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November 27, 2005 - 7:17 PM

Hello World!

We had a bit of chaos for out-of-town relative requiring emergency brain surgery and two cases of local food poisoning, including yours truly. So this is going to be a short, ugly Site Columns. Trust me, you'd rather not know the details!

I do need to note my sadness at Threshold's cancellation, though. I know how popular it is in some quarters around here to bash Brannon Braga and everything he touches, but I enjoyed the show, particularly Carla Gugino and Brent Spiner's characters, and I got a kick last week out of the fact that one of the alien-compromised women lived in my hometown. I gather they aren't going to film the remaining scripts, so I guess we will never know what was meant to happen. Too bad Trek's old network won't pick up the series - what's a low rating on CBS is excellent for UPN!

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Trekkie Tuesday night dilemma! Which will you watch at 10?
William Shatner on 'Boston Legal' 39.1% - (310 Votes)
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You must be kidding. I'm watching 'Law and Order: SVU'. 26.8% - (212 Votes)

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Happy Birthday!

Monday, November 28th is the birthday of Scarlett Pomers, Voyager's Naomi Wildman, as well as Menina Fortunato, Enterprise's Maras.

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