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May 20, 2005 - 4:03 PM

Hello World!

I can most easily sum up my reactions to Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith by saying that it was pretty bad, but I loved it anyway. Don't get me wrong: the things Lucas does well, he does very, very well. The visuals are unparalleled in my experience. The pacing is good, much better than Episodes I and II, and I didn't start to zone out during the extended action sequences as I did during every single viewing of The Two Towers and The Return of the King, each of which I saw several times in the theater. There are a lot of very funny moments consisting of little things going on in the background of Ep III - droids in unexpected places, minor characters wearing unexpected expressions - that enliven the film, and the actors do as good a job with the dialogue they're given as could possibly be expected.

As for the dialogue itself...well, since I've only seen the film once, I don't remember most of the lines that made me want to gag, so I can afford to be generous and not talk about it. Let's just say that "bad" is probably generous; I'm thinking Kingdom of Heaven would sound like a masterpiece by comparison. I'm not sure that Padme had one single line that made her sound like a Senator and former Queen, and I kept wanting to smack her and tell her to do something already instead of sniveling.

I think it's a problem for the filmmaker that we're supposed to like and identify with the Jedi, the characters who aren't overtly expressing their emotions...and we're supposed to root against the ones who are. It's so easy to share Anakin's frustration and anger, not when he starts making really stupid choices but before that, when the Jedi talk just as much like hide-bound bureaucrats as Amidala accused the Senate of being back in Ep I. Sometimes Anakin's concerns seem very juveline and petty, but all the Jedi seem irresponsible for not noticing what's going on with him, leaving all those choices to a kid who's getting neither the support he needs nor the acceptance he craves. And then there are moments of remembering what he's going to grow up to be, and I find myself asking, "Why am I watching a movie about a young Hitler that's trying to make me feel sorry for him!" For everything bad I've said about Star Trek's scriptwriting over the years, I want to say here and now that even the worst episodes are better written than a lot of Star Wars.

Of course, I'm going to see Ep III again this weekend with my kids. Some childhood habits die hard. Star Trek's one of mine and Star Wars is another.

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