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June 25 2024


An archive of Star Trek News

News Headlines for May 2005

May 31 - News Bullets
Bakula, Stewart x2, Shatner, Mulgrew, Takei, Martin & Mangels Q&A, 'Threshold' in Canada, 'Nemesis' & 'Insurrection' DVDs, fan production and PC game.

May 31 - Lofton To Release Rap Album
Jake Sisko actor says that his experiences on 'Deep Space Nine' will figure in his may four-letter words.

May 31 - Fontana Talks About 'New Voyages', Failings of Newer Trek
Original series writer does not believe Berman was the ordained successor to Roddenberry, thinks sequel series lacked warmth of the first.

May 31 - Article: Valley Forge Autograph Show Convention Report
Jonathan Frakes speaks out at Pennsylvania con: 'I wish we had done another movie instead of Nemesis.' Plus: Burton, Spiner, Schultz.

May 30 - Billingsley Believes Fourth Season Was Best
Phlox actor was sorry not to have more to do in finale but appreciated 'Demons' arc.

May 30 - 'Enterprise', Blalock Win Spacey Awards
Moore's 'Galactica' was also honoured at ceremony where Blalock, Bakula and Armstrong appeared.

May 29 - 'Insurrection' DVD Features Highlighted
Ninth Star Trek film will be released in special edition next week. Also: learn FX from a Trek pro.

May 29 - Koenig Ready for 'New Voyages' as Chekov
Original series actor will appear in 'To Serve All My Days', a fan episode slated to shoot in September.

May 29 - Takei Discusses Trek Activism
Hikaru Sulu actor says that his Trek fame enabled him to promote important Asian-American issues. Plus: Takei on Roddenberry's vision.

May 28 - Rick Berman: Trek XI In Two Or Three Years
'Star Trek' executive producer discusses 'new, fresh feature,' whether Trek would work on cable, and a new project he's developing with Brent Spiner.

May 27 - : Charlie X
Charlie's our new darling, our darling, our darling, until crewmembers start disappearing and Kirk must explain the facts of life.

May 27 - Site Columns
Serenity, BBS on finales, 'Nemesis' DVD headlines, Star Wars poll, birthdays and reruns.

May 26 - Dorn's 'Descent' Debuts on Sci-Fi
Volcano movie set in Pacific Rim is criticised for unoriginality, weak dialogue.

May 26 - The Book Padd: Hollow Men
Jacqueline Bundy reviews Una McCormack's sequel to 'In the Pale Moonlight.'

May 26 - News Bullets
Stewart x2, Bakula, Brooks, Mulgrew, conventions, 'Dead Zone', Reeves-Stevenses, FX, DVDs, Trek on TV and more.

May 25 - Mulgrew Has 'Tea At Five' on the West Coast
'Voyager' actress returns to Seattle Rep to perform her one-woman show and raise awareness about Alzheimer's disease.

May 25 - Coto Looks Back on Season Four
Arcs more successful than stand-alone episodes, states executive producer, who was particularly pleased with alien storylines.

May 25 - Patrick Stewart Lends Voice To Many Projects
Several animated features, audiobook and computer game will feature the voice of Captain Picard.

May 25 - Sussman Joins 'Threshold' Writing Team
Former 'Voyager' and 'Enterprise' writer and producer joins the staff of Brannon Braga's new CBS show.

May 24 - Decipher Announces 2005 CCG Plans
Company will refocus on customisable card game releases for Star Trek and Lord of the Rings with several new expansions.

May 24 - Takei Wishes He'd Had More Screen Time
Sulu actor finds Trek themes remain relevant but remains critical of his most visible co-star.

May 23 - Trinneer On Classical Training, Quaker Upbringing and Keating's Backside
After four years as Trip Tucker, actor says he's not certain what's next but he hopes to return to the stage.

May 23 - Stewart Talks 'A Life in the Theatre'
Former RSC actor has a long list of classical roles he would like to play, now that he has left Picard behind.

May 22 - News Bullets
Shatner x2, Billingsley & Masterson, Nimoy, Batman-Trek DVD connection, Trek music, UPN schedule, contests, reviews, new fan episode, DVDs and more.

May 22 - 'New Voyages' Producer Describes His Trek Roots
Filmmaker met Roddenberry as a child, recut 'Star Wars' film when it didn't live up to fannish expectations.

May 21 - Leonard Nimoy Talks 'Zombies Of The Stratosphere'
Spock actor recalls the role that he first thought would rocket him to stardom. Plus: Nimoy on Trek's cancellation, 'The Motion Picture,' and being stalked in Montana.

May 21 - Few Online Critics Happy With 'These Are the Voyages...'
Though reviewers look back with nostalgia, most find the 'Enterprise' finale to be a great disappointment. Spoilers!

May 21 - The Book Padd: Taking Wing
Riker sets off on his own command in the new Pocket Books novel following the events of 'Nemesis'.

May 21 - CBS Releases Official 'Threshold' Synopsis & Photos
The new Brannon Braga & Brent Spiner science-fiction show will air on Fridays at 9:00pm, right after the paranormal drama 'Ghost Whisperer.'

May 20 - 'Terra Prime' Labeled Fertile Ground By Many Critics
Despite ongoing problems concerning continuity and the use of science, the penultimate episode earns largely positive notices.

May 20 - : The Man Trap
A review of the first-ever broadcast hour of 'Star Trek', in which Kirk encounters his first femme fatale.

May 20 - Site Columns
Star Wars, UPN schedule ranting, 'Nemesis' arrival two years ago, new poll and more.

May 19 - WWE To Replace 'Enterprise' on UPN Slate
Friday nights will remain targeted at male viewers as wrestling switches slots on UPN's schedule.

May 19 - Is the Force With Trekkies? Will Lucasfilm Live Long and Prosper?
As the final installment in the 'Star Wars' trilogy opens just after Star Trek wraps, media outlets analyse the two sci-fi giants.

May 19 - Link: 'Star Trek' Nearly Cost Culp 'Housewives' Role
Major Hayes actor had to miss a crucial ABC meeting due to filming of his 'Enterprise' death scene, but got lucky when ABC recast the Rex van de Kamp role.

May 18 - Frank Gorshin, TOS' Bele, Dies at 72
Impressionist played the Riddler on television's 'Batman', earned Emmy nod for Star Trek.

May 18 - News Bullets
Finale guests, Grammer in 'X3', Mulgrew, Fletcher, Dorn, Visitor, Sev Trek, caps, podcasts, new fan series, 'Enterprise' dissected and more.

May 18 - Okuda Describes Recreating Old Trek Props
Posting for fans, the scenic art supervisor explains rebuilding the familiar for 'These Are the Voyages' and Mirror episodes.

May 18 - Star Trek Books News
Editor Clark announces 'Enterprise' relaunch plans; Palmieri says Sato novel expected this winter.

May 17 - Reeves-Stevenses Describe 'Terra Prime' Development
In podcast, the writers read unheard dialogue and explain their collaborative process with Manny Coto.

May 17 - Trinneer Joins Chorus Unhappy With Finale
Tucker actor wanted a big group farewell in 'These Are the Voyages...' Spoilers inside!

May 17 - CBS Picks Up 'Threshold,' Drops 'The Commuters'
Trade reports suggest Brannon Braga & Brent Spiner's sci-fi show will end up on the Eye network schedule, but Jeri Ryan may have to look for another job.

May 16 - UPN Puts Positive Spin On 'Enterprise' Finale Numbers
Network is pleased with increases among adults, male viewers in Friday night time slot vs. previous years.

May 16 - DS9 Alumni Coming Soon to Screens Near You
Visitor, aka Major Kira, stars in Piller's 'Wildfire'; Meaney's 'Layer Cake' gets high marks from national critics.

May 16 - Picardo to Guest Star on 'The 4400'
Voyager's Doctor will appear in second season of USA series staffed by former DS9 writers.

May 16 - NASA Astronauts Discuss 'Enterprise' Finale Role
Space veterans Mike Fincke and Terry Virtis say they were impressed by the magic of Hollywood. 'Trek motivated me to pursue a career at NASA.'

May 15 - Braga, Keating, Burton & Picardo Speak on Trek Legacy
Affection for Kirk and belief in the value of real space exploration are expressed by actors and exec.

May 15 - Wolfe And Beimler Get 'Scarlett' Pilot Order
Former TNG & DS9 writers team up to develop Lifetime series about a horror writer whose characters seem to be coming to life.

May 14 - Reviews Exorcise 'Demons'
Continuity and political relevance can't overcome weak science and poor acting for some critics, while others enjoy connections to original series.

May 14 - Last 'Voyages' Get Mediocre Ratings
UPN fast national numbers are up very slightly but 'Enterprise' still goes out with a whimper.

May 14 - Review: These Are the Voyages...
A Starfleet luminary finds faith of the heart as he studies the NX-01 historical documents.

May 14 - 5-Minute Enterprise: 'Enterprise' Ending Spectacular
Les Moonves & Scott Bakula interviews so exclusive they didn't even know they gave them! Disclaimer: Not to be read as a statement that the ending is spectacular.

May 14 - Review: Terra Prime
With T'Pol and Tucker held hostage by a xenophobe, Archer tries to salvage a planetary alliance.

May 13 - Site Columns
Farewell for now, thank Manny Coto, Trek two years ago, new poll, finale tonight and more!

May 12 - Bakula and Keating Face 'Enterprise' End
Actors reiterate appreciation for the fans; Bakula laments network changes, Keating admits to enjoying convention bonuses.

May 12 - Two Enterprise Pilots Discuss Personal Highlights
Takei and Montgomery talk about prejudice in their own lives and the future they are proud to portray.

May 12 - Interview: Mike Sussman
In an exclusive interview with TrekToday's Kristine Huntley, the 'Enterprise' writer and producer discusses the evolution of the show's fourth season, the show's controversial finale, and the state of the Trek fandom. Minor spoilers inside!

May 11 - Auberjonois Calls Shatner 'A Blast', Reflects on Career
DS9's Odo, now starring on 'Boston Legal', grew up among theatre luminaries and says he feels blessed.

May 11 - Koenig Unsure of Heartthrob Status
Chekov actor says most of his fan mail came from teenage girls after network brought him on to appeal to Monkees fans.

May 11 - Park Thanks Fans and Plans Vacation
Sato actress calls 'In a Mirror, Darkly' the most fun she's had on 'Enterprise' but isn't sorry to move on professionally.

May 11 - News Bullets
London Expo, what should the next 'Trek' be, TrekUnited featured on 'Enterprise' DVDs, NCC-1701-D shots, Chris Kreski passes away, CCG, 'The Cage' & more!

May 10 - Trinneer and Nichols Ponder Trek Legacy
'Enterprise' and original series star played groundbreaking gender roles - one as a highly skilled female officer, the other as a pregnant man.

May 10 - 'Enterprise' Stars Find Silver Lining at FedCon
German convention featured appearances by Blalock, Keating, Nimoy, Spiner, Robinson and others.

May 10 - Manny Coto Praises 'These Are The Voyages...'
Series V showrunner says that 'Demons' & 'Terra Prime' are a quasi-finale, and 'Voyages' is a post-season episode placing 'Enterprise' in a prominent position.

May 9 - Berman, Braga Reflect on Trek Development
Braga calls it ironic that franchise triumphs led to fatigue, Berman said he worried before 'Voyager' about oversaturation.

May 9 - Blalock Again Blasts 'Enterprise' Finale
'It was just insulting,' says T'Pol actress, next appearing in a film with UPN's Taye Diggs.

May 9 - TrekToday RSS Feed Launches
Find out how to add TrekToday headlines to your favorite news reader! Not using RSS yet? Then click here to find out why you should!

May 8 - McCarthy Discusses 'These Are The Voyages' Score
Longtime Trek music composer reveals that final piece of 'Enterprise' music will include elements of the original TOS score and the 'Motion Picture' fanfare.

May 8 - Berman: Season Four Not The Manny Coto Show
Star Trek's executive producer says he and Braga had just as involvement this year as in the previous, addresses fan criticism.

May 8 - No Ratings 'Demons' For UPN
'Enterprise' fast national ratings hold steady during penultimate week as network manages not to finish last.

May 8 - The Book Padd: SCE: Small World
The Angel of Death offers a sweeter story this time around.

May 7 - UPN Releases Promo For 'Enterprise' Finale
Download the trailer for next week's double-header. Transcript inside!

May 7 - Review: Demons
'Enterprise' finally summons the courage to emulate the original series rather than just using its props.

May 6 - Reviewers Debate Who's Fairest of All
Some call second 'In a Mirror, Darkly' a satisfying follow-up; others cite plot muddle and over-the-top scenes as detractions.

May 6 - Second-Season 'Enterprise' DVD Details Released
Box set to come with multiple audio and text commentaries, profiles on Jolene Blalock and LeVar Burton, and 'A Night In Sickbay' featurette.

May 6 - Site Columns
End of TV season blues, boycotting UPN, when 'Smallville' took on 'Enterprise', new episode tonight and more.

May 5 - News Bullets
Saturn Awards, Siddig, Blalock, Burton, Stewart, Shatner, Nimoy, Biggs, Card, Picardo, DiCandido, Combs, fan film, Spike TV, reviews, captions and more.

May 5 - Braga's Pilot on 'Threshold' of CBS Schedule
Former Star Trek exec is waiting to hear whether his new series will make CBS's fall roster of shows.

May 4 - Weller Finds Relevance in a Genre He Doesn't Love
'Robocop' star, who appears in the penultimate episodes of 'Enterprise', admits that he's not a science fiction fan but found many reasons to work on the series.

May 4 - Mulgrew Donates Uniform For Alzheimer's Research
Captain Janeway uniform will be auctioned as part of a celebrity fundraising drive to help eradicate the disease.

May 4 - Tim Russ Has Two Sci-Fi Films in the Works
The actor, who played Tuvok on 'Voyager', will write and direct movies and play music this month.

May 3 - Shimerman Reflects on Ferengi Values
Quark actor discusses his long marriage, career on Broadway and theatrical origins with 'sister in law' Masterson.

May 3 - 'Enterprise' First-Season DVDs Released Today
Reviewers mostly praise extras while expressing some ambivalence about prequel concept and execution.

May 2 - Sussman Offers Biographical Tidbits on Archer & Sato
Amidst discussion of the biographies seen briefly onscreen in 'In a Mirror, Darkly', the episode writer reveals details unseen on television. Spoilers inside!

May 2 - Brooks' Hawk Movies To Be Released on DVD
Four-film collection of 'Spenser: For Hire' will arrive next month in exclusive box set, featuring DS9's Captain Sisko actor as Hawk.

May 1 - Producers, Star Disagree On What Killed 'Enterprise'
Moore cites oversaturation; Coto believes audience was limited; Blalock insists weak scripts were to blame.

May 1 - Review: In a Mirror, Darkly Part Two
Archer's visions get distorted as he hatches a preposterous plot to sieze power.

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