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June 25 2024


An archive of Star Trek News

News Headlines for August 2006

Aug 31 - Klingons To Glorify 'The Sound of Music'
Hertzler, O'Reilly, Trek production team are working with von Trapp descendants on upcoming holiday film.

Aug 31 - Shatner, Nimoy Reflect On Trek Careers
Kirk actor is sorry not to have been able to refinish 'Star Trek V'; Nimoy has regrets about third season, Spock's unknown fate.

Aug 29 - Coto Shares An Emmy; Shatner, Stewart, Others Go Without
The former 'Enterprise' writer is part of the team that won Best Dramatic Series, but no other Trek alumni fared so well at last weekend's Emmy Awards.

Aug 29 - Australian Receives PhD In Star Trek
A professor recently graduated from Melbourne University won a prize for a thesis on mythology in the popular franchise.

Aug 28 - Original Trek To Receive New CG Effects for HDTV and DVD
Original series to be retransferred from original film with modern CG effects; other series could follow in high definition.

Aug 28 - Mulgrew Would Love To Appear In Film With Other Captains
At the Las Vegas convention, the actress reflected on the loss of her mother, her next TV role and Star Trek's impact.

Aug 28 - Nimoy Believes He Has Casting Approval For Spock
Though Shatner and Nimoy both know only rumours about the upcoming 'Star Trek XI', they both have opinions about how their characters' younger selves should appear.

Aug 27 - Pocket Books Reveals 2007 Book Covers
'Mirror Universe' series, several 'Deep Space Nine' novels and final 'Vulcan's Soul' book are scheduled to be released.

Aug 25 - Site Columns
Living in the past, fall TV on the BBS, farewell to Doohan two years ago, Pluto poll, McFadden birthday.

Aug 25 - : And the Children Shall Lead
The Enterprise retrieves a group of orphaned children, only to discover that they are under the influence of an evil alien.

Aug 24 - News Bullets
Takei, Sulu, Nimoy, Roddenberry, MST3K, SOST, Trek XI reports, Mulgrew, Starbase 972, Billingsley, 'The 4400', 'Stargate', Trek gaming, Trek books, Wesley for president.

Aug 23 - Bakula Misses 'Enterprise', Mocks Shatner
No longer Captain Archer, the actor keeps busy with family and theatre plans, attends his first Star Trek convention.

Aug 23 - Abrams Cohort Giacchino To Score 'Star Trek XI'
The 'Alias' and 'Lost' composer may do something similar to his 'MI:III' work and elaborate on franchise's popular themes.

Aug 21 - Siddig Soon To Appear as an Angel
The DS9 actor, who also has roles in a Roman epic and on Fox's '24', says that after 9/11, 'I became an Arab overnight.'

Aug 21 - Shatner Enjoying Wave of Publicity
Comedy Central's latest roastee keeps busy in the 'Boston Legal' off-season with interviews, charity events, talking Trek.

Aug 18 - Site Columns
Summer travel, Satan on the BBS, Trek two years ago, new poll, many birthdays.

Aug 18 - : The Paradise Syndrome
An encounter with an alien device gives Kirk amnesia, making him forget that he was trying to save the planet, where he accepts a position of honor and marries a native princess.

Aug 17 - News Bullets
Anniversary contests, Spiner, Shatner, McNeill, Picardo, Trek books, hi-def 'Enterprise', Behr's '4400', Dorn's Klingons, Bormanis, Trek on the web.

Aug 17 - Fontana Is Happy To Keep On Trekkin'
Longtime franchise writer has penned 'New Voyages' episode, video game script, thinks Star Trek remains relevant.

Aug 16 - Shatner Would Like To Appear In 'Star Trek XI'
In two recent appearances, the Captain Kirk actor said he would love to be called about the upcoming film.

Aug 16 - Takei Is Furious With Current US Policy
Though happy to poke fun at himself and his homosexuality at Shatner roast, Sulu actor finds much to condemn in recent government actions.

Aug 15 - Article: Co-stars, Friends Roast Shatner For Comedy Central
An extremely raunchy roast of the Captain Kirk actor taped in California will air nationwide this Sunday night.

Aug 15 - All Five Captains To Voice 'Star Trek: Legacy'
Shatner, Stewart, Brooks, Mulgrew and Bakula will all reprise their characters for upcoming game in honour of franchise's 40th anniversary.

Aug 12 - The Book Padd: Boarding the Enterprise
Two notable science fiction writers edited this anthology on Star Trek and its significance.

Aug 11 - Site Columns
More summer travel, WTF TNG on the BBS, Trek two years ago, new poll and several birthdays.

Aug 11 - : The Enterprise Incident
When Kirk orders the ship into enemy space, Spock becomes close with the Romulan Commander who tries to seduce him into switching sides.

Aug 9 - Siddig To Play Villain On '24'
Bashir actor joins the cast of hit Fox drama, reportedly as one of the people 'behind the big Season 6 plot'.

Aug 9 - Moore Talks Trek Past, Galactica Future
'On Star Trek I often railed against the strictures of the show itself,' producer explains.

Aug 9 - Guests Announced for Comedy Central's Shatner Roast
Event to be held this Sunday will air the following weekend; Takei, Nichols to participate.

Aug 8 - New Star Trek Magazine Arrives In Two Weeks
First issue to include interviews with Trek captains, movie speculation, columns and cartoons.

Aug 8 - News Bullets
Siddig, Combs, Nimoy, Planet Xpo, 40th Anniversary conventions, Alexander & Goldberg, Braga, Trek XI, TAS cost, wax Trek, screen caps, blogging, collector cards, research study.

Aug 7 - Mulgrew: 'Alzheimer's Will Strip You of All Reason'
Janeway actress discusses her mother's illness and how it impacted her family.

Aug 7 - Trek Gaming Enjoying Renaissance
Fontana writes content for Bethesda Softworks, which has announced another fall game offering.

Aug 6 - Interview: Margaret Wander Bonanno
Jaqueline Bundy discovers the many enigmas explored by the popular Pocket Books Star Trek novelist.

Aug 6 - The Book Padd: Burning Dreams
The life story of Captain Christopher Pike unfolds in this heartbreaking novel.

Aug 4 - Site Columns
Macbeth, Star Trek politics on the BBS, 'Enterprise' two years ago, new poll, birthday and more.

Aug 4 - : Spock's Brain
Spock's brain is stolen by a woman in a metallic purple jumpsuit to run the technology her people have forgotten how to use.

Aug 3 - Producers, Paramount Talk Fan Films
'Hidden Frontier' and 'In the Pirkinning' have given filmmakers professional steps up but studio warns against profit copyright violations.

Aug 3 - Sci-Fi Acquires Rerun Rights to 'Enterprise'
'Threshold', 'Twilight Zone'. Bakula's 'Invaders' are also part of CBS-Paramount genre film and miniseries deal.

Aug 2 - TV Land, G4 Keep Original Series Grooving
Viacom-owned nostalgia TV network will begin airing original series episodes in September; G4 continues Star Trek 2.0, offers debate on Star Trek vs. Star Wars tonight.

Aug 2 - Review: 'Fan Collective: Klingon' Collects Warrior Episodes
Fourth themed DVD set includes some wonderful classics, but because the subject is so big, leaves out as many as it includes.

Aug 1 - 'Next Generation' Stars Skeptical About Trek Revival
Dorn and Sirtis both express doubts about Paramount's investment in the franchise.

Aug 1 - Roddenberry Family To Release Volumes of Scripts
Beginning this month, episodes from all five series plus the animated Star Trek will be included in limited edition bound volumes.

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