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June 21 2024


An archive of Star Trek News

News Headlines for July 2007

July 30 - 'Captain's Log' Offers Glimpse At Actors In Command
While some reviewers appreciate a glimpse into the performers' perceptions of episodes in which they acted and sometimes directed, others feel the set is redundant.

July 30 - Quinto Talks Spock, Nimoy
Flattered to have been cast in the iconic role, the 'Heroes' actor says he does not want to imitate but to reimagine the Vulcan.

July 29 - TNG May Be Remastered Like TOS
CBS team working on the original series for HD may tackle the second generation of Star Trek next.

July 28 - More from Comic-Con: Nimoy and Quinto on Spock
Abrams says that giving Kirk a cameo without dramatic logicl would be 'a disaster' for 11th Trek film.

July 27 - Retro Review: Home Soil
An inorganic lifeform threatens to destroy a team working to terraform its planet.

July 26 - Comic-Con News: Quinto Is Spock, Kirk Not Yet Cast
Abrams confirms that Nimoy will appear in the upcoming Star Trek movie, would like to have Shatner too.

July 26 - Trek Gamers Have Exciting November Ahead
'Star Trek Online' preview will accompany HD-DVD set; new Wii game 'Conquest' slated to be released as well.

July 26 - Original Series Remastered Coming To HD-DVD
First high-definition Star Trek DVD release will be the newly restored classic episodes with enhanced effects, sound.

July 25 - 'Wrath of Khan' Writer Sowards Dies
Longtime Hollywood veteran also wrote Next Gen episode 'Where Silence Has Lease.'

July 24 - Koenig Speaks Out For Myanmar Refugees
Chekov actor, the child of refugees to the US, expresses horror at conditions in camps on the Myanmar-Thai border.

July 24 - Damon Definitely Not Kirk; Quinto Could Be Spock
'Bourne Ultimatum' star says Abrams told him he was too old for role; Quinto says he's committed to 'Heroes' but E! says he's close to a contract.

July 23 - Mulgrew: Loving New York, Musing on Janeway
The 'Voyager' actress, playing a Greek tragic mother, wonders what her Star Trek character would have been like with a child.

July 23 - Fontana, Comic Writers Contemplate Canonicity of Animated Series
Original series writers largely dismissed animated series yet many elements have been incorporated into Star Trek lore, new comics.

July 23 - Nimoy Hasn't Yet Signed, Shatner Indeed Out of 'Trek XI'
Classic Trek actors appear at convention, imply 'Generations' is keeping Kirk out of upcoming film; more news promised at Comic-Con.

July 19 - Shatner Gets Emmy Nomination, New Show, Hometown Gala
The original Captain Kirk, 76, is busier than ever, with another accolade for 'Boston Legal' and a new celebrity interview series.

July 18 - Sackett on Roddenberry: 'One of the Most Gifted People of Our Time'
Star Trek creator's personal assistant found him plagued by doubts but entirely consistent in his philosophy.

July 18 - Meyer Does Not Want 'Star Trek II' Remastered
'It is like saying 'there are synthesizers now, we should take Beethoven's Fifth and re-orchestrate it for synthesizer,' says Abrams' most admired Trek film director.

July 17 - Picardo On Trophies, Theatre and Trek
The Doctor isn't much obsessed with star on the Walk of Fame, thinks he would have grown too old to be plausible as an ageless hologram.

July 16 - Offers Commentary On Wise Director's Edition
'Star Trek: The Motion Picture' was remastered with new visuals and editing cuts; now members of the production team discuss how the film evolved.

July 15 - 'New Frontier' Prepares To Wrap Long Run
The oldest of the Star Trek fan series, beloved by many, will finish this year so another may begin.

July 15 - 'Captain's Log' DVD Set Features Released
One disc will focus on each of the five captains, with introductions and bonus materials about chosen episodes.

July 13 - Site Columns
More summer vacation, accents on the BBS, Emmys two years ago, new poll, birthday.

July 13 - Retro Review: When the Bough Breaks
The children of the Enterprise are kidnapped by a sterile civilization that wants to use them to repopulate their world.

July 12 - Pomers, Dourif To Join Duff Sisters In Horror Movie
'Voyager' recurring guest stars will appear in teen gore flick about a spring break road trip gone horribly wrong.

July 12 - Sylar As Spock? That's The Latest Rumour
'Heroes' villain Zachary Quinto, who has long lobbied to be considered, is now said to be in negotiations for the upcoming Star Trek movie.

July 11 - Mulgrew Steps Into Tragic Heroine's Shoes
Tony winner's scheduling conflict allows Janeway actress to take on 'Iphigenia 2.0' in New York City.

July 11 - Star Trek HD-DVD Details Reveal Unseen Footage
At Comic-Con, in addition to movie news, Paramount will unveil rare behind-the-scenes original series content to be included on high definition sets.

July 10 - Shatner on Star Trek XI: 'He's In It. I'm Not In It.'
Captain Kirk actor reveals that Nimoy has a role in the upcoming feature, but apparently will not appear himself.

July 10 - Sorbo Took On 'Andromeda' Out of Respect for Roddenberry
'Hercules' actor, who has a new Hallmark Channel movie, left the mythic comedy after Majel Barrett asked him about playing a starship captain.

July 9 - Kurtzman, Orci Talk Recreating Trek Magic
Riding the wave of 'Transformers' success, the Star Trek film writing team believes fans will approve of their take on the franchise.

July 9 - Crackers For Mulgrew's 'Donnellys'? HBO May Be, Too.
Fans lobby cable network to pick up cancelled NBC series using popular food-sending scheme.

July 3 - Keating To Join Takei on 'Heroes'
'Enterprise' actor will play an Irish mobster on NBC's high-rated superhero drama.

July 3 - ILM To Recreate the Enterprise For Eleventh 'Star Trek'
George Lucas' special effects studio will develop visuals for film; original series starship will appear onscreen.

July 2 - Kurtzman and Orci: From 'Transformers' to 'Trek'
Screenwriters give several interviews about the next Star Trek feature, evading the question of whether their script should be considered a reboot.

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