
Alternate universe puts familiar faces in unique situations. Spoilers inside!

Jan 27 - 'Enterprise' To Be Syndicated This Fall
90% of US covered in rerun deal to bring the UPN show to regional broadcasters and station groups.

Jan 27 - Bakula: 'I Love Doing Enterprise'
Star talks to fan site about being misquoted on wish to leave, studio politics and fan appreciation.

Jan 27 - 'Enterprise' To Face Earth-Bound 'Demons'
Secret bio-engineering experiments take place in this Manny Coto-penned episode. First spoilers inside!

Jan 26 - 'Observer Effect' Has Fewest Viewers Ever
Total ratings reflect an audience smaller than that for 'Battlestar Galactica' last week.

Jan 26 - First Photos of Defiant, New Photos of Orions Online
Constellation-class ship sets, slave girls in green makeup pictured in newly available images. Spoilers inside!

Jan 25 - Frakes And Sirtis To Appear In 'Enterprise' Finale?
News first reported on official web site of Deanna Troi actress; sources say deal is 'in the works'.

Jan 25 - Spiner Reflects on 'Nemesis' Legacy
Actor says he, Stewart and Berman had imagined a film crossing over several Trek series.

Jan 25 - Longtime Producer To Leave Star Trek?
Sources claim that Merri Howard is departing 'Enterprise' to work on a new series.

Jan 25 - Slave Girls 'Bound' To Attract Viewers
Production report describes choreography, makeup, guest actors for upcoming Orion episode. Spoilers inside!

Jan 25 - News Bullets
New fan campaign, 'Babel One' photos, Bakula chat, Australian 'Enterprise,' Shatner, book excerpts, Bryan Fuller, and a Klingon Bat'leth.

Jan 24 - 'In A Mirror, Darkly' May Feature Classic Ship
'Enterprise' episode will reportedly feature a visitor from the future. Spoilers inside!

Jan 24 - Billingsley Wants To Visit Denobula
Phlox actor is hopeful but not optimistic about 'Enterprise' renewal, would miss cast and crew the most.

Jan 23 - The Book Padd: Worlds of Deep Space Nine, Volumes II and III
Jacqueline Bundy reviews the latest installments of the Deep Space Nine fiction relaunch.

Jan 23 - Berman Not Fazed by Ratings, Blalock Criticisms
Star Trek executive producer is pessimistic about a William Shatner appearance but happy with most of the fourth season.

Jan 23 - UPN Releases 'Babel One' Promo
Download the trailer for next week's 'Enterprise' episode. Transcript inside!

Jan 22 - Review: Observer Effect
What if The Empath had Scientific Method on an Errand of Mercy?

Jan 21 - 'Daedalus' Takes Off With Some Critics, Sinks For Others
Last week's episode received a widely mixed reaction from online critics.

Jan 21 - Site Columns
Snow days, SF chat on the BBS, Tholians two years ago, poll, birthday and more.

Jan 21 - Berman Promises TOS, DS9 Connections
Star Trek executive producer discusses storylines for remainder of 'Enterprise' season, reveals new episode 'Bound.'

Jan 20 - UPN May Expand Coverage Without 'Enterprise'
Moonves, Ostroff mum on fate of the series as they promote plans to reach urban, female, broader demographics.

Jan 20 - 'Galactica' Ratings Edge Ahead of 'Enterprise'
Moore's show, seen as a triumph for Sci-Fi, attempts to distinguish itself from Star Trek.

Jan 19 - Star Trek Gaming To Go Forward in 2005
Viacom Consumer Products director expects 2007 release for MMOG, plans non-traditional gaming platforms in 2005.

Jan 19 - Moonves: Star Trek Might Need A Break
Viacom co-president refuses to make predictions about 'Enterprise' future; Bakula denies reports that he wishes to leave.

Jan 19 - First 'In A Mirror, Darkly - Part II' Spoilers
Still in the Mirror Universe, the Imperial Enterprise discovers new aliens and cutting-edge technology - all surprisingly familiar to Classic Trek fans...

Jan 18 - 'Enterprise' Not Cancelled Yet
Manny Coto: Sets currently being built for episodes 20-21, Berman & Braga writing episode 22. Plus: Expect an action-packed second half of the season!

Jan 18 - UPN Releases 'Observer Effect' Promo
Download the trailer for next week's 'Enterprise' episode. Transcript inside!

Jan 18 - News Bullets
Shatner's shoes, 'Where's Captain Kirk?', Borgzilla, Mulgrew, Picardo Rhys-Davies and Billingsley go to Titan, Stewart, 'Enterprise' down under, DVDs and caps.

Jan 18 - Berman: Trek XI To Be Bigger & Better Than Ever
Executive producer denies rumours of Paramount disliking his concept for the new Trek film, says he envisons a movie with a large scope and budget.

Jan 17 - Keating Hopeful of Fifth Season
Reed will have more to do later this season, he reveals. Spoilers inside!

Jan 17 - 'Invasion Iowa' Hoax To End April Fool's Day
Shatner's reality TV miniseries will premiere at the end of March on Spike.

Jan 17 - Shatner Wins Golden Globe
Kirk actor adds another trophy to a collection that already includes an Emmy Award.

Jan 15 - 'Daedalus' Fails To Take Wing
Last night's 'Enterprise' fast national ratings dropped off in comparison to the end of 2004.

Jan 15 - Review: Daedalus
The inventor of the transporter brings a realm of fear aboard Enterprise.

Jan 14 - Official 'Divergence' Details Available
Conclusion to Klingon arc will reveal the fate of Phlox, forehead ridges. Spoilers inside!

Jan 14 - News Bullets
Blalock, Save Enterprise, Mulgrew x4, Bowman, Moore, Jemison, Ross, caps, UPN, books.

Jan 14 - Trinneer Thanks The Most Loyal Fans on Television
Tucker actor thinks 'Enterprise' holds up well against the original series.

Jan 14 - Site Columns
Winter entertainment, nerdy Trek chat, 'Nemesis' non-Oscar nods, new poll and more.

Jan 12 - 'Enterprise' DVDs Will Reportedly Include Outtakes
Deleted scenes and behind-the-scenes clips are also rumoured to be part of season box sets due this year.

Jan 12 - Wheaton's Glad To Be An Inspiration
Formerly cranky TNG actor is now delighted with Wesley's impact on young scientists.

Jan 11 - Billingsley Not Sorry To Have Reduced Role
Phlox actor believes the show has done well to focus on command trio, enhanced action storylines.

Jan 11 - Bakula: Archer Is Who I'd Be As Captain
'Enterprise' star says he appreciates character's flaws, room to grow.

Jan 10 - Interview: Terry Lee Rioux
Jacqueline Bundy interviews the author of the new biography of DeForest Kelley.

Jan 10 - News Bullets
Siddig, Logan, Moore, Blalock, Mulgrew, Foltier, Okazaki, Ayers, Sev Trek, tsunami, screen caps, reviews, CCG, B5.

Jan 9 - Director Livingston To Exhibit Photographs
A portion of proceeds from sales of experimental photos will go to charity.

Jan 9 - UPN Releases 'Daedalus' Promo
Download the trailer for next week's 'Enterprise' episode. Transcript inside!

Jan 8 - Drive Underway For Star For Koenig
Last TOS actor not celebrated on Walk of Fame is the subject of a new fundraising campaign.

Jan 8 - Berman: Trek XI In 'Very Early Stages'
Star Trek executive producer seemingly confirms there's not much happening with the next Trek film, also talks Enterprise's future.

Jan 8 - 'Enterprise' Looks 'In A Mirror, Darkly'
First plot details for Series V's own Mirror universe episode, set to air later this year! Spoilers inside.

Jan 7 - Trek 11 Rumoured To Be Off Paramount's Agenda
Anonymous sources claim that the studio is unhappy with Berman's plan for a prequel feature.

Jan 7 - UPN Releases Official 'Daedalus' Information
First episode since 2004 will focus on the transporter's inventor. Spoilers inside!

Jan 7 - Site Columns
Winter movies, BBS on new shows, news from 'Nemesis', new poll, birthdays and more.

Jan 6 - News Bullets
Atkins Diet Trekker, Masterson, Jemison, Wheaton, Boyett, book cover, DVD giveaway, 'Dead Like Me', 'New Voyages' and 'Hidden Frontier,' Jammer the visionary.

Jan 6 - Stewart's 'Lion In Winter' Scores Producers Guild Nod
Picard actor's remake will compete once again with 'Angels in America,' 'Something the Lord Made.'

Jan 5 - The Book Padd: To Reign In Hell
Jacqueline Bundy reviews Greg Cox's novel about the exile of Khan Noonien Singh.

Jan 4 - News Bullets
Bakula, Mulgrew, Sadler, stardates, Trek sex, screencaps, DVD praise, 'Enterprise' in England, book review.

Jan 4 - Stewart Wants To Return To Theatrical Roots
While anticipating 'X-Men' and possible 'Superman' appearances, Picard actor says he's happy to be back in England.

Jan 3 - 'Sopranos' Producer Tipped To Head Paramount
Talent manager reportedly in talks to take over from the departing Sherry Lansing in 2006.

Jan 2 - Takei: Trek Moved TV From 'Brainless Entertainment'
Captain Sulu actor talks franchise's longevity, the influence of Trek and 'Enterprise'.

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