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June 25 2024


An archive of Star Trek News

News Headlines for January 2007

Jan 31 - Original Series Action Figures To Include Khan
Art Asylum will produce a line of 'Wrath of Khan' figures to ship this summer, including some exclusives; UK ToyFair appears to have Mego reproductions on display.

Jan 31 - Jens Shapeshifts As Theatrical Grande Dame
'Deep Space Nine' villain brings a long history of Broadway success and personal struggle to her latest role on the LA stage.

Jan 30 - Mulgrew Writes, Prepares for Stage Appearances
Janeway actress contributes to a book to raise money for Alzheimer's research and plans to appear in one-night-only Shakespeare reading.

Jan 30 - Siddig Joins Cast of Futuristic Thriller 'Doomsday'
Bashir actor will play the leader of the British government in film slated to shoot next month.

Jan 30 - Takei Finds 'Heroes' A Worthy Successor to Star Trek
Now busy with several projects, the Sulu actor offers some insight into Hiro and his father on NBC series.

Jan 29 - Spiner Celebrates Trek's 40th With Fans
An original series watcher since college, Data actor visits anniversary conventions.

Jan 29 - Comics By Klingons, For Klingons To Arrive in April
IDW plans a five-part series including a first book published in both English and Klingon languages to clear up misconceptions about popular villains.

Jan 28 - 'Time' Talks Trek With Shatner
Kirk actor also discusses Denny Crane this season, 'Show Me the Money' and therapeutic riding in Israel.

Jan 26 - Site Columns
Farewell to Jacqueline Bundy, 'Legacy' on the BBS, 'Enterprise' in decline two years ago, Trek survival poll, two birthdays.

Jan 26 - : The Savage Curtain
An alien sets up a confrontation between good and evil starring Abraham Lincoln and Vulcan philosopher Surak.

Jan 25 - Grunberg Hopes To Be A Vulcan
'Heroes' actor, a friend of producer Abrams, is worried about long hours in the makeup chair for a short appearance.

Jan 25 - Takei Talks 'Heroes' and TV Breakthroughs
Sulu actor thinks he's a good fit for NBC's hit series, having already broken stereotypes once in a sci-fi show.

Jan 24 - Nimoy Explores Passions Beyond Performing
Spock actor says that he works constantly as a photographer, is unenthralled by most contemporary sci-fi productions.

Jan 24 - Stewart To Teach at Oxford University
Picard actor already has academic ties to the University of Huddersfield, will lecture on contemporary theatre.

Jan 23 - 'Great American Dream Vote' Seeks Star Trek Fanatics
New ABC reality series is looking for ordinary fans with big Star Trek dreams.

Jan 23 - Could McAvoy Leave Narnia for Starfleet Academy?
British paper reports that rising British star may be in line to play Scotty, though it also declares that Damon will play Kirk.

Jan 22 - Wolfe's 'Dresden Files' Follows Moore's 'Galactica' on Sci Fi
Magical policeman, based on a series of successful novels, earns many positive reviews in pilot.

Jan 22 - New Star Trek Comic From IDW Arrives
Writer and illustrator are both excited about developing 'The Next Generation' characters in new miniseries.

Jan 21 - 'Legacy' Continues To Earn Mixed Reviews
Many critics find the concept more exciting than the execution, calling for fixes to controls and manuals.

Jan 21 - Takei Is Happy To Join Up With 'Heroes'
Sulu actor finds it a challenge to play entire scenes in Japanese.

Jan 21 - Spiner Felt Fans Were Done with 'Next Generation'
Dismal box office for 'Nemesis' made Data actor believe that there was not much interest even among Trek followers for another film with his cast.

Jan 19 - Site Columns
Hello World, '24' on the BBS, bad 'Enterprise' news two years ago, Klingons in the White House poll, Kelley's birthday.

Jan 19 - : The Cloud Minders
To stop a plague, Kirk intervenes in a planetary struggle between aristocratic cloud city dwellers and the workers on the surface.

Jan 18 - Nimoy, Takei Joke About White House Klingons
Original series actors visit 'The Daily Show' via telephone, poking fun at their longtime Trek connections.

Jan 18 - Star Trek on HD-DVD Will Arrive By Year's End
CBS has formed a new division to produce DVDs, schedules the original series as its first high-definition release.

Jan 17 - Lindelof Calls Character Key To Star Trek
Though unwilling to discuss any details, the 'Lost' producer expects to tell a people-based story in space.

Jan 17 - Democrat Wu Warns of Klingons in the White House
Oregon congressman compares Bush administration policymaking in Iraq to warmongering Star Trek aliens.

Jan 16 - 'Star Trek XI' May Feature Both Old Kirk and Young Pike
Shatner reiterates conversations with Abrams about possible involvement; reported script leak reveals Captain Pike and Scotty will be in the movie.

Jan 16 - Moonves Says CBS Is Open To Fan-Generated Ideas
Having made new deals with YouTube and Second Life, the company president says virtual worlds and mashed content will be available to Trek viewers.

Jan 14 - Hertzler's Name Will Be Mudd In 'New Voyages'
Martok actor joins the cast of the fan-produced series as popular original series smuggler Harry Mudd.

Jan 13 - DS9's Garak Is All Over the L.A. Stage
Actor, director, teacher Andrew Robinson is staging a Vietnam-era drama while recruiting next year's graduate students for USC.

Jan 12 - Site Columns
Hello World, T'Pol on the BBS, Berman's boasts two years ago, new poll, one Saavik's birthday.

Jan 12 - : The Way To Eden
A group of rebels under the influence of a charismatic leader takes over the ship in search of paradise.

Jan 10 - Abrams: First Draft of 'Star Trek XI' Is Finished
There is still no official word on casting, plot, schedule for the upcoming feature film from the producer.

Jan 10 - History Channel To Air Special on Star Trek
Nimoy will host documentary which uses last year's Christie's auction as a jumping-off point.

Jan 9 - 'Of Gods and Men' Delayed Until April
Fan film with numerous Star Trek alumni involved needs more visual effects work; Alan Ruck talks Harriman's role.

Jan 8 - Shatner Wants 'Meaningful' Role in 'Trek XI'
Kirk actor still loves working, says 'Boston Legal' keeps him laughing as well as garnering awards.

Jan 8 - NASA Seeks To Regenerate Youth Interest
Space agency hopes that Patrick Stewart, celebrities, YouTube can revive the vitality of the US space program.

Jan 8 - Siddig Arrives on '24', Will Star in French Film
Bashir actor isn't sure precisely how villainous his complicated TV character will be; next will play amnesiac from Beirut.

Jan 5 - Site Columns
Happy New Year, BBS chatter, Trek two years ago, new poll and birthdays!

Jan 5 - : Requiem For Methuselah
Kirk, Spock and McCoy meet an immortal human who was once Da Vinci and Brahms, but who still hasn't solved the mysteries of the human heart.

Jan 4 - Trek Tech Now Includes Original Series on iTunes
HTC Star Trek phone has been updated, Klingons now have their own search engine and more.

Jan 4 - Gerrold Thinks Reinvention Will Help Original Series
'Tribbles' writer appreciates remastered episodes, believes a new Kirk. Spock and McCoy could be key to keeping the franchise alive.

Jan 3 - London Celebrates Star Trek at 40 This Weekend
Stewart plays to the home crowd for the anniversary convention; Koenig, Takei, Biggs to appear at two special events.

Jan 3 - Takei To Take on the White House for Disney Channel
Sulu actor will play the head steward of Air Force One on 'Cory in the House'.

Jan 2 - Harry Mudd To Have 'New Voyages'
The popular rogue will return in an episode of the web-based series in a story written by Howard Weinstein.

Jan 2 - Shatner Greets Fans Via Video
2007 New Year greeting will be first in a series; Kirk actor will also emcee Space Camp's first Hall of Fame banquet.

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