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June 21 2024


An archive of Star Trek News

News Headlines for November 2001

Nov 30 - Tom Hardy Confirmed As Picard's New 'Nemesis'
Main Villain casting confirmed for 'Trek X Nemesis.' Plus: Michael Shanks audition and Wheaton prepares to go on set.

Nov 30 - Shatner To Star In Mob Spoof
Original series star tapped for 'Dumbfellas.' Plus: MSN chat with Shatner today!

Nov 30 - Warm Reception For 'Cold Front'
Section 31, ScoopMe!, Trekker Newsletter, Trek5 & TrekWeb analyse 'Enterprise's' latest.

Nov 30 - News Bullets
'Enterprise' a winner, Stewart, Mulgrew, screencaps, Keating, con reports & Psi Phi.

Nov 30 - Site Columns
'Inspector Gadget 2,' BBS threads, classic TT news & TV listings.

Nov 29 - Park Excited About Hoshi's Development
'Enterprise' actress hopes to see the linguist come into her own.

Nov 29 - News Bullets
'Fortunate Son' reviews, TMP DVD, book news, & Ryan video.

Nov 29 - Review: Cold Front
Silik returns to give Archer a twisted but interesting temporal headache.

Nov 29 - Site Columns
The book of the game, Trek BBS, Poll Results, and TV Listings.

Nov 28 - Web Review Gives 'Cold Front' The Thumbs-Up
Cinescape says tonight's episode is 'very watchable.' AICN calls it 'Enterprise's best yet!'

Nov 28 - Trek 'Weakest Link' Raises Record Amount
LeVar Burton wins the night, Dawson says she was only joking with Wheaton.

Nov 28 - Bakula Nominated For People's Choice Award
'Enteprise' star up for Favourite Male Performer in a New Television Series.

Nov 28 - Site Columns
Bad photos, BBS threads, classic TT news & TV listings.

Nov 27 - Tom Hardy Negotiating For Shinzon Role?
British actor rumoured to be up for main villain role in 'Star Trek X: Nemesis.' Spoilers inside.

Nov 27 - 'Voyager' Was Hard Work, Says Mulgrew
Janeway actress recalls the strain of working in the Delta Quadrant.

Nov 27 - Bakula Continues Media Parade
Archer actor talks 'Enterprise' technology in Sunday magazine.

Nov 27 - Site Columns
Hello *hack, cough* World, Trek BBS and TV Listings.

Nov 27 - News Bullets
Trek science, B5 interview, Siddig message, Bakula, Enterprise stars, Ryan, ASC & more!

Nov 27 - Gaming Bullets
'Armada II' review, troubleshooting support & demo, 'Bridge Commander' video & FAQ.

Nov 26 - Rick Sternbach Joins Star Trek X
Long-time Trek illustrator on creating graphics for 'Nemesis' art department. Plus: Sternbach talks NX-01.

Nov 26 - Robert Duncan McNeill On 'Cold Front'
Get the latest about this week's new 'Enterprise' episode - from the man who directed it.

Nov 26 - Which Trek Star Is the Weakest Link?
A Star Trek special of the gameshow hosted by the Brit with an attitude airs tonight.

Nov 26 - Site Columns
A day of laziness, BBS threads, classic TT news & TV listings.

Nov 25 - 5-Minute Enterprise: Fortunate Son
Over Nausicaan objections, Travis saves the universe.

Nov 25 - Site Columns
A Winter Landmark, Trek BBS, Poll Results, & TV Listings.

Nov 24 - 'Enterprise' Cast On Breaking With Tradition
Keating, Trinneer, Blalock, Montgomery & Bakula talk sex, underwear and bleeding captains.

Nov 24 - Reviewers Analyse 'Fortunate Son'
A round-up of online comments from reviewers about the latest 'Enterprise' adventure.

Nov 24 - Site Columns
Shopping & Gaming, BBS threads, classic TT news & TV listings.

Nov 23 - Robert Hewitt Wolfe Departs 'Andromeda'
Former 'Deep Space Nine' writer parts company with the Gene Roddenberry show he helped to create.

Nov 23 - Trek Stars Speak In AOL Chat Marathon
Details of chats with Koenig, Kellerman, Collins, Wheaton, Sirtis, Crosby, Cromwell, Picardo, Mulgrew & Lawrence.

Nov 23 - News Bullets
TV Guide, ST: Hypertext, Wheaton, 'Weakest Link,' Sky One Borg night, Mulgrew, Psi Phi & MediaTrek.

Nov 23 - Site Columns
I am, apparently not myself, Trek BBS, Trek Two Years Ago & TV Listings.

Nov 23 - Sev Trek: Create-A-Tricorder
Take a look at the latest completed Star Trek parody cartoon and submit an idea for the next one.

Nov 22 - Park: 'Enterprise' Is About Relationships
Series V actress talks characters and Hoshi Sato's personal journey.

Nov 22 - UPN Releases 'Cold Front' Promo
Download the trailer for this year's last 'Enterprise' episode! Contains transcript & spoilers.

Nov 22 - Armstrong Making Further Forrest Appearances
'Enterprise' actor has filmed two more episodes as the head of Starfleet. Contains possible spoilers.

Nov 22 - Review: Fortunate Son
Caught between Starfleet and Boomers, Mayweather finally gets some character development.

Nov 22 - Site Columns
Celebrations all round, BBS threads, classic TT news, a poll & TV listings.

Nov 21 - First 'Cold Front' Review Appears Online
Get advance spoilers for 2001's final 'Enterprise' episode. New info on the Temporal Cold War story arc!

Nov 21 - News Bullets
Real-life holodecks & translators, 'Roswell.', DVDs & more.

Nov 21 - Site Columns
Zzzzzzzz, Trek BBS and TV Listings.

Nov 21 - 'Civilization' Solid But Unexciting, Critics Say
Tim Lynch, the Cynic, TrekWeb, FirstTVDrama & Section 31 review last week's 'Enterprise' episode.

Nov 20 - Montgomery Expresses His Love For 'Enterprise'
Mayweather actor talks set camaraderie, Bakula, Blalock and 'Faith of the Heart.'

Nov 20 - Beltran Grateful For Galaxy Ball Support
Former 'Voyager' actor praises the generosity of Trek fans.

Nov 20 - Site Columns
Turkey pardoning, BBS threads, classic TT news & TV listings.

Nov 19 - Kate Mulgrew Confirmed For 'Nemesis'
Janeway actress slated for 4 days of shooting. Plus: Tidbits from TNG castmembers. Contains possible spoilers.

Nov 19 - Article: Philadelphia Convention Report
Doug Wilson reports on the events of this weekend's convention in Philadelphia.

Nov 19 - 'NYPD Blue' Creator Developing UPN Pilot
Network CEO says series could air back to back with 'Enterprise.' Plus: more upcoming UPN series.

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