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June 21 2024


An archive of Star Trek News

News Headlines for November 2005

Nov 30 - Russ Releases Children's CD With Fellow Trekkers
Masterson and Phillips perform on new CD by 'Voyager' Vulcan, who also has directing plans.

Nov 29 - Stewart On 'X-Men' At Alcatraz, TNG Contracts And Dickens
Captain Picard actor sits down for tea and chat about moving back to Britain and preparing to play 'A Christmas Carol.'

Nov 29 - 'Hidden Frontier' Season Finale Released
42nd episode of TNG-era fan series is now available in high-res and standard download formats.

Nov 28 - Armstrong Loved 'Enterprise' Best
Actor who appeared in numerous alien incarnations cites Admiral Forrest as his favourite Star Trek role.

Nov 28 - Original Series Guest Star Keith Andes Dies
Actor had co-starred with Monroe, Pacino, Ball; suffered from numerous smoking-related ailments.

Nov 27 - Site Columns
Hello World, Nemesis on the BBS, demographics two years ago, new poll and birthdays.

Nov 27 - In Fifth Season 'Enterprise', Shran Might Have Come To Stay
Writer Sussman discusses his experiences on Star Trek, Coto's plans for the season that wasn't.

Nov 25 - : The Alternative Factor
Captain Kirk meets a man named Lazarus who seems to be mysteriously connected to an effect that could destroy the universe.

Nov 24 - CBS Cancels Braga's 'Threshold'
The day after a disastrous airing in new Tuesday time slot, CBS pulls the plug on freshman sci-fi series featuring Brent Spiner.

Nov 23 - Braga Talks 'Threshold' But Tuesday Ratings May Doom Plan
Former Trek producer hopes to unfold contemporary alien storyline, but last night's numbers took a big hit as the series switched time slots.

Nov 23 - Blalock To Star In Direct-To-DVD 'Shadow Puppets'
Trek guest Tony Todd, 'Buffy' star James Marsters will appear in horror movie as well.

Nov 23 - The Book Padd: S.C.E.: Wounds
Dr. Bashir and Dr. Lense face tragedy on a conflicted planet in these eBooks.

Nov 22 - Trinneer To Appear on 'Numb3rs' This Weekend
Future appearance on 'Close To Home', fan club charity project also announced for Trip Tucker actor.

Nov 22 - Masterson & Beltran Prepare To Fight Sci Fi's 'Manticore'
Leeta actress describes DS9 as a dream job and hopes fans will continue to follow her career in new television movie.

Nov 22 - Montgomery Would Like Closure For 'Enterprise'
Mayweather actor thanks fans for their ongoing support, gives updates on his documentary and music.

Nov 21 - Shatner Talks Details of Young Kirk-Spock Books
Original series actor doesn't think the famous captain and first officer were friends in youth. Also: 'How William Shatner Changed the World'.

Nov 21 - Nimoy Was Never Sorry To Be Spock
Despite title of first autobiographical volume, the actor says he never intended to reject the character or Star Trek.

Nov 21 - Braga Is Sorry He Didn't Listen More To Fans
Former Trek exec finds characterisation of himself as uncaring to be unfair; hopes 'Threshold' fans will follow series to new time slot tomorrow.

Nov 20 - News Bullets
Keating, Siddig, Mulgrew, Masterson & Beltran, Doohan, Hackett, Braga, Silverman & MacFarlane, Nichols, Shatner x2, web site news, CCG x3, MMORPG, ethics, essays, comics, cartoons.

Nov 20 - Picardo To Become Master of Horror
'Voyager' Doctor will star in TV film by Joe Dante, appear again on NBC's 'E-Ring.'

Nov 19 - Shawn Piller Remembers His Father and Writing Partner
Eulogy for the late Michael Piller reflects on his sense of purpose. Also: 'Wildfire' DVD release date revealed.

Nov 19 - Berman Expects New Producer For Next TV Trek
Though he is still working on developing the eleventh film, longtime exec does not expect to work on future small-screen franchise incarnations.

Nov 18 - Site Columns
Harry Potter, BBS chat, ratings two years ago, new poll, many Scorpios and more!

Nov 18 - : Errand of Mercy
Kirk and Kor get a taste of being the rams among sheep...or so they think.

Nov 17 - Stewart Returns As Ghost of Christmas Past
Picard actor will revive his one-man 'Christmas Carol' in London this December.

Nov 17 - Ron Moore Remembers Michael Piller
Former Trek writer recalls being 'discovered' by then-TNG exec. Also, BSG confirmed for third season on Sci-Fi.

Nov 16 - Shatner Announces DVD Club
Kirk actor says he wants others to 'discover these unheralded gems' in sci-fi, fantasy and horror genres.

Nov 16 - Braga Is Hopeful 'Threshold' Will Continue
Though exec hopes a change in time slot will help his new show, fans have already started a campaign to save the series.

Nov 16 - Mobile Communicator Phone Delayed
Company cites quality control issues, but reveals online gaming and media capabilities of Star Trek-inspired phone.

Nov 16 - Moore Loves Running His Own Show
Former 'DS9' writer-producer says he enjoyed 'First Contact' but thinks every TV producer would rather not be 'always servicing somebody else's idea'.

Nov 15 - European Fan Film To Cross Over Two Generations
'The Legacy' has sets and a star, Vulcan Willi, made famous by 'Trekkies 2'.

Nov 15 - Shatner's Had A Great Year, But A Trying One
Two Emmys and rave album reviews haven't erased regrets about late wife, missed daughters.

Nov 14 - Braga Says He's Done With Star Trek
'Threshold' exec explains that he can see the financial value of a continued affiliation, but not a creative one.

Nov 13 - US Military May Set PHaSRs to Stun
Laser rifle is named in honour of Star Trek's phasers but may not be approved based on UN protocol.

Nov 13 - Nimoy Has Traded Acting for Photography
Spock actor appears at UFC convention this weekend, says he doesn't want to play characters again.

Nov 12 - News Bullets
Siddig, Shankar, Animated Trek, pinup geeks, SCE relaunch, Trek science, Trek comics, Shatner sells cars, fan sites, screencaps, DVD giveaway, CCG, transporters.

Nov 12 - Keating Sorely Misses 'Enterprise'
Despite several new projects including upcoming 'Beowulf', Reed actor 'had great fun' doing Star Trek.

Nov 12 - Takei Thanks Fans For Espousing Tolerance
'Together we will work to make equality and justice for all,' Sulu actor writes in aftermath of revealing his sexual orientation.

Nov 11 - Site Columns
Fall entertainment, Borg on the BBS, 'shipping two years ago, poll, birthdays and more.

Nov 11 - : The Devil in the Dark
A creature that can eat its way through solid rock is killing miners on a distant outpost.

Nov 10 - Mulgrew On Alzheimer's and Aging
Janeway actress speaks candidly about her experiences turning 50 and caring for her dying mother.

Nov 10 - Masterson, Beltran Fight 'Manticore' of Mass Destruction
DS9, 'Voyager' performers headline Sci Fi Channel horror movie set in Iraq.

Nov 10 - Trek Director To Helm New Wolfe-Beimler Project
David Carson will direct backdoor pilot 'The Dresden Files,' about a wizard-detective for Sci Fi.

Nov 9 - Shatner Plays Kirk Opposite Tony Danza
Actor succumbs to host's request to act out a Star Trek scene but denies that Nimoy will appear on 'Boston Legal'.

Nov 9 - News Bullets
Shatner & the Stones, Piller tribute, Doohan's ashes, Siddig in 'Syriana', Billingsley, Stewart, Ryan, Borg DVDs, Captured by Robots, CCG, gifts, noises, gays on Trek, Galactica, fans, cons.

Nov 8 - Online Reviewers Praise 'Enterprise' Fourth Season DVDs
Final set of Star Trek DVDs for the foreseeable future win praise for innovative storylines, ties to original series.

Nov 8 - Ryan On Ortolan, 'The OC' and Ongoing Borgification
Seven of Nine actress says she still gets greeted as such, despite new TV gigs and owning a restaurant in L.A.

Nov 7 - Darby Recalls Appreciating 'Miri'
'I think the relationship between William Shatner and myself sort of clicked', actress says at a rare public appearance.

Nov 7 - If Dominic Keating Could Be God For A Day...
'Enterprise' actor would seek out ending hunger, an end to weather-related disasters and getting himself a nifty car, but he'd keep working.

Nov 6 - News Bullets
Meaney, Braga, Takei, Libby the Trekkie, Keating, Stewart, Masterson, Mulgrew, birthdays, screen caps, missing Star Trek, storyboards, Gerrold, theatre, space station, CCG, visor, books, TrekTrak, great big massive DVD set.

Nov 5 - Star Trek Trivia Game To Offer Rewards For Mobile Users
Pay-per-play wireless game will reward fans with points that can be exchanged for prizes.

Nov 5 - DeBoer Says It Was Not Difficult Joining DS9
Despite preconceived notions by others, she appreciated base to work from, comfort level of cast.

Nov 5 - Colleagues Offer Tributes to Piller, Memorial Information
Late TNG-DS9-VOY executive producer is lauded by fellow writers, actors; service to be held a week from Sunday in Hollywood.

Nov 4 - Site Columns
Hello World, remembering Michael Piller, Trek two years ago, new poll, many November birthdays and more.

Nov 4 - : This Side of Paradise
On a planet where spores offer health and contentment, Spock falls in love and Kirk fights to keep his crew from abandoning ship.

Nov 3 - Park Hailed as Clytemnestra in New York
Star Trek fans can see the 'Enterprise' actress for free this weekend in Vortex Theater's well-reviewed 'Agamemnon.'

Nov 3 - Sky To Fall On Patrick Stewart This Weekend
Picard actor's 'Chicken Little' opens in theatres; also, Stewart appears on two television series, at gala.

Nov 3 - News Bullets
Nimoy & Alexander, Fletcher, Ryan, Siddig, Takei x3, Wheaton, Shatner & Russ, CCG, Viacom, Piller, 'Nemesis', Trek tech, Harry Potter beats Spock, Star Wars gets a 'Free Enterprise', Intrepid, TNG music, convention, 'Threshold' online, holiday ornaments.

Nov 2 - Luther Admits Orion Slave Girl Was Once Nerdy
'Enterprise' guest actress describes being covered in green makeup, meeting fans all over the world for Masterson, who also interviewed cartoonist.

Nov 2 - Article: A Tribute to Michael Piller
Eric A. Stillwell, a fan who became a Star Trek writer and television producer, remembers his former boss. Also: Tribute information.

Nov 2 - The Book Padd: Star Trek: Voyager: Distant Shores
Jacqueline Bundy reviews the new collection of 'Voyager' series-era short stories.

Nov 1 - Former Star Trek Executive Producer Michael Piller Dies
Co-creator of 'Deep Space Nine' and 'Voyager', creator of internship and spec script programs was 57.

Nov 1 - Final Season of 'Enterprise' Arrives on DVD
'The Complete Fourth Season' hits shelves today; online critics praise storylines, development, join chorus deploring final episode.

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