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June 25 2024


An archive of Star Trek News

News Headlines for January 2006

Jan 31 - Takei Calls For IDIC Toward Gay Americans
Gay rights are a human rights issue, Sulu actor insists, saying his friends from Star Trek learned of his orientation years before his fans.

Jan 30 - Australian Theatre Company Takes on 'Tribbles'
Unsees Theatre Company offers a double live bill of 'The Trouble With Tribbles' and 'Journey To Babel' complete with Klingon brawls.

Jan 30 - Darren's 'Time Tunnel' Takes Viewers Back on DVD
DS9's Vic Fontaine reflects on his science fiction shows and singing career.

Jan 29 - News Bullets
Woodard tonight, Challenger memorials, De Lancie, Shore Leave, Graham, Nimoy, 'The Aristocrats', UPN-WB-CW, CCG, book cover, DVD cover, TNG reviews, Sev Trek, BlackBerry, caps, too much Trek.

Jan 28 - New Star Trek Spoof Offers Classic Hot Dogs
'Grease Trek' sees the original series crew working in a fast food restaurant.

Jan 28 - CBS To Sell Paramount Parks
Company that operates Star Trek: The Experience in Las Vegas will be spun off; fate of the attraction remains uncertain after 2006.

Jan 27 - Site Columns
Movie madness, rebooting Trek discussion, Oscar nominees two years ago, new poll, two birthdays.

Jan 27 - : The Doomsday Machine
The USS Enterprise and damaged USS Constellation face off against a planet killer.

Jan 26 - Takei Talks Schwarzenegger, Shatner and Stern
Sulu actor may become a regular on Stern's satellite radio show, remains close with Trek colleagues other than Captain Kirk.

Jan 26 - Bethesda Softworks Provides Details Of Upcoming Games
Company that succeeds Activision to hold Trek gaming license has console and handheld games in the works for 2006.

Jan 25 - Masterson Finds 'Yesterday Was a Lie'
Leeta actress joins 'Enterprise' guest star in neo-noir movie with science fiction subplot.

Jan 25 - News Bullets
BBS tragedy, Siddig, Shatner x2, Janssen, Sirtis, Kelley, Decipher, Trek to the Troops, The CW, 'Free Enterprise', screen caps, cartoons, space news.

Jan 24 - UPN, WB Networks To Merge
Former 'Enterprise' broadcaster will join forces with its nearest rival to create a new network, The CW, co-owned by CBS and Warner Bros.

Jan 24 - Mulgrew's 'Perception' Opens in Manhattan
Quirky film by Janeway actress is described by 'NY Times' critic as a cheap imitation of 'Arrested Development.'

Jan 23 - Dorn, Too, Believes TNG Cast Will Reunite Onscreen
Worf actor says that solely in his opinion, there will be another Next Gen film, though it may take a couple of years.

Jan 23 - 'Tactical Assault' To Join 'Legacy' For Star Trek Gamers
PSP and DS platform game is set in the original series timeline, will have expanded play for wireless users.

Jan 23 - Stewart Again Discusses Possible Trek XI
Picard actor believes a film reuniting the TNG cast with actors from other Trek series may be put together; also, his 'Eleventh Hour' details.

Jan 22 - News Bullets
Siddig and Langella, Nimoy, Pomers, Shatner, Todd, Summers, Mulgrew, ship replicas, bridge home theater, G4, musical trekkies, wax figures, Sev Trek, TNG caps.

Jan 22 - The Book Padd: Star Trek Titan: Orion's Hounds
As Titan ventures beyond known space, the telepaths in her crew are overwhelmed by an alien cry of distress.

Jan 21 - DeCandido Announces Anniversary eBook Series
Six-volume set will explore the original series from the time of the first pilot through the aftermath of 'Generations'.

Jan 21 - Berman Hints At New Internet Star Trek Project
Executive producer claims that no TV show is being discussed and a film may be a long time away.

Jan 20 - Site Columns
'Boston Legal', Cylons on the BBS, Trip/T'Pol two years ago, new poll and birthday.

Jan 20 - : The Apple
Kirk leads a landing party to a paradise with a particularly unpleasant snake in the garden.

Jan 19 - Montgomery Keeps His Beat In Trek
Actor-musician would love to go back and explore Mayweather's history, is looking forward to independent films.

Jan 19 - CBS Rebrands Paramount Television
New CBS corporation takes over Star Trek television properties; Viacom may start up its own television division.

Jan 18 - New Voyages Announces Casting, Writing Coups
David Gerrold will pen 'Tribbles' sequel; Zicree will co-write episode for George Takei as Sulu.

Jan 18 - News Bullets
Mulgrew x2, Stewart, Collins & Hicks, Krzemien, Microsoft, timeline, Trek jazz, Trek VI, USS Justice, Sev, Trek Life, 'Free Enterprise', TrekUnited campaign, discount DVDs.

Jan 18 - Shatner Sells Kidney Stone for $25,000
Online casino purchases Kirk actor souvenir, will donate money to housing charity.

Jan 17 - Stewart's 'Eleventh Hour' Earns Positive Advance Reviews
Scientific drama receives praise for its cast, chemistry and tackling tough modern issues.

Jan 17 - Takei May Appear in 'Star Trek: New Voyages'
Executive producer Cawley says that the fan film series is in negotiations with the Sulu actor to follow Walter Koenig to show.

Jan 16 - 'Star Trek Legacy' To Bring Together Three Generations
New computer game anticipated for September 2006 will have Archer, Kirk, Picard, Sisko and Janeway fighting a common threat, reports claim.

Jan 15 - News Bullets
De Lancie's 'Black Holes', '24' connections, Canadian Trekkies, lots of Shatner, Roddenberry, Moore, CCG, action figures, Google Video, Soul of Star Trek, screen caps, band, conventions, Sev Trek.

Jan 14 - Stewart Has 'Never Felt Happier' Since Returning to UK
Picard actor, delighted with new theatre roles, TV show and girlfriend, says last year was one of the best of his life.

Jan 14 - Shatner Will Be 'Living In TV Land'
Trek star will be the subject of a one-hour special to launch weekly musical reality series about celebrities.

Jan 13 - : Mirror, Mirror
When Kirk steps off the transporter, his crewman salute and Spock has a beard.

Jan 13 - Site Columns
January blahs, Journey on the BBS, 2004's inauspicious opening for 'Enterprise', iPod poll.

Jan 12 - Walter Koening Lassos 'Mad Cowgirl'
Chekov actor is called 'hilarious' in well-reviewed, bloody independent film.

Jan 12 - Russ Appreciated Tuvok As Role Model
Though playing a character without emotions became wearing after seven years, Tuvok actor says he was lucky to get a role like that.

Jan 12 - William Shatner to Host the Golden Groundhog Awards
Underground movies to be feted at new awards ceremony that will be held on Groundhog Day.

Jan 11 - The Book Padd: Starfleet Corps of Engineers: Honor
Two officers must weigh the Prime Directive against a potential genocide in the 58th series eBook.

Jan 11 - News Bullets
Bakula on Broadway?, 'Syriana' and Siddig, Decipher, 'The Game', 'The Trek Life', Sev Trek, books, video, 'Wrath of Khan', spaceflight, Schwarzenegger, 'Trek', convention tidbits.

Jan 11 - Dawson To Direct Trinneer On 'Close To Home'
'Voyager' star and 'Enterprise' actor team up on the series that replaced Braga's 'Threshold' on CBS Friday nights.

Jan 10 - Comcast To Offer All 10 Star Trek Films On Demand
Digital cable service is celebrating Sci Fi Month in January with current and historic genre movies available 24 hours a day.

Jan 10 - Forbes Discusses BSG, DS9, and Wanting Variety
Ensign Ro actress could have been a regular on TNG spinoff but opted out; now, she is glad she let 'Galactica' producers convince her to appear on revival.

Jan 9 - Takei Joins Howard Stern On Satellite Radio
During debut on Sirius, shock jock introduces Sulu actor as announcer and talks to him about his sexual orientation.

Jan 9 - Corgi To Produce Collectible Replicas For 40th Anniversary
Star Trek milestone will be celebrated with die-cast models including original and Next Generation Enterprises.

Jan 9 - Billingsley To Play Recurring Role in 'Prison Break'
Acclaimed first-year FOX drama will feature Phlox actor when series returns from winter hiatus.

Jan 8 - Stewart Brings Childhood Fears To Stage and Public Roles
Picard actor is delighted with his current slate of theatrical roles but remains involved in politics and social issues.

Jan 8 - News Bullets
Visitor, de Lancie, Bakula, Siddig, Shatner & Stewart, Russ, Sev Trek, 'Enterprise', Trek sites, set shaking, uncontroversial 'Enterprise', Trek reviews, 'SeaQuest DSV', TNG on G4, DS9 campaign and caps, insane names.

Jan 7 - Scientist Claims Warp Speed Could Happen This Decade
A German professor says that NASA has contacted him about a device that would allow faster-than-light travel, claims US Air Force wants to test it.

Jan 7 - Google To Make Star Trek Available On the Web
Newly expanded video division will provide CBS content for downloading, including Paramount Television titles now part of CBS after Viacom split.

Jan 6 - Shatner, 'Boston Legal' Cast Earn SAG Nominations
Kirk actor and two co-stars are cited for individual performances while ensemble cast, other Trek alumni get nods as well.

Jan 6 - : The Changeling
Kirk meets a powerful and deadly probe that asks him the immortal question, 'Are you my mother?'

Jan 6 - Site Columns
New Year's stuff, BBS chatter, Trek two years ago, missed TV shows poll, four birthdays.

Jan 5 - 'New Voyages' Producer Departs Production
Internet fan films will continue, but Jack Marshall says it's time for him to move on to other projects.

Jan 5 - Pocket Announces Latest 'Strange New Worlds' Winners
Contest rewards many previous entrants; anthology to be published in August.

Jan 5 - Stewart Talks 'Trek 11' and 'Eleventh Hour'
Actor would like to play Picard once more before he's too old, is excited about real science on ITV series.

Jan 4 - News Bullets
Tom Hanks rumour, Schiavelli, Siddig on Poirot, obituaries, the year in Trek, Blalock, communicator badges, DVD SEs, CBS sans 'Threshold', Sev Trek, Star Trek Online, Borg Assimilator, Las Vegas Trek news.

Jan 4 - 'Hidden Frontier' Creator Talks Fan Film Development
Working on the amateur production has been fun and educational, but doesn't open any doors in show business, says film producer.

Jan 3 - Stewart Felt Like An Alien In Los Angeles
Now back in London, the Captain Picard actor is pleased to return to his theatrical roots and ITV.

Jan 3 - Roddenberry Jr. Talks 'Trek Nation', TV Shows, Majel
Star Trek creator's son is working with 'Enterprise' actor Montgomery on soundtrack for his documentary, says mother is retired from convention circuit.

Jan 3 - Erdmann Recalls Making 'Deep Space Nine Companion'
Having spent time on the set and in the offices, onetime publicist was surprised by teamwork in Trek production.

Jan 2 - Star Trek Most-Missed Show on British TV
Audiences name several science fiction series among the television series they'd most like to see back.

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