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June 25 2024


An archive of Star Trek News

News Headlines for September 2007

Sep 29 - Stewart's 'Macbeth' Hailed As Exceptional
Picard actor, who has waited for decades to play Shakespearean role, is contributing to a box office bonanza for the Bard in London.

Sep 29 - Karl Urban Latest Name To Surface in Trek Casting
'Lord of the Rings' star worked with screenwriters Kurtzman and Orci in 'Xena', could be villain or crewmember.

Sep 28 - Site Columns
Trek movie freakout, manga and McCoy on the BBS, Trek two years ago, Justice League poll, happy birthday to Avery Brooks.

Sep 28 - Retro Review: The Neutral Zone
En route to Romulan space, the Enterprise encounters a ship carrying cryogenically frozen humans from the 20th century.

Sep 27 - Colbert Faces Khitomer Over Klingon Joke
Did Comedy Central comedian swipe a joke from a fellow pundit? Or did they both borrow the words of a Democrat from last January?

Sep 27 - Casting Rumours For Kirk, Scotty, & Formerly Spock
Poseidon's Vogel, Atlantis' McGillion said to be front-runners to play young captain and engineer; Brody confesses to meeting with Abrams. And Takei says don't count him out.

Sep 26 - Stewart Would Like To Do 'Doctor Who'
Picard actor, already scheduled to appear onstage with David Tennant, wants to appear in British sci-fi classic as well.

Sep 26 - TNG Cast, Crew Look Back on 20 Years
'Entertainment Weekly' celebrates 'The Next Generation' anniversary with special issue insert, interviews.

Sep 24 - Reeves-Stevens Team on Missions to Mars
'Enterprise' writers have 'Race to Mars' miniseries airing this week in Canada, reflect on 'Terra Prime'.

Sep 24 - Vulcan Seeks To Host 'Trek XI' Opening
Canadian town with the same name as Spock's planet puts tourism coordinator to work lobbying Paramount.

Sep 23 - Spiner To Become a 'Superhero!'
Data actor joins spoof by veteran parody-makers to poke fun at action blockbusters.

Sep 23 - Ryan Returns To 'Shark' Pool Tonight
Seven of Nine actress feels fortunate that while Star Trek gave her a great role, it did not typecast her.

Sep 21 - Site Columns
Kitten, 'Heroes' returns, 'Threshold' two years ago, new poll, birthday and more.

Sep 21 - Retro Review: Conspiracy
Picard returns to Earth to investigate a conspiracy among the highest ranks of Starfleet Command.

Sep 20 - Nichols Loves Being One of Trek's Heroes
Preparing for role on NBC hit series, she offers advice for Saldana on remembering Uhura's roots.

Sep 20 - Abrams' Devotion to Star Trek Worries Warner Bros. TV
Studio is facing big losses over expensive TV pilots with no new shows to sell from Abrams yet.

Sep 19 - Complete TNG Set To Include New Disc of Features
Box set will come with two twenty-year retrospectives on the show's impact and legacy, plus exclusive poster.

Sep 19 - CBS To Produce Stewart's 'Eleventh Hour' For US TV
British drama will have expensive new pilot produced by Bruckheimer and 'CSI' producer Cannon.

Sep 18 - Keating Gets a Break In 'Prison'
On top of his new 'Heroes' gig, the 'Enterprise' actor will join Fox's 3-year-old get-out-of-jail-free show.

Sep 18 - Saldana Confirmed As Uhura in 'Trek XI'
'Avatar' actress will take over the role made famous by Nichelle Nichols.

Sep 17 - Death and Dying, Star Trek Style
Actor, writer pass away; alumni celebrated at Emmys; new Doohan tribute underway; Star Trek coffins coming.

Sep 17 - Yelchin Keeps Philosophical
Chekov actor for 'Star Trek XI' says he's given up worrying about the meaning of life, pleasing all Trek fans.

Sep 14 - Site Columns
Happy New Year, restaurants at the end of the universe, Shatner's Emmy two years ago, new poll, birthdays.

Sep 14 - Retro Review: We'll Always Have Paris
When a scientist's temporal experiments turn deadly, Picard tries to rescue him and his wife - Picard's old flame.

Sep 12 - Rod Roddenberry Has Concerns About 'Star Trek XI'
Though happy with Abrams, Quinto, he believes Paramount has rushed to decision to make prequel film.

Sep 11 - Garner Says She's Go Vulcan For Abrams
'Alias' star says she owes the man who made her a major star, would appear in 'Alias' movie or 'Star Trek.'

Sep 11 - Doohan Family Will Attend Linlithgow Tribute
Widow Wende and son Chris are expected at the unveiling of a plaque in Scotty's future hometown.

Sep 10 - 'Star Trek VI' Writer Dies
Denny Martin Flinn, the writer of a Star Trek novel and co-writer of a movie, had cancer.

Sep 10 - Shatner Still Sad Not To Be In 'Trek XI'
Emmy nomination, new book and several other projects don't remove the sting of being excluded from upcoming movie.

Sep 9 - Nichols, Goldberg Talk 'The View' and 'Heroes'
Guinan actress reiterates that Uhura was a great inspiration to her; Nichols is working harder than ever.

Sep 9 - Jeri Ryan Is Expecting a Baby
Seven of Nine actress, currently appearing on 'Shark', is pregnant with her second child.

Sep 8 - Yelchin Encounters 'Fierce People'
Future Chekov actor spends the summer with a tribe as dangerous as the Klingons in limited-release film.

Sep 8 - Compston Joins List of Scotty Contenders
Hemphill, McAvoy still claimed to be in the running for role in upcoming 'Star Trek' film.

Sep 7 - Site Columns
Stewart on stage, Bond on the BBS, Trek two years ago, new poll, birthdays.

Sep 7 - Retro Review: Skin of Evil
An alien kills Yar and holds Troi hostage while she argues the innate goodness of most beings.

Sep 6 - Toshiba To Offer Exclusive Phaser Remote With HD-DVD
Fans who purchase the first season of the original series on HD discs and a Toshiba player will receive exclusive Star Trek remote control.

Sep 6 - 'New Voyages' Moves Ahead With 'Blood and Fire'
With 'World Enough and Time' back up for download, producers look ahead.

Sep 5 - IDW Plans To Forge Own Storylines
Editor Harris says the new comics won't struggle for compliance with Pocket Books, Marvel comics; no adaptations from other media in the works.

Sep 5 - Quinto Tries To Keep Spock and Sylar Separate
While doing press for 'Heroes', the actor expresses hope that his stage training serves him well in two science fiction franchises.

Sep 4 - 'Medical Tricorder' Uses Ultrasound To Heal
Device being tested on animals may make surgery with scalpels unnecessary to treat internal injuries.

Sep 4 - Visitor Wants To Be First Lady
DS9 actress plays the wife of a presidential candidate in 'Swing Vote' with Grammer, Hopper, Costner.

Sep 4 - Stewart To Join Tennant in 'Hamlet'
The captain and the Doctor will headline next season's Royal Shakespeare Company production in Stratford.

Sep 1 - John Billingsley To Join '24'
Former Dr. Phlox actor to play recurring character called Latham. Plus: DS9 guest star Jeffrey Nordling also added to '24' cast.

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