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June 21 2024


An archive of Star Trek News

News Headlines for June 2006

June 29 - The Book Padd: SCE: What's Past Book Four: Distant Early Warning
Jackie Bundy looks at Dayton Ward and Kevin Dilmore's fourth installment in this 'Starfleet Corps of Engineers' series.

June 28 - Auberjonois Nearly Retired After DS9
Odo actor discusses roles on 'Boston Legal,' 'Star Trek: Enterprise' and 'Deep Space Nine.'

June 24 - William Shatner Prepares For Comedy Central Roast
Captain Kirk actor to be insulted and praised in front of the nation, is also inducted into the Television Academyís Hall of Fame

June 22 - Tim Russ To Direct Nichols And Koenig In Fan Film
'New Voyages' team announces 'Star Trek: Of Gods And Men,' a feature-length miniseries featuring close to a dozen actual Trek actors.

June 18 - 'Hidden Frontier' Brings Gay Characters Out of Hiding
Fan series' homosexual love triangle is intended to address issues ignored by television producers about gay acceptance in the future.

June 17 - 'Star Trek' Is a Success For G4
Cable network's highest-rated series is Star Trek 2.0, the interactive relaunch of a franchise declared to be aging.

June 17 - Frakes To Direct Ellison For 'Masters of Science Fiction'
Short story by original series writer will be one of several produced by ABC for fall television.

June 16 - Site Columns
Hello World, summer chatter on the BBS, good Trek news two years ago, birthday, new poll.

June 16 - : Bread and Circuses
Kirk beams down a landing party to a planet with a Roman-style governor who wants to use the Enterprise crew as fresh blood for the arena.

June 15 - 'Deep Space Nine' Might Have Been All a Dream
Producer Behr wanted to end the series by revealing it was all a fantasy of Benny Russell's; compares Star Trek and his '4400'.

June 14 - The Book Padd: SCE: What's Past Book Three: Echoes of Coventry
A secret intelligence mission that changed the tide of the Domininon War is the subject of the SCE novel.

June 14 - More 'Legacy' Details Unveiled
Associate producer explains how command points will allow players to upgrade their starships in combat game.

June 13 - Shatner Goes 'Over the Hedge' To Cannes
Kirk actor discusses voicing animated characters, working with Avril Lavigne and his ongoing link to Star Trek.

June 13 - Mulgrew Makes Memories in Milan
At Italian festival, Janeway actress objects to her character's Italian dubbing and recalls living in Florence in youth.

June 12 - 'Legacy' Screen Shots, Interview Reveal Ship Details
Developer Davis says he prefers the Defiant to other starships, promises focus on ship-to-ship battles.

June 12 - Nichols Plays Prostitute in Upcoming Film
'Lady Magdalene's', in which Uhura actress plays the title character, is currently shooting in Nevada.

June 12 - De Lancie Talks Q, Piller and Mulgrew
'Next Generation' and 'Voyager' guest star doesn't mind that he's likely to be remembered as an omnipotent alien.

June 12 - Behr Prepares For More '4400' Intrigue
As DS9 writer's series enters its third season, he says to expect more arc development, more appearances by Combs.

June 9 - : The Ultimate Computer
The Enterprise tests a computer capable of running the starship without needing a captain.

June 8 - Star Trek 'Maize' Breaks Records
Corn maze outside of York, UK is the world's largest, will have Trek theme for franchise anniversary.

June 7 - Kurtzman & Orci, Takei Talk Hopes For 'Trek XI'
Screenwriters describe themselves as fans of the Pocket Books novels as well as the Star Trek films; Sulu actor hopes to see young Sulu.

June 6 - Review: The Complete 'Q' Arrives on DVD
'Star Trek Fan Collective: Q' comes out today in Region 1, bringing all the adventures of everyone's best-loved annoying omniscient alien.

June 5 - 'Odyssey 5' Actress Cast in 'Star Trek: New Voyages'
Leslie Silva will star opposite George Takei in the upcoming Sulu episode of the internet series.

June 5 - Billingsley Talks About His Characters
Phlox actor describes the key to his success in being cast on 'The Nine' and describes actor empathy.

June 4 - Paramount Sets November Date For Animated Series DVDs
After many years of waiting, fans can finally see cover art and make plans to acquire the animated Star Trek.

June 4 - Trinneer Remains Disappointed in 'These Are the Voyages...'
Tucker actor was unhappy with the way Paramount handled 'Enterprise' cancellation and finale.

June 2 - : The Omega Glory
Kirk and Spock encounter a power-hungry captain who has violated the Prime Directive.

June 2 - Site Columns
Memorial Day, dated lines on the BBS, Trek two years ago, Picard poll, birthdays and more.

June 1 - Shatner Visits Israel To Help Disabled Children
Long a proponent of therapeutic riding, the Kirk actor hopes to bring horses to Israelis, Palestinians, Egyptians and Jordanians.

June 1 - Abrams Has New Ideas For 'Trek XI'
'Mission: Impossible III' director loves the franchise but has never seen 'Nemesis'; also, Stewart reiterates his non-involvement.

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