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June 25 2024


An archive of Star Trek News

News Headlines for January 2008

Jan 31 - Picardo and Mulgrew on 'Voyager'
Picardo would do 'Star Trek' again. Plus: Mulgrew on playing Janeway.

Jan 31 - Star Trek XI News Bullets
Toys, Cloverfield, Lost, Forums

Jan 30 - Takei To Host Musical Event
Former Sulu to take on role of orchestra host. Plus: Takei on Shatner's absence from 'Star Trek XI'.

Jan 30 - Saldana On Uhura
Zoe Saldana discusses her involvement in 'Star Trek XI'.

Jan 30 - Kirk Brothers To Be Seen As Children
New casting announced for 'Star Trek XI'.

Jan 29 - News Bullets
Playmate Toys, International teasers, Quinto, Abrams fans, Yelchin

Jan 29 - Patrick Stewart Returns To His Acting Roots
Former Captain Picard takes on the lead role of Macbeth.

Jan 29 - Orci on 'Star Trek XI'
Follow-up chat with Roberto Orci answers more fan questions.

Jan 29 - Yelchin On Playing Chekov
Deciding just what to bring to a character familiar to the audience is part of Anton Yelchin's job in taking on the role of Pavel Chekov.

Jan 28 - Braga To Teach
Former 'Star Trek: Enterprise' executive producer on screenwriting and 'Star Trek'.

Jan 28 - It's Not Easy Being Green
Actor who played both a Vulcan and a Romulan in the original series reminisces about his work on 'Star Trek'.

Jan 28 - News Bullets
'Star Trek' Casting News, Greg Grunberg, Abrams on Mystery, Torture, Nichelle Nichols, 'Star Trek XI'

Jan 28 - Bakula 'Dancing In The Dark'
Scott Bakula leaps into new play.

Jan 26 - 'Star Trek XI' Abrams Chat Transcript
J.J. Abrams and others take part in online chat.

Jan 25 - Retro Review: Samaritan Snare
Geordi is held hostage by slow aliens while Wesley takes Starfleet exams and Picard fights for his life in surgery.

Jan 25 - Collectible Licensing Deal Signed
Corgi International Limited enters into agreement with CBS Consumer Products.

Jan 25 - Abrams To Do Live Online Chat
J.J. Abrams, Damon Lindelof, and others to join in online chat.

Jan 25 - Site Columns
Patience, Trek Universe, Picard, Takei

Jan 25 - News Bullets
James Cawley in Star Trek XI, Little People, Michael Giacchino, Zachary Quinto

Jan 25 - Chris Doohan To Have Role In 'Star Trek XI'
Son of James Doohan auditions and lands small part in 'Star Trek XI'

Jan 25 - Abrams on 'Cloverfield' and "Star Trek XI'
J.J. Abrams answers questions posed by Howard Stern regarding work on his latest two movies.

Jan 25 - Mum's The Word For Kirk's Mother
Jennifer Morrison describes secrecy on 'Star Trek XI' set.

Jan 22 - Trek Teaser Welder On Working On 'Star Trek XI'
Welder discusses working on teaser. Plus: First peek at new USS Enterprise redesigned corridor.

Jan 22 - Chris Pine On Difficult Choices
Being offered two meaty roles made for an agonizing decision for Chris Pine. Plus: Minor 'Star Trek XI' spoilers.

Jan 21 - Seven of Nine Due With Two of Two
Jeri Ryan is due to become a mother in March.

Jan 21 - 'Star Trek XI' Official Teaser Online
Teaser Trailer makes official debut on Paramount 'Star Trek' site. Plus: 'Star Trek The Tour' USS Titan movie.

Jan 21 - Shatner Regrets Kirk Death
'Star Trek XI' role for Shatner could have been done, says William Shatner. Plus: Chris Pine on Kirk.

Jan 20 - Karl Urban On The Real McCoy
The young McCoy will be true to the original, says Urban.

Jan 20 - William Shatner Celebrity Ambassador For 'Star Trek: The Tour'
Former Captain Kirk to appear at various points in the tour. Plus: Kirk talks 'Star Trek XI'.

Jan 20 - Roberto Orci On 'Star Trek XI' Teaser Trailer
Questions about elements of the 'Star Trek XI' teaser answered by Roberto Orci.

Jan 19 - 'Cloverfield' Premiere Brings Out 'Star Trek XI
J.J. Abrams monster movie generates 'Star Trek XI' buzz. Plus: First picture of the new Enterprise.

Jan 18 - Retro Review: Q Who?
Q flings the Enterprise into the path of a malevolent race of organic-artificial aliens called the Borg.

Jan 18 - Site Columns
Woes, Website, Wesley

Jan 17 - Leaping From 'Star Trek: Enterprise' To Singing
Former Captain Archer returns to his first love, theater.

Jan 17 - On The Road To A Universal Translator
Hand-held device aids L.A. police in effectively communicating in situations where languages other than English are spoken.

Jan 17 - Tim Russ On 'Star Trek The Tour'
Former 'Voyager' actor busy on 'Star Trek' projects. Plus: Results of Billingsley AIDS charity walk.

Jan 17 - Official 'Star Trek XI' Site Goes Live
Brand new official 'Star Trek XI' site now online. Plus: Another 'Star Trek XI' actor named.

Jan 16 - 'Star Trek XI' Teaser: Nimoy and Enterprise
Possible information on the content of the teaser for 'Star Trek XI' has hit the Internet.

Jan 15 - Next Cities For 'Star Trek The Tour' Listed
After Long Beach, California, 'Star Trek The Tour' will be heading to four new cities. Plus: 'Star Trek The Tour' Attractions.

Jan 14 - Nimoy - 'Star Trek XI' To Revitalize 'Star Trek'
Liking to be productive, Leonard Nimoy keeps on working.

Jan 14 - 'Star Trek XI' May Release Early
Film originally due for Christmas release may open December 19th instead. Plus: Jennifer Morrison on 'Star Trek XI'

Jan 14 - Quinto - Ears To The Vulcan Salute
Zachary Quinto discusses preparing for 'Star Trek XI'.

Jan 14 - Developers Cease Work On 'Star Trek Online'
Progress of 'Star Trek Online' to be delayed, but not cancelled.

Jan 13 - IDW Editor Andrew Steven Harris Aims High
Second year of 'Star Trek' storytelling is ambitious and promises quality storytelling.

Jan 13 - Tim Russ On 'Of Gods And Men'
Former Tuvok of 'Voyager' both acts and directs in fan film. Plus: Russ on 'Star Trek XI'.

Jan 12 - Wesley Crusher To Appear On 'Star Trek: The Tour'
The former Enterprise-D Ensign is now on the USS Titan.

Jan 12 - Hidden Frontier's 'Sanctuary Lost' Episode
'The Helena Chronicles' episode 101 is available for download.

Jan 12 - Takei Taken Into Unexpected Places Courtesy of Star Trek
Trekking across the planet has been a benefit of George Takei's 'Star Trek' association.

Jan 11 - Site Columns
Politics, Personnel and Pocket Books

Jan 11 - Retro Review: Pen Pals
A young girl who has been communicating with Data asks him to help her and her troubled planet.

Jan 10 - Urban Talks Star Trek XI
Young Dr. McCoy positive about his role as McCoy on 'Star Trek XI'.

Jan 9 - Star Trek XI Trailer To Appear Online Soon
Star Trek Trailer will be available online shortly after the release of 'Cloverfield'.

Jan 9 - Paramount To Stay With HD DVD
Reports of Paramount switching to Blu-Ray are refuted.

Jan 9 - Star Trek XI Set Designer Talks
Set Designer Dawn Brown discusses her work on 'Star Trek XI".

Jan 8 - Kate Mulgrew And 'A Day With Friends'
Former Kathryn Janeway to co-host charity event. Plus: Art Exhibition by Kate Mulgrew's son.

Jan 8 - Orci Denies Star Trek XI Rumors
'Star Trek XI' writer refutes details provided recently at Ain't It Cool News.

Jan 6 - Star Trek High Definition
Solid sales assure 'Star Trek' HD future.

Jan 6 - 'To Serve All My Days: A Night in 1969' Premiere
Revamped 'Star Trek: New Voyages' episode to premiere in Beverly Hills.

Jan 5 - John Byrne On Star Trek Comics
Long time 'Star Trek' fan John Byrne discusses his new work on forthcoming new 'Star Trek' comics.

Jan 5 - Star Trek XI Rumors
New rumors emerge from 'Star Trek XI' set. Plus Nimoy on Shatner.

Jan 5 - Nimoy On Photography And Star Trek XI
Leonard Nimoy's interest in photography dates back to his early teens. Plus: Nimoy on Spock in Star Trek XI.

Jan 4 - Retro Review: The Icarus Factor
Riker's estranged father is sent to brief his son when Will is promoted to captain of the Aries.

Jan 4 - Nichelle Nichols Stars In 'Lady Magdalene's'
Former Lieutenant Uhura to play Lady Magdalene in suspense-comedy film.

Jan 4 - Jennifer Garner Hopes to Be in Star Trek XI
Friend of J.J. Abrams since 'Felicity' days wants part in new 'Star Trek' movie.

Jan 4 - Site Columns
Sniffles, Star Trek Experience, Stewart

Jan 3 - What's Going On Up There
Leonard Nimoy narrates a documentary on the future of space exploration.

Jan 3 - Shatner Celebrates Ten Years As Priceline Spokesman
Former Captain Kirk finds that commercials may not be art, but are good for visibility and career growth.

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