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June 25 2024


An archive of Star Trek News

News Headlines for February 2005

Feb 28 - News Bullets
Montgomery, Keating & Masterson, win Archer's uniform, Jendresen, Kristin, Donner, Trek theatre, Mulgrew, Lloyd, Trek down under, Robo Trek, caps, cartoons and more.

Feb 28 - Moore Compares Trek to Galactica
'They're going to sit in a big fat chair and look at the viewscreen,' former Trek writer says of most genre characters.

Feb 28 - Trek-Connected Faces Grace Academy Awards
Dykstra wins for 'Spider-Man 2'; Logan, Madsen defeated in screenplay and supporting actress categories.

Feb 27 - The Book Padd: Creative Couplings Parts 1 and 2
Jacqueline Bundy reviews the story of the first Jewish-Klingon wedding.

Feb 26 - Montgomery Satisfied With Travis' Role
Mayweather actor says he thinks 'Enterprise' works best as an ensemble show, regrets its cancellation.

Feb 26 - 'Enterprise' Ratings Diverge From Previous Weeks
Last night's numbers show a small drop in fast national ratings for UPN.

Feb 26 - Review: Divergence
Archer tries to work out his differences with the Klingons and Reed, but can he reconcile original series and 'Enterprise' canon?

Feb 26 - Fans Rally To Save 'Enterprise'
Over 100 protest at Paramount; cast and crew encourage the crowd.

Feb 25 - Reviewers Enthusiastic About 'Affliction'
Though some worried that last week's episode might be overly fannish in focus, most agreed that the writing and directing were superb.

Feb 25 - Site Columns
Shave Enterprise, BBS rallying, TV two years ago, birthday and more!

Feb 24 - News Bullets
Ratings, rallies, Siddig, Mulgrew, Stewart, Straiton, Shatner, 'Enterprise' opinions, contests and more.

Feb 24 - UPN Releases New 'Enterprise' Schedule
Final two episodes to air on the same night; no new episodes will air in March.

Feb 24 - Coto Discusses Season Five Plans
Exec is encouraging of fan campaigns to save 'Enterprise', unconvinced that franchise needs a break.

Feb 23 - Berman Working With McCluggage on Trek XI
Former Paramount TV president, Disney producer named as Berman's partners in developing the next Star Trek film.

Feb 22 - Stewart, Frakes Talk Once and Future Trek
TNG actors discuss their work in the franchise and after.

Feb 22 - Berman Talks Cancellation, Finale
Exec says not even Shatner could have saved 'Enterprise', promises 'surprising' last episode.

Feb 22 - Star Trek Paperbacks To Be Scaled Back
Beginning in June, only one mass market title will be released each month.

Feb 21 - 'Enterprise' Guest Stars Recall Trek Experiences
Smallwood, Monoson spoke at a recent fan gathering on their appearances and feedback on the series' cancellation.

Feb 21 - News Bullets
Combs, Blalock, Stewart, Takei, Burton, Braga, Ryan, Shatner, Shimerman, Darren, Bakula, Mulgrew, much ado about 'Enterprise', games, contests, reviews, caps and much more.

Feb 21 - Earth Faces Own 'Demons' In 'Enterprise' Future
Production report details third-to-last episode, beginning of a two-parter.

Feb 21 - UPN Releases 'Divergence' Promo
Download the trailer for next week's 'Enterprise' episode. Transcript inside!

Feb 19 - 'Affliction' Ratings Hold Steady In Fast Nationals
'Enterprise' finishes last in its time slot; Dawson's crossover directing gig brings in high numbers.

Feb 19 - Review: Affliction
The Klingons have a problem throughout the Empire and Archer has a problem on his ship.

Feb 18 - Mixed Reviews Greet Romulan Arc Conclusion
Some online critics had high praise for the character work and visuals while others deplored the lack of substantial plot.

Feb 18 - Site Columns
Hello World, come chat about Trek, optimism two years ago, a lot of birthdays and more!

Feb 18 - Efforts To Save Enterprise Draw Media Attention
CNN, BBC, CBC all report on fan campaigns for Star Trek; official site warns about donations to unofficial campaigns.

Feb 17 - 'The Aenar' Brings Biggest Audience of the Year
Total ratings show a rise in viewership of more than twenty percent from the previous week.

Feb 17 - Ryan Becomes 'Commuter' For CBS
Seven of Nine actress will headline pilot for new series about an investment banker.

Feb 16 - Filmmaker Captures Klingon Qep'a
'Earthlings' director discusses fans, linguistics and the varied subjects of his documentary.

Feb 16 - Braga, UPN Have New Pilots In the Works
Former Trek exec is working on a genre series for CBS; UPN has several shows targeting female viewers in production.

Feb 16 - Armstrong Talks Cancellation and Forrest's Evil Twin
Longtime Trek guest star regrets the end of 'Enterprise' but looks forward to appearing in the Mirror universe. Spoilers inside!

Feb 15 - Straczynski Claims Trek May Return In 1-2 Years
B5 creator says he created an outline for a new 5-year series but Paramount would not risk offending current producers.

Feb 15 - Stewart's 'Nausicaa' To Be Released Next Week
Highly anticipated classic anime comes to Region 1 DVD with all-star voice cast.

Feb 14 - Plans To Save 'Enterprise' Go Forward
Enterprise Fans' ad set to run tomorrow; Enterprise Project plans to picket in New York.

Feb 14 - News Bullets
Russ, Masterson, Mulgrew, Picardo, Shatner, Trevino, Combs, saving Trek, Galactica, Klingons in Vulcan, 'Enterprise', gaming, caps and more.

Feb 14 - Book Bullets
'String Theory' cover and description, 'Vanguard' details, Mariotte, Kelley biography, DeCandido.

Feb 14 - The Book Padd: Spin
The Starfleet Corps of Engineers faces a derelict ship in this latest eBook.

Feb 13 - UPN Releases 'Affliction' Promo
Download the trailer for next week's 'Enterprise' episode. Transcript inside!

Feb 13 - Frakes Confirms 'Enterprise' Finale Appearance
Riker actor says that he and Marina Sirtis will be in the last episode of the current series.

Feb 12 - Bakula Pessimistic About Saving Enterprise
Archer actor talks about his old friend Les Moonves and Paramount exec Garry Hart, expecting neither to be able to keep the series on the air.

Feb 12 - 'The Aenar' Holds Consistent Numbers for UPN
Last night's 'Enterprise' ratings held steady from the week before as the Andorian arc came to its conclusion.

Feb 12 - Paramount Announces 'Enterprise' DVD Extras
Season 1 set coming out on May 3, will include features on 'Shuttlepod One,' time travel, Vaughn Armstrong & more. Plus: Animated Series now planned for 2006?

Feb 12 - Review: The Aenar
Enterprise tries to fight a telepathically controlled marauder, and Tucker tries to fight himself.

Feb 11 - Reviewers 'United' in Praise For Combs
Despite reservations about alliance storyline, most critics enjoyed the drama of last week's episode.

Feb 11 - The Book Padd: Ex Machina
Jacqueline Bundy reviews Christopher Bennett's print sequel to 'Star Trek: The Motion Picture.'

Feb 11 - Site Columns
Post-Superbowl, BBS threads, news that comes around again, two birthdays, new poll and more.

Feb 10 - 'United' Total Ratings Show Upward Trend
Middle part of current trilogy posts the second-highest audience numbers for 2005.

Feb 10 - Coto Hints At End-of Season Spoilers
Some new details on 'Demons' and 'Bound' slip out as exec discusses his work on 'Enterprise.'

Feb 10 - 'Enterprise' Nominated For Saturn Award
'Original Series' and 'Voyager' also pick up nominations. Plus: Robert Fletcher to receive lifetime costuming achievement award.

Feb 10 - First 'Terra Prime' Plot Details
Archer and his crew must fight Terran xenophobia in the penultimate episode of Enterprise's final season. Spoilers inside!

Feb 9 - Reports on Animated Series DVDs Were Premature
Rumoured March 15th date for Star Trek animated episodes has been denied by several sources.

Feb 9 - Dawson Directs 'Crossing Jordan' and Crosses Over on NBC
'Voyager' director and star has just completed a crossover episode of 'Medical Investigation' and 'Third Watch'.

Feb 9 - Return of the Red Shirts a Highlight In 'Mirror 2'
Production report on 'In a Mirror, Darkly' sequel hearkens back to era when command crew wore gold and women wore less.

Feb 8 - Moore Advises Choosing Fan Products Over Franchise
New 'Battlestar Galactica' exec recalls his past as a fan post 1969.

Feb 8 - Writer To Document History of Trek Fiction
Longtime fan Jeff Ayers will produce the story of Bantam and Pocket's Star Trek novel lines.

Feb 7 - News Bullets
Save Enterprise, Billingsley, Shatner on Ellen, Stewart x3, Siddig, screen caps, Mego, communicator, review, Australian museum, CCG, Coto, Frier, Sev Trek.

Feb 7 - Coto Contemplates The History of the Universe
'Enterprise' exec discusses inter-series continuity and reveals tidbits about upcoming episodes.

Feb 6 - UPN Releases 'The Aenar' Promo
Download the trailer for next week's 'Enterprise' episode. Transcript inside!

Feb 6 - Trek Alumni, Writers Speak On 'Enterprise' Cancellation
Pocket novelists, TNG and DS9 stars say franchise may need a break.

Feb 5 - 'United' Finishes Last In Fast Nationals
Last night's 'Enterprise' brought up the ratings rear at 8 after announcement of series cancellation earlier in the week.

Feb 5 - Review: United
Archer fights a duel to the death to try to hold a multi-species alliance together.

Feb 4 - Reviewers Speak Common Language on 'Babel One'
Last Friday's episode praised for its aliens, humour, dramatic pacing.

Feb 4 - Site Columns
Losing Faith of the Heart, BBS chat on 'Enterprise', Trek two years ago, new poll and more.

Feb 4 - Billingsley, Moore React To Cancellation
Phlox actor tells TrekToday he's sorry the show wasn't renewed, but looking forward to meeting fans in the future. Plus: Berman says 'Enterprise' won't be shopped around.

Feb 3 - Roddenberry, Takei Speak on State of Trek
Creator's son and original series star both express belief that Star Trek has lost some of its significance.

Feb 3 - Shatner May Ride Again in 'Free Enterprise 2'
Cult favourite director speaks about the new DVD release of 'Free Enterprise' and his sequel plans.

Feb 3 - Berman, UPN Speak on 'Enterprise' Cancellation
Exec promises finale that's a 'valentine' while franchise future remains unclear.

Feb 2 - In Wake of Cancellation, Fans Fight For 'Enterprise' and The Enterprise Project vow to continue campaigns to see series on another network.

Feb 2 - UPN Cancels 'Star Trek: Enterprise'
Series V to come to an end in May after only four seasons. Full details inside.

Feb 2 - Piller, Mulgrew Reflect on 'Voyager'
Ten years after the show's debut, the exec and star discuss Janeway and her legacy.

Feb 2 - Bakula Talks To ISS Astronaut Fincke
Real and fictional space stars discuss the similarities of their roles; NASA engineer says he's a Trek fan.

Feb 1 - 'Free Enterprise' To Fly In New DVD Set
New scenes, Shatner commentary to be added to cult film. Also, images of 'Enterprise' first season set available here.

Feb 1 - Dark Mirror To Reflect Crew In Terran Empire
Production report describes 'In a Mirror, Darkly' sets, makeup, use of original series designs. Spoilers inside!

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