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June 25 2024


An archive of Star Trek News

News Headlines for February 2008

Feb 29 - Yelchin And Cho On 'Star Trek XI'
'Star Trek XI' actors discuss working on established franchises.

Feb 29 - Retro Review: Shades of Gray
As Riker's central nervous system is attacked by a deadly microbe, Pulaski tries to stimulate his memories to ward off the effects.

Feb 29 - LeVar Burton on 'Roots' and 'Star Trek'
Former Geordi LaForge discusses his most influential acting roles.

Feb 29 - Carolyn Porco To Keep 'Star Trek XI' Real
'Star Trek XI' scientific consultant beams onto 'Star Trek XI'

Feb 29 - Lindelof on 'Star Trek XI'
'Star Trek XI' producer on the storyline of 'Star Trek XI' and 'Star Trek's' appeal.

Feb 27 - Child Spock Cast
Twelve-year-old cast for 'Star Trek XI' as third Spock.

Feb 27 - 'Star Trek: New Frontier' Comics Unveiled
10th Anniversary of 'New Frontier' to be celebrated with five-part comic continuation of the series. Plus: 'Star Trek: The Next Generation: Intelligence Gathering' artwork.

Feb 27 - Vintage Roddenberry Audio Interview
Gene Roddenberry describes creating 'Star Trek' and 'Star Trek: The Motion Picture'.

Feb 27 - News Bullets
Shatner on 'Star Trek XI', Competition for 'Star Trek XI', Poster, Bana shaves head

Feb 26 - 'Star Trek XI' Casting News
Two more actors set for 'Star Trek XI'; one role known, one unknown.

Feb 25 - Takei On 'The Howard Stern Show'
Takei's fans discovered his wit and humor, courtesy of 'The Howard Stern Show'. Plus: Takei speaks about the William Shatner celebrity roast.

Feb 25 - Cho Receives Takei's Blessing
Playing Sulu means filling some "big slippers" according to John Cho.

Feb 24 - Eric Stillwell Talks Making 'Yesterday's Enterprise'
Co-writer of 'Yesterday's Enterprise' on making the 'Star Trek: The Next Generation' episode.

Feb 24 - 'Star Trek XI' Tidbits
Abrams and Yelchin drop hints, famous actor spotted on the set. Plus: New location for official site.

Feb 24 - Paul McGillion On His Star Trek XI Role
Audition for Scotty didn't pan out, but McGillion will still appear in 'Star Trek XI'. Plus: His recent appearance on 'Stargate: Atlantis'.

Feb 22 - Retro Review: Peak Performance
Riker and part of the crew are sent to the derelict ship Hathaway for simulated battle maneuvers against the Enterprise.

Feb 22 - News Bullets
Original Series on the Web, Star Trek Conquest in Australia, LeVar Burton in Texas

Feb 22 - Yelchin Gives More 'Star Trek XI' Details
Lots of aliens on the ship but only Spock is duplicated, says Yelchin. Plus: Yelchin and Walter Koenig.

Feb 22 - Site Columns
Lucky Days, Star Trek XI Delays, Love of Voyager, Birthdays

Feb 21 - Kristine Smith To Pen New DeForest Kelley Book
Author of 'DeForest Kelley: A Harvest of Memories: My Life and Times With a Remarkable Gentleman Actor' discusses DeForest Kelley and Dr. McCoy.

Feb 21 - Yelchin On 'Star Trek XI' And Being Russian.
Interview-friendly Yelchin granting multiple interviews. Plus: Yelchin drops small hints about his role in 'Star Trek XI'.

Feb 20 - Colm Meaney in Irish Gaelic movie
Former Miles O'Brien appearing in movie filmed entirely in Gaelic. Plus: Meaney to be honored at pre-Oscar party.

Feb 20 - Greg Ellis To Join Cast Of 'Star Trek XI'
British actor lands Chief Engineer Olsen role.

Feb 19 - Second Season of HD-DVD 'Star Trek' To Be Canceled.
Remastered season two a casualty of the HD-DVD/Blu-Ray war.

Feb 19 - 'Star Trek: New Voyages' Becomes 'Star Trek: Phase II'
New name and direction for 'Star Trek: New Voyages'

Feb 18 - News Bullets
Toy Fair 2008, Lopez Obituary, Operation Beta Shield Author Interview

Feb 17 - Forthcoming 'Star Trek' Toys
Preview of new 'Star Trek' toys from Toy Fair 2008.

Feb 16 - 'Star Trek XI' Spy Photos
More photos emerge from the set of 'Star Trek XI'. Plus: Aerial Footage of the set.

Feb 16 - More On The 'Star Trek XI' Move To May
Reasoning for move to summer explained. Plus: Fox switches movie date in response to 'Star Trek XI' move.

Feb 15 - Retro Review: The Emissary
Worf's former flame K'Ehleyr is sent to mediate a potentially inflammatory situation with a Klingon sleeper ship in Federation space.

Feb 15 - Site Columns
Movie Delay, Starship Captain as U.S. President, Billingsley, Birthdays

Feb 14 - 'Star Trek XI' Pushed Back To 2009
Paramount reshuffle moves 'Star Trek XI' from Christmas Day release.

Feb 13 - Rob Caves On 'Operation Beta Shield'
Third Spin-off of 'Hidden Frontier' is ambitious and large in scope.

Feb 13 - Stewart On Macbeth And Stalin
Patrick Stewart found that playing a character written by Shakespeare but set in twentieth century Russia took extra preparation.

Feb 13 - Bakula Appearance On Boston Legal
Scott Bakula played opposite Candice Bergen on Boston Legal. Plus: Boston Legal renewal up in the air.

Feb 13 - WGA To End Strike
Writers to return to work on Wednesday.

Feb 12 - Steve Gerber Passes Away
Creator of the comic 'Howard The Duck' loses fight with lung condition.

Feb 12 - Bana Clarifies
Role of Nero in 'Star Trek XI' is more than a cameo.

Feb 12 - Carolyn Porco Joins 'Star Trek XI' Production As Consultant
'Star Trek XI' gains NASA team leader expertise for new film.

Feb 12 - News Bullets
Star Trek Communicator Replica, Trek Home Theaters, LeVar Burton, Takei And Spiner At Collectormania Midlands

Feb 10 - Two New Actors Cast In 'Trek XI'
Dutch boxer-turned-actress Lucia Rijker to play alien communications officer, Kelvin Yu to play Starfleet med tech.

Feb 10 - Joint 'Star Trek: Hidden Frontier-Intrepid' Film In Progress
'Star Trek: Operation Beta Shield' currently in pre-production. Plus: Behind-the-scenes video on 'Hidden Frontier's' makeup department.

Feb 10 - Vanguard Station Design Becomes 'Star Trek' Canon
Elements of a 'Star Trek' novel series makes it into a 'Star Trek

Feb 8 - WGA's Strike Sci-Fi Themed Day
Writer's Guild of America Sci-fi themed day brings out fans and actors alike in support of the striking writers.

Feb 8 - Okudas And Rossi On Making 'The Ultimate Computer'
'Star Trek' Remastered Producers discuss their work on the original series episode 'The Ultimate Computer'.

Feb 8 - Retro Review: Manhunt
Lwaxana Troi comes aboard the Enterprise in search of the perfect man and settles on Picard.

Feb 8 - Possible End To Writer's Strike?
Rumors of a settlement aired on CNBC show.

Feb 8 - Site Columns
On Being Busy, Star Trek 40th, Kira Nerys, LeVar Burton, Birthdays

Feb 8 - Remastered 'The Ultimate Computer'
The remastered 'The Ultimate Computer' airs this weekend. Plus: Remastered photos.

Feb 7 - Nimoy On 'Star Trek XI' And Spock
Leonard Nimoy explains why he is playing Spock again.

Feb 7 - Orci On Canon
Executive producer and co-writer Roberto Orci discusses 'Star Trek XI'.

Feb 6 - Bana Teases Trek
Eric Bana shows his comedy roots during a radio interview.

Feb 5 - News Bullets
Shatner, Picardo, De Lancie

Feb 5 - Mulgrew To Play Military Judge
Former Kathryn Janeway to portray Guantanamo Tribunal Judge in short film. Plus: Cancellation of 'A Day With friends'.

Feb 5 - Abrams Drops Possible Hint
'Star Trek XI' may hold unexpected surprises.

Feb 5 - Vulcan Promotes Scotland For 'Star Trek XI' European Premiere
Linlithgow, Scotland is looking to host opening of 'Star Trek XI'.

Feb 4 - More 'Star Trek XI' Rumors
Additional hints about the Enterprise and plot. Plus: Bana on Nero.

Feb 2 - News Bullets
Gaming, Michael Giacchino, Toys, Robert Fletcher

Feb 2 - 'Star Trek Toys'
Descriptions of 'Star Trek XI' toys.

Feb 2 - 'Star Trek XI' Rumors
Possible story elements of 'Star Trek XI' are disclosed.

Feb 2 - Site Columns
Spring Cleaning, The Maquis, The Borg, Birthdays

Feb 1 - Retro Review: Up the Long Ladder
The ship rescues a long-lost Earth colony of boisterous farmers and discovers a civilization comprised of clones.

Feb 1 - News Bullets
Shatner, Shore Leave, Minimates

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